The primary condition for posting on DetroitYES is simple. It has to be about Detroit, meaning all Detroit – from the international heart cities of Detroit-Windsor through to where farm and forest meet the metro sprawl edge of their suburbs. All Detroit, all the time, all in one place.

In that spirit that we have returned Detroit sports discussions to the main Discuss Detroit forum. To prevent thread proliferation the hard core game, team analysis, current games talk, etc. will be continued in the yearly team threads that have evolved, such as 2013 Detroit Lions thread. Detroit Sports forum has been deactivated and archived where it will remain accessible for reading. Recent and active threads have been moved to Discuss Detroit.

If you feel a sport-themed topic transcends the pure team discussion, please post it. A major free agent signing is team discussion at one level but it is a major business and Detroit celebrity culture story too. It deserves its own thread.

If you wish to start a thread for a team please do so.