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Yeah, I was reading some GP crime stats and some were careless things one could argue like leaving cars unlocked and garage doors open. We Detroiter's have long given up such practices. Then there are open face to face robberies in the day time.
We Detroiters had given up such practices resulting in the riff raff being bold enough to make GP their prey. I would love to live in a community where I could leave my garage door open and car doors unlock. My tax dollars would pay for the police protection even if it would resulting the cops to profile and harrass suspicious looking characters. GP had slackened on those practices. As late as the 90's GP was considered a "Sundown town". Criminals would not dare to look across Mack, Morross, nor Alter. They knew what would happen to them if they came across those invisible lines. More single parent mothers from Detroit had moved into the Parks within the past 10 years. Not saying that crime are done by some of their sons. Sometime crime could be caused by perpetrators who live in GP for many years. There are many Meth addicts in all suburban communities