I think i got your notification,,,,note? Or did I? How is Asta doiing?I have been overwhelmed with the recent obituary of a grade school/high school pal of mine. I simply can't concentrate on your own resurrection for the moment. The emotion that has poured out of me in the passing of Freddy has completely subdued any attempt to say or do something rationale. My eyes gusher with tears Freddy and I jousted for the favors of the second most beautiful girl in the world, in the 8th grade. (that is because Peggy came along, 2 years later.)What ever, going back to the Obituary, I read it very carefully. His surviving family and then the friends,,,and the last survivor was Abigail,,,the Dog!!I bust a gut, laughing. Hope I didn't rupture something. So, Freddy, in death as in life, gave us a smile instead of sadness. My tears are tears of joy.I knew I would have a logical story to welcome you back.