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    EEV has some things going for it that other parts of town dont but I wouldnt call it safe. That interactive crime map they stopped updating will tell you in the last 2 years 18 people were shot and 5 were killed in EEV, could be more at this point. People have bars on their doors and windows for a reason over there. Property isnt safe, people breaking into houses probably realize EEV residents have a little more money than people in nearby neighborhoods. EEV would probably benefit from a mini station like they have in Balduck park and police foot patrols and community policing. That would be a good place for such a pilot program. I remember crossing the Whittier overpass at what i suppose is the far corner of EEV at just before dusk in like 04 and the police stopped me asking what i though i was doing. Suppose you could say i looked out of place for the area and they told me I wasn't safe out there like that. All i was doing was going to the liquor store on Harper.

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    Every last ghetto hood in Detroit is not safe these days.

    It's not safe where I used to live in NW Detroit back in 1977 to 2005. So I move away. I've experience it from my two eyes. Some of you folks might have to agree with me and other D-YES forum members, too. They used to live their Detroit neighborhoods until the riff-raffs, gangbangers, welfare and food stamp folks and heroine-crack addicts came. Back then it was scare tactic to get middle class folks out of Detroit leaving the poor and meek stuck in their ghetto hood stupidity. Crime in Detroit is not going to disappear overnight or a couple years. It's going to take people and community action ( not vigilante justice). to keep the riff-raffs out of your community.

    It's safe for DEAD (C) KRAK HEADS, gangs, folks wearing Trayvon Martins mutants.

    All of Detroit is a ghetto, and the people are living in it.

    Michigan is 'Mich-ississippi, and its burning!


    I will tell you all this:

    Be logical and honest with yourself. America is become like INGSOC (English Socialism) where Big Brother government is watching everyone through surveillance cameras even from your PC's to cell phones.

    For Neda, George Stinney, Guy Fawkes, Rodney King, Trayvon Martin, 99 Percenters and Edward Snowden

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    Unfortunate. You can't expect someone to just keep being victimized with no hope for it to ever stop. If she sticks around, it will just happen again.

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    Security cameras, guard dogs, guns. If you want to se safe you need the whole nine yards to live in almost every area of the city. If you call that living.

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    Quote Originally Posted by softailrider View Post
    Security cameras, guard dogs, guns. If you want to se safe you need the whole nine yards to live in almost every area of the city. If you call that living.
    Oh BFD, that describes most if not all of this country. Paranoid? Is it a race issue? My neighbors are black, most of my closest friends are black.

    I live well thank you. I share community values that support our neighbors and children in need. My community is full of vibrant intelligent people. Sometimes we disagree, so what?

    Yes I call it living. Issues come up, get resolved. We care about area kids and seniors. MYKIDs helped me plant Geraniums for a senior neighbor. Certainly Detroit has issues but nothing like you think you know from a distance.

    My home is awesome, my neighbors great, area kids get serious help that need it..

    I live in a community that pulls together, problems, absolutely worked through.

    Know my area folks names for blocks, so where do you live? Can you claim the solidarity we have? Oops forgot we have no kind of life.

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