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    Default Balduck

    Quote Originally Posted by EMG View Post
    I don't remember what restaurant was in the Concourse at Eastland but rather than a "Hallmark shop" I remember a place called McDevitt's which I believe also sold Catholic/religious supplies.

    That hill at Balduck sure doesn't look anywhere nearly as impressive in a photo as it did in person as a five year old riding a sled, does it?
    I'm certain that hill was much taller when we were shorter!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimaz View Post
    That would be Rocky Horror Picture Show.

    What a weird cultural tradition that is.
    It's astounding.....

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    DetroitBoy Guest


    The restaurant in the concourse was the lemon tree. It had those God awful yellow vinyl seats and a white lattice decor. In addition to mccroreys the religious shop there was mcdevitts which was an office supply and furniture place. I saved up and bought my first office desk from there when I was a kid. Also, there was the barbershop and I believe it had a large window in it where you could see the kids getting haircuts on various carosel animals. There was the hallmark store, the shoemaker mall security I think a large community meeting room which used to be for neighborhood events and the notorious mall bathrooms.

    before the mall was enclosed you count enter the concourse from an entrance outside as well as hudsons basement. I think that entrance went away when the mall was enclosed.
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    DetroitBoy Guest


    The Punch and Judy was on the hill in GPF. It's an office building now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by black gold man View Post
    Here are some Eastside Memories!
    I think I saw Adrenalin at Balduck in the summer of '79 or earlier, we also spent a lot of time on the backside of that hill sitting on the boulders with inverted frisbees.

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    I worked at Eastland at different times for different companies. Many sccurate memories are outstanding. Balduck was a great place in the winter for skating and they used to have a tobagan slide too. The back of that hill in summer was great for makeout sessions.

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    The concourse had a shoe repair shop too.

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    Wow this really is a memory! I knew al these guys in adrenalin. Formerly: DCDRIVE. Brian, jimmy romeo, his brother another band member and then their lead singer was joey. I believe he was the second lead singer in their band.he is the son of the lead singer in a famous rock band.

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    Wow u remember alot. Punch and judy. Yes the movie with susan sarandon where the audience threw toast. It was the rocky horror picture show! Everyone went many times! It was so ridiculous that it was funny! And sexy rexy wow they use to come to shorecrest lanes o.n 9mile and harper quite often. So funny and lets not forget the foxy frenchman !

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    hi i live in st.clair shores on kramer between harper and mack and i came here in 1955 i used to hang around on 9 and harper a drive in restaurant named LUCKY STARS and go across harper to JOES pool room used to hang around south lake with my friend who went there i went to st.ambrose high school in grosse pointe on alter road
    if you have any pictures you would like to share i would love to see them mine all got destroyed in a basement flood long ago
    my email is [email protected]
    my name is joe farro hope to hear from you

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    Anybody remember the Garwood Mansion located on Greyhaven Island? It's a high dollar gated community now, but when I lived there from 1969-1972(73?) we had some of the most outrageous and legendary rock 'n roll parties in the history of Detroit. My band Stonefront lived there, and all we did was party.......maybe some of you made it to a couple of those wild, wild week ends.

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    I remember Palmer's Sandwich Shop in the Eastland concourse. Take a right after you got off of the escalator going down.
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    Don't know if this has been answered yet, but the restaurant on Mack, before Red Lobster, was a Bonanza Steakhouse. I worked there as a 16 year old dishwasher. It was a nice bike ride from my home near Warren and Cadieux every day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave70 View Post
    Restaurant in the concourse was the Lemon Tree.
    delete, double post
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