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    Sounds like you got him to the right hospital at the right time! Glad he is coming along! Take care of him - and yourself....sending healing thoughts and hugs!

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    Finally graduated to clear food. If all plumbing works, then he should be home Wednesday or Thursday,to our favorite occupation, porch sitting.

    Today was so delightful when I got home, i idd a few tasks, a neighbor came for furniture we gave him, he gave us some great patio furniture a month ago. Everyone greeting each other.

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    I tend to break up my posts. everyone who attended the association meeting is calling or stopped by to offer help in any fashion. A block neighbor stopped and picked up seeds we were donating, the brownies I made and an appetizer to take to the meeting. The love just flowed for Ron. When he gets hospitalized I usually buy him a gift as a home coming. I had been busy planning a stylish porch but guess I'll just get him a comfy chair so he can soon enjoy the comings and going in our neighborhood on our porch. It is true though the greatest gift really is love. I missed him today and wish he could have shared such a pleasant afternoon. he'll be home soon.

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    Happy to report he is home and doing well. The surgery was massive but he is resilient. He looks gaunt but I'll try to fattened him up. At 5'10" he weighed 150 going in, now I'm guessing 135. WaYYYYY too thin. When we married we were both 145#. Little bugger never really gained weight over the years. I've been all over the board, thinnest 115, fattest 210. I've maintained 130 for the past several years.

    Ron has a scooter but it's rarely used. Today I go to mount a hitch to make it easier to use. Supposedly its easy to dismantle and assemble. Not so. Plan to attend lots of events we missed for the past few years. Get him healthy and engaged is my goal this year!

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    OK, I went a little overboard. I bought a gas grill (for when he can truly eat), a glider for our porch sitting and a mantis tiller for me. Most of which needs some assembly. A neighbor is coming Sunday to take care of above stuff. Now I am eyeballing a self enclosed fire pit. Didn't get the hitch yet for the scooter, so maybe Monday??? Did charge the battery for the scooter so will take for a spin Friday. Even bought a kick ball for area kids. I am generally frugal (translate cheap) but when I open that pocket book, money does flow out. Ron needs to regain health and nothing better than being outdoors.

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    Glad your husband is doing better. We need some warmer weather so he can take that scooter out soon Best wishes.

    PS; I enjoy reading your posts on Detroit Yes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pkbroch View Post
    Glad your husband is doing better. We need some warmer weather so he can take that scooter out soon Best wishes.

    PS; I enjoy reading your posts on Detroit Yes!
    Thank you, very kind. No thinking person can miss Detroit woes but I do like to focus on positives and there are many. Many DY members like to come and porch sit. Sounds tame but it is relaxing and fun to talk to neighbors strolling by. That's why we know so many neighbors. Sometimes it seems like we live a bit in decades past. Nostalgia works fine for me. Our garage which we rebuilt looks a bit like a seashore cottage. I guess we could sit out there too. Our garage is the alley access type and lots of folk walk the paved alley too.

    Ron is doing a little better each day. Truth is I enjoy his scooter more than he does. He really needs to get moving again. Trust me, I'll make that happen. Hope you make the DY picnic. Positive people show up and its a great time.

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