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    Quote Originally Posted by Zacha341 View Post
    I've noticed more sexuality and adult subjects are being infused into cartoons. And the kids, especially young teens will find a way to see the Adult Rated stuff that's animated particularly.
    Kids will ALWAYS find a way. I did more than a half century ago. But in Europe, where it is everywhere on TV, kids don't give it a second thought.

    We in America have a Puritan thought process, that makes the unobtainable more wanted. (Porky's anyone?). (Porky's was on auto correct).
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    ^^^ I hear you, but the puritans (wherever they hold up these days) aside, what kids can find now is blatant, ultra HARD CORE porn beyond what was under dads mags years ago. I work in media arts and I've stumbled into some sights that are pretty out there re. content.

    Sure, the argument is that kids find what they want -- it's everywhere.

    But I'm not quite ready to cast aside all attempts at protection. Youth in my environment are monitored. Which is but the most basic of parenting and child care. Europe has their own problems -- I'm not impressed.

    I've worked with children from unmonitored homes, sexualized initially at the 'eye-gate' from what they've seen and been exposed to. Often manifesting in their behaviors. You have your innocence as a base in childhood; when that's decompensated it's very damaging IMO.

    I'd never turn over a computer/ tablet to a child unsupervised.
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    Post office to issue scratch-n-sniff stamps for the first time ever.

    Available June 20.

    There is no better indication that the end of the world is near.

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    Somewhere in the past -

    J.K.Rowling writes a brilliant book, fans line up around the block.

    Kim Kardashian does a cell phone sex video = $250 million.

    More J.K. Rowling fans line up around the block for the next book,

    Kim Kardashian films her butt in a bathroom mirror. = $750 million.

    J.K. Rowling fans line up around the block for the next movie.

    Kim Kardashian films her sisters butt, = 1 billion dollars.

    J.K. Rowling after a successful movie run, produces a tony award nominated Broadway musical.

    Kim Kardashian films her babies butt. = 1 billion dollars plus.
    Neck and neck, I thank you, Kardashian butt people. Please elect our next President.

    See where I'm going here? My flat butt is worth half that, even if I have no skills whatsoever.

    Payment upon receipt, thank you.
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    I just heard on the radio that scientists have discovered a new, nutritious superfood: cockroach "milk."

    Scientists Think Cockroach Milk Could Be The Next Superfood, And We Wish We Were Kidding

    Although most cockroaches don't actually produce milk, Diploptera punctate, which is the only known cockroach to give birth to live young, has been shown to pump out a type of 'milk' containing protein crystals to feed its babies....

    The fact that an insect produces milk is pretty fascinating – but what fascinated researchers is the fact that a single one of these protein crystals contains more than three times the amount of energy found in an equivalent amount of buffalo milk (which is also higher in calories than regular cow's milk)....

    "The crystals are like a complete food - they have proteins, fats and sugars. If you look into the protein sequences, they have all the essential amino acids," said Sanchari Banerjee, one of the team, in an interview with the Times of India back in 2016....

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    Great I suppose except for the possible tainting of Raid therein. Double-yummy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimaz View Post
    I just heard on the radio that scientists have discovered a new, nutritious superfood: cockroach "milk."

    Scientists Think Cockroach Milk Could Be The Next Superfood, And We Wish We Were Kidding


    Where are they going to find milking stools that small???
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimaz View Post
    I just heard on the radio that scientists have discovered a new, nutritious superfood: cockroach "milk."

    Scientists Think Cockroach Milk Could Be The Next Superfood, And We Wish We Were Kidding


    Udder nonsense?

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    It would take alot of them to make pint of useful milk!

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    Default Hometowns of Americans who died for U.S. since 9/11

    A day late for Memorial Day but here is a map of where all U.S. servicemen (6,772) and women(168), who died serving their country since 9/11, have have come from by location, number, and ratio per 100,000 residents.

    The big picture: The losses have not been distributed evenly. The Bible Belt, the Rust Belt, and the Midwest had the most military deaths in proportion to their populations

    Hometowns of Americans who died for U.S. since 9/11

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    Some people seem to believe that racing up to a red light will scare it into turning green sooner.

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    Wells Fargo continues branch cull, selling 52 locations in the Upper Midwest
    Earlier Tuesday, Wells said it struck an agreement with Flagstar Bank to sell 52 branches in the upper Midwest, including $2.3 billion in deposits. About 490 employees will also get job offers from Flagstar, which is based in Troy, Michigan.
    Interesting timing. Could it be that Wells Fargo had foreknowledge that they would be dumping retail and so preemptively decided, in a mad feeding frenzy, to fleece their customers before they were no longer their customers?

    Wells Fargo isn't the only bank where heavy sales pressure led employees to open fake accounts
    Wells Fargo (WFC) sent shockwaves through the industry in September 2016 when it admitted to firing 5,300 workers for opening millions of fake accounts.

    It quickly emerged that wildly unrealistic sales goals and unrelenting pressure from management led employees to open accounts for customers who didn't want or need them. Some Wells Fargo bankers impersonated their customers and used false email addresses like [email protected], according to a 2015 lawsuit filed by the city of Los Angeles.
    With the increasing parasitization of both employees and customers by corporations, it's only a matter of time before those two hosts collude against their common parasite.

    It's difficult to separate the two without also cutting the flow of cash between the two, the jugular vein of the parasitic corporation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimaz View Post
    I had to get my driver's license renewed, a routine task. That should be easy.

    NOT! There's a new requirement.

    If you want to be able to board a plane for even domestic travel, (or enter certain federal facilities, military bases, or nuclear facilities,) you now need a "REAL-ID." To get a REAL-ID, you need "a certified U.S. birth certificate with a stamp or raised seal, (or a valid, unexpired U.S. passport or passport card, or other approved citizenship or legal presence document.)"

    I have no passport. I actually have my original birth certificate, a large, ornate, laminated document signed by the attending physician, with raised seal. It even has my own baby footprints on the back. I was born in California.

    The Michigan Secretary of State would not accept that birth certificate as proof of citizenship because it was issued by the hospital rather than by the State of California.

    I'm pretty sure the attending physician was an eye-witness to my birth and I'm pretty sure no agent of the State of California was present.

    So which document should carry more authority? Yeah, I can get one from the State but come on guys!

    "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds."
    — Ralph Waldo Emerson


    So this U.S. citizen may be restricted from boarding domestic flights.

    What has become of this country?

    If I ever get "disappeared," check the immigrant detention facilities for my body.
    Your papers, please.

    This U.S. citizen had to wait two hours just to convey, from the State of California to the State of Michigan, an "acceptable" birth certificate to prove citizenship. (Apparently these states are not talking to each other.)

    Now if some bastard wants to incarcerate this U.S. citizen's ass in some immigrant detention center, they're going to have to "Trump" up some illegal accusation other than the lack of a freekin' gold star on my damned driver's license.

    Hell, I don't even want to board a domestic flight. In fact I want very much not to board any flights. I'm just not going to be complicit in allowing them to use me as prison-for-profit packing.

    If we'd stop poking sticks at foreign hornets' nests we wouldn't have to be such scaredy pants. We've become the land of the formerly free, the home of the formerly brave and it's getting old. Really, really old.

    Hey you bastards! I'm still here!

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    Default Nail Clippings Are Worth Their Weight In Gold!

    From One Difference Between Your Nails and Rhino Horns is Leading to The Extinction of an Entire Species:
    So, why are rhinos being driven off our planet at such an alarming rate? The answer lies in their horns, which are considered to be a valuable ingredient in some forms of Traditional Asian Medicine. The supposed “medicinal benefits” of rhino horn include the ability to cure typhoid fever, boils, and poisoning. The horn is even in use as an aphrodisiac. None of these claims, however, are backed up by hard evidence. Rhino horns are composed of keratin, the very same substance that forms our nails and hair, meaning that in reality, the “benefits” of consuming rhino horn may be achieved just as easily by chewing on our nails!
    The only difference mentioned in the article is the shape of the horn versus the shape of the fingernail. E.i., they're essentially identical.

    Elsewhere I read that the price of rhino horn on the black market is about that of gold (hence the incentive for poaching). The horns are ground up before being used as medicine.

    Hmm. Are our nail clippings worth their weight in gold? It's all the same keratin, right? If enough people sold their ground up nail clippings on the black market, they'd make a fortune and it would drive the rhino poachers out of business!


    My work here is done.

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    Evidently a Nigerian philanthrophist who died recently left over $10 Billion in a Bank Account. It turns out he‘d been trying to give it away for years but nobody would answer his emails.

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    ^^^ I get that email sometimes. Oh, my life would be much improved if only I complied......

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    Putricia has bloomed.
    "It's a beautiful stink," said LaWarre. "It's opening, we think it's about at peak width, so now is the time to check it out."
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    My definition of Hell.....A very long road trip with Greg Gutfeld of Fox News and Tom Daldin from "Under the Radar Michigan".

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    Tom Daldin from "Under the Radar Michigan".
    Yeah- maybe too nice of a guy.

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    You know you are old when - (Large print for you know who.)

    Boomers -

    You're arm fat moves faster then the pepper shaker.

    Millennials, - You forgot you're fifth Facebook password.

    GenX'ers - ???????? - broken teeth on YouTube.

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    Had to smile a bit when I read the article about ELO playing LCA this week. I was just a teenager when I saw them way back at the Pontiac Silverdome, and they were accused of using tapes to recreate their performance. It was truly a poor show, including their stage spaceship which more resembled a giant clam. The sound mix was atrocious ! That show and tour ruined their live reputation for years. Heart was the 2nd act, and they stole the show. Hope the 21st century version was a better show for those who attended.

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    My crappy HP desk jet 1510 died after far less than two hours run time, after putting more than $45 of new cartridges in.

    Today, I stopped at a yard sale and bought an Epson WP-100 with all new cartridges less than a year old, wi-fi, Bluetooth, and smartphone enabled.
    Smallest mobile printer in the world.

    They asked $20, bought for $15. Halleluiah, it's worth $250 online ! As a set with hard case. Set up worked perfectly. Prints from my laptop.

    Just had to give a shout out to anybody who cared. High five me.

    Attachment 36414

    Now about those Schwinn's .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigb23 View Post
    Now about those Schwinn's .
    The Huffy's will take it, bottom of the fifth, you watch.

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    Top of line printer - Costco clothes that fit, Great week !

    I might even buy a lotto ticket !!

    The Huffy's will take it, bottom of the fifth, you watch.
    Please buy the bikes. 480 sq. ft. Apt. - three Shimanos, do the math.

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