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    Campau and Carpenter.

    It's the northern end of city, so a little bit more removed from the "bustling" historic district. But it never stopped anyone from coming over, whether on a Saturday afternoon or after the bar closed.

    West of Campau: The Detroit side no longer exists north of Carpenter. Gone. I hear the occasional "crooner" singing to himself at midnight every now and then, and there is one shitty party store left the neighbors and the cops want to shut down, but it's down a little further. Those last 3 northernmost blocks in Hamtramck, (Commor, Botsford and Neibel) are still decent, except for the westernmost block of Neibel, (which to hear the fourth generation Polish folk put it, is full of fourth generation hillbillies). You will still find the occasional foreclosure, and Botsford has a house that had a fire in it two years ago and is still boarded up. Other than that, decent. Price reflects the distance from downtown Hamtramck.

    East of Joseph Campau: the Detroit side n. of Carpetener is still slowly burning, but the vacant boarded up Eminem General Hospital (in 8 Mile) is now a three story charter school (nice looking orange and red layered brick building I might add). The shitty party store on that side is gone (hooray). Slightly farther east towards Conant is that neighborhood these artists are buying $3000 houses. As for the Hamtramck side, once again, these blocks are decent. A couple ends of the blocks look a little rough around the edges closer to carpenter, but Commor is where the churches are (see above post), an old funeral home, the Ukranian historical center, etc. Once again, a 6 minute walk from downtown hamtramck, prices reflecting that distance.

    Parking. As mentioned, municipal parking not really necessary. You will rarely have to walk more than half a block, (usually three houses). The chairs reserving your parking spot that Lowell mentioned are now illegal. (I walk the dog and usually grab three or four and leave the multiples in a different "chair reserved spot" just to f with people) Your car will be broken into. There is a rash of car-thefts every couple years...pretend you're living in Chicago.

    Finally, if you buy a house with a garage, get a lawnmower. You will be one of three people on your block whose lawnmower actually works. You will cut the 3 people's front lawns either side of you (they are postage stamps, really). Someone will buy you beer. The Bangladeshi lady will bring you really spicy food. The old Romanian lady will insist on paying you, until you tell her 5 bucks, then she will say that it's too much. The other three neighbors you will never see. But your block will look much nicer.

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    GUSHI Guest


    There are some awesome homes by St. Florian--all brick

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hamtragedy View Post
    Your car will be broken into. There is a rash of car-thefts every couple years...pretend you're living in Chicago.
    I lived on Caniff just east of Conant, moved out in 2007 because in the previous six months:

    a) Break-ins, my place was attempted, next door neighbors robbed.
    b) My car stolen parked in front of my house.
    c) Across the street police with weapons drawn swarm house for god knows what, not nice.
    d) A nearby rental home occupied by scum, police had to be called to break up a large group of ghetto rats fighting, looked like a mini riot.

    I lived there almost 10 years, was nice at first but the last few years saw rapid decline. Didn't feel safe anymore. I don't know if things have gotten worse or better over there since.

    p.s. forgot to add e) a friend was robbed by gunpoint walking home from a bar at Conant and Caniff.
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