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Well... they kinda made up for Suh's loss by making a trade with the Ravens for Haloti Ngata, one of the best run stopping DT's in the league when healthy. He's on the wrong side of 30 and been injured, so we'll see if he can remain a force for the next couple of seasons.
A 3-4 defense?

It made sense to me, given the depth at DE and LB. The Lions needed to drop at least one of Stafford, Johnson or Suh from a long term deal.

Ngata leaves about 9 million to offset the loss of Suh.

IMO, 2015 is a damage control season with 2016 being more promising due to the 9 million and 5 million in dead money being paid for Suh and Houston no longer being an issue.

Now, if only they can draft well for the trenches with the first three picks.