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    Default 36 Hours in Detroit

    Hey there -

    So I'm visiting Detroit this weekend for the first time. I've become semi-obsessed with your city over the past 2 years so I know a lot, and I have my own ideas about what I want to see. I found this article online - from the NY Times -

    36 Hours in Detroit. Some of this is a bit too touristy for me.

    I'm curious to know what your own itinerary would look like if you were showing someone downtown. I'm from Chicago and I know that if I put together a list, it wouldn't look like a 36 hours in Chicago guide. Love hole in the wall food joints. Just interested in what the people who live there love.

    Can't wait to visit the Eastern Market - so jealous you guys have an everyday year round market like this - still can't believe Chicago does not. We've got some great farmers markets, but my ideal place would be like the Ferry building in San Francisco. Such an amazing asset.

    Anyway, look forward to your opinions!

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    The farmer's market (which is held in the large 'sheds') at Eastern Market is still open only on Saturdays, a second day is in the plans, Tuesday I believe. But there are many businesses around the open-sheds market that are open Mon-Sat. As revolting as some of them can be, some are wonderful and it is truly Detroit.

    If your 36 hours includes a Saturday then Eastern Market is a must see. the downtown area is not dead on Saturdays, but much of it will be closed of course. During business days the Guardian Building downtown is one of Detroit's most beautiful buildings, an Art Deco museum pretty much. The Fisher Building is about two miles north of Downtown and is an amazing place to see if it fits into your plans.

    there are lots of dive places to eat and pubs downtown, it should be a fun trip for you.

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    Unfortunately, the farmers market portion of Eastern Market only operates on Saturdays. The stores surrounding the sheds are open most days, however.

    Make sure you get there on a Saturday, and expect big crowds!

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    I should have thought of this before:

    I took a friend from France to Eastern Market in December, she fell in love with it. She took many many photos. She had nothing negative to say about it despite the fact that she is used to open air markets in France.
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    Here is my Visitor's Map of Detroit.

    It's pretty comprehensive. Hope you enjoy your trip here!

    EDIT: It may take a few seconds to load.
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    Thanks everyone. Definitely going to check out the Eastern Market on Saturday. I really like this map you made. Thank you for sharing! Is Xochimilco the best place in Mexicantown? Any place have good Al Pastor? I hear this area is really cool.

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    *Buddy's Pizza on Conant and McNichols.

    Starters Bar & Grill Woodward in Midtown

    Pizzapopalis in Greektown

    Bakers on Livernois & 8 Mile (never been heard it's fun)

    *Mexican Village

    Northland Roller Rink on 8 Mile

    *Golddiggers on Livernois & Warren (have been and can confirm it is indeed very fun)

    *Go to these places if nowhere else.

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    Xochimilco is not the best restaurant in Mexicantown. Los Galenes, Mi Pueblo and Los Altos are all better.

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    And Lupita's and Armando's and Mexican Village. Xochimilco is far down on the list. The most touristy place in Mexicantown.


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    If you're willing to drive a bit off the beaten (by English-speaking folks) path, Mi Pueblo on Dix and Los Altos on Vernor are far better than those on the Bagley strip. A bit edgier (to me) is Las Brisas on Vernor. The food is also good and there's often a mariachi band on weekend evenings.

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    Bushstart - Thanks for putting that map together. I'll be sure to use it as a reference in the future.

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    Start at Eastern Market , over to Heidelberg Project, then to Belle Isle for a look at the fountain & conservatory .

    If you want to try Mexican , Mi Pueblo or Camino Real for lunch , pick up dessert at Mexicantown Bakery then walk down to Cafe Con Leche for a Coffee .

    Pop into the Guardian and or Fisher for a quick look , then over to riverwalk for a stroll .

    Dinner at Dakota Inn & movie at the Redford or for a Deco evening , dinner at Union Street & some Jazz at Cliff Bells .

    That'd be a busy day !??!

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    As for food i wouldnt want to give too many opinions on the best (don't want to start any wars/threadjacks) If you want mexican theres lots of good places however you may want to try some classic detroit eats too. You can't visit detroit without a good coney (my favorites are lafayette downtown and dulys at vernor/junction in SW both of which are awesome. Same goes for the original buddys if you're a pizza fan.

    Id also highly recommend checking out the fountain on belle isle. Its amazing and much to my delight its finally back up and running.

    Enjoy your visit!

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    Los Galenes is the the best choice. You can sit under an ambient covered outdoor sidewalk patio and look at the windowless Xochimilco. The food is excellent and inexpensive and meets my basic tests for authenticity by serving mole sauce, menudo, salsa verde and ceviche. If you want to splurge get the hauchinango with mojo de ajo, grilled red snapper with garlic sauce. I have spent a lot of time in Mexico and this has the best feel of being there of any of the eateries. In the winter weekends it is charming with Mexican families, bands, daddies dancing with little daughters and more. Very warm.

    Google Street View

    Just down the street you can cross the new unique pedestrian bridge over I-75 overlooking the controversial gateway project and view the approach to the Ambassador Bridge.

    Welcome to Detroit!

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    Avalon Bakery on Willis & Cass Ave - On site bakery for great variety breads to take back to Chicago. Coffee and hearty baked goods.
    Cass Cafe' on Cass north of Avalon if open on Sat. Lunches and a sit down bar.
    Lafayette Coney Island downtown on Michigan Ave. just west of Campus Martius.
    John King Used & Rare Books on Lafayette & the Lodge Exway. 5 or 6 floors of books, mags, etc and collectables.
    Corktown neighborhood quick drive around/slower walk around. Michigan Av & Trumble near the vacant field where Tiger Stadium used to be.
    Hamtramck for the tidy neighborhoods, churches and street corner bars like 7 Brothers, Jean's and the New Dodge Bar. Polish Art center.and the 1923 Cafe'
    on Holbrook for coffee, etc.

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    Awesome. Food suggestions are great! I think I will probably hit up several mexican suggestions - and have small portions.

    Here's a question - best mom & pop Donut place? This is a must!

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    Personally, I think Los Galanes is so-so at best. Xochimilco is very popular as are El Zocalo, Mexican Village and a number of others. Los Galanes is cute but IMO the food isn't worth the visit. I have never had anything there that I enjoyed.

    Mexican Town is extremely popular, but Detroit is really known for good Pizza, Coney Island restaurants and Greek food. Greektown is downtown with it's own stop on the People Mover and still has some great Greek restaurants. Unfortunately in recent years about half have closed.

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    agrahlma Guest


    Here are a few of my “off-the-beat-n-path” places to eat:

    Duly’s (Coney Island) – American and Lafayette are very good; however my personal favorite is Duly’s on the Southwest side – also a favorite of Donald Sutherland, while filming the Rosary Murders

    Gracie See (Pizza /Italian) – IMO the best pie in the city (closed on Monday)– it’s on the outskirts and boarders the city of Dearborn – great place to stop before visiting the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village

    Burt’s on Broadway (Bar Food/BBQ) – During the Summer you can sit outside, enjoy a burger and a beer, and listen to Marty perform on the keyboard (1-4pm, Tue – Fri) – He’s an old school piano bar guy with a great personality (he takes requests) – fyi becomes more of a bar in the evening

    Cafe D'Mongo's Speakeasy – (American) – very diverse crowd (professors, businessmen, students, locals, hipsters, etc.) – the décor is something to see!

    Gourmet Dog – (Hot Dogs) little hotdog stand on John R, just East of Woodward – great place for a quick bit while walking around the city

    Mudgie’s Deli - (Deli Sandwiches) – One of my all-time favorites – located in Corktown. In fact I’ll probably have lunch there today!

    Vicente’s (Cuban) – located on Library St. – not as “off-the-beat” as the ones listed above, but the Ropa Vieja is very good and they have seating outside – nice change of pace

    Hope this helps!

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    We'll - I'm looking for more good food than good atmosphere. Definitely want to try off the beaten path places. Pizza huh? May have to get some also...thin crust? Deep Dish Chicago is overrated! Love some thin crust.

    Oh heres a question - SLOWWW's in Corktown. Is it good, or is it hype? I know the owner has done some amazing things near Roosevelt Park, but is the food worth it?

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    By the way if you ask for 36 hours suggestions on this forum, expect 36 days worth. lol. Also we would enjoy a recap of what you did. Again, enjoy Detroit.

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    agrahlma Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by lingramid View Post
    We'll - I'm looking for more good food than good atmosphere. Definitely want to try off the beaten path places. Pizza huh? May have to get some also...thin crust? Deep Dish Chicago is overrated! Love some thin crust.

    Thin Crust.

    Oh heres a question - SLOWWW's in Corktown. Is it good, or is it hype? I know the owner has done some amazing things near Roosevelt Park, but is the food worth it?
    Good BBQ at Slows. My wife and I also like Red Smoke in Greektown.

    Also I forgot to mention -- although it is not within the city limits of Detroit (borders Detroit), one other area that you might want to consider is Warren Ave. (East of Greenfield Rd) in the city of Dearborn. The streets are lined with Middle Eastern restaurants, café’s, bakeries and other businesses – Al-Ameer Restaurant is very good.

    Lowell is right, you’re going to get plenty of suggestions on this board. There are a lot of people on here that are passionate about Detroit (myself included). I’ve travelled to almost every major city in the U.S. with my job, and had numerous opportunities to transfer – but I’m not about to leave! Detroit still has a LONG road to recovery, but there is just something special about Detroit that I cannot put into words. When you walk the streets and meet the people, you’ll feel it!

    Detroit’s Motto: "Speramus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus" (Latin for, "We Hope For Better Things; It Shall Rise From the Ashes")
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    Dutch Girl Donuts, on Woodward near McNichols. The best donuts by far

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    And Supreme Bakery in SW Detroit has great donuts and pastry. But I would call it a bakery rather than a donut shop since donuts are just something they make, not what they specialize in.

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    Lupitas has the best tacos al pastor in the city. Hands down. For $4.00 you get a great meal. Trust me. [email protected]#$co or whatever is suburbanite crap but their salsa is good. Also, Supino Pizzeria, Shangri-La for dim sum, Park Bar for beers, Slows for a long wait, Avalon International Breads and the river walk

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    Oh, and head to La Shish in Dearborn for the best middle eastern food you can find.

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