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  1. John McCain RIP.......
  2. Dodging the Dodges 90+MPA. Crashing and leaving dying rider behind?!
  3. Bucket List
  4. The Many Faces of Kavanaugh? What Other Faces ARE BEING REVEALED?
  5. The Honduran Elephant In The Room
  6. Suspicious packages sent to Obama's, Clinton's, CNN, Soro's
  7. Gunman Opens Fire Kills Many in Synagog
  8. 'But' instead of 'And' - Oh What's in a word? And Other Gaffs!
  9. Election Night 2018
  10. George W. Bush started an immoral war. Now he’s getting the Liberty Medal
  11. Offensive word of the day “Man”
  12. Path To Prison Reform Pending - ACLU Supports
  13. The Ignored Legacy of George H. W. Bush
  14. Happy Birthday Everyone!
  15. Feminism, and Masculinity: How to have a more useful conversation.
  16. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
  17. Second Child Dies In U.S. Custody This Month
  18. 19 Million Public Employees Cost Taxpayers Nearly $1 Trillion
  19. How many forum members does it take to change a light bulb?
  20. The “Skills Gap” Was A Lie
  21. The Emergency Powers of the President
  22. Senator Rand Paul comes to Canada for Surgery.
  23. Immigration - The Canadian Way
  24. India and China curbs Amazon and Walmart
  25. Venezuela- Some Alternative Media coverage
  26. Question on interview process
  27. Retail Armageddon Continues. Payless closing ALL stores.
  28. Jussie Smollett arrested - faces charges for alleged false report
  29. Pomona, Detroit Dragway, MotorCity Dragway,Irwindale, Cal.
  30. R Kelly arrested - faces multiple sexual abuse charges
  31. Anyone have their taxes done yet?
  32. Canada Has It's Own Share Of Leadership Problems
  33. Rep. Omars Comments - Impact? Where Do We Go From Here...?
  34. Roseville shootings
  35. US Midwest Farm Flooding Devestation / Impact...
  36. Missouri proposes ban on Federal gun laws
  37. High profile lawyers and karma meet.
  38. The dark side of cotton
  39. Biden’s Tactile Politics -- May Disqualify Him
  40. Notre Dame de Paris is on fire!!!
  41. Targeted attack on Christians Easter Sunday
  42. London creates ultra low emission zones
  43. Rip, mi gop
  44. RIP John Singleton...
  45. Progressives Should...
  46. Nice time to visit LA - typhoid fever outbreak among LAPD
  47. Virginia Beach Shooting Victims... Craddock
  48. Bayer Works Wonders
  49. China and facial recognition
  50. Michigan Leads Nation in Public Corruption
  51. Welcome to the 'Can Joe Biden Win' Discussion?
  52. Corporate News Pushes Iran War
  53. Robbed While Driving along the Freeway - What is Going on?!
  54. the national economy
  55. Luis Alverez former NYPD Detective - 911 Victims Advocate RIP….
  56. Southern California Earthquake and Aftershocks...
  57. Tropical Storm Barry - Mandatory Evacuations!
  58. Female pastor to receive $500K after being ousted over harassment
  59. The Coming War on China. Documentary
  60. Berkley takes the next step in gender neutral
  61. RIP Rutger Hauer...
  62. Baseball in Las Vegas.....Tigers or Diamondbacks?????
  63. Two RECENT US mass shootings. Where do we go from here?
  64. Should undocumented [[illegal) immigrants have drivers license privilege?
  65. Mounted police leading a black man on a rope defended
  66. Jeffrey Epstein commits suicide
  67. Tlaib and Detroit
  68. How to Fix our Healthcare System: Medicare for All? A Public Option? Other Ideas?
  69. Hurricane Dorian Storm Info....
  70. Vaping Linked to deaths... Who'd have thought?
  71. Canadian Federal Election 2019
  72. Cue in flooding in Houston blamed on climate change.
  73. Pence takes first motorcade on Michigan's Mackinac Island
  74. RIP Sid Haig...
  75. libary of Congress releases 1600 pics of rural America 30's and 40's in color
  76. Visiting Columbus, OH
  77. Congressman Elijah Cummings Dies...
  78. WAPO $250,000 defamation suit reinstated
  79. The California Fires... What will the outcome be?
  80. For the Amazon haters
  81. Global Protests, Violence Growing
  82. Panic in eh' NEW YORK?!
  83. Fitbit now owned by google...
  84. The real story about income inequality
  85. Transgender 'agenda' fought by unlikely alliance...
  86. London Bridge Terrorism... Again
  87. Trump's Foundation and University shut under wrongdoing
  88. Library of Congress U.S. Telephone Directory Collection
  89. UK 500 postmasters jailed over faulty software
  90. State of Michigan sales tax for ebay purchases
  91. Coronavirus: Threat Beyond Politics [For Political Discussions of CoV]
  92. Kobe Bryant dies in helicopter crash
  93. De La Salle Hazing
  94. More climate change hogwash
  95. Welcome to the 2020 Biden Ascension...?
  96. It feels good to be an Independent
  97. Watch you kitchen knives
  98. World's Richest Man Wants Your Help Paying His Employees.
  99. I'm Signing off Until it's over!
  100. Home alone with Amazon Prime.
  101. Bernie Sanders Is Dropping Out of 2020 Democratic Race for President
  102. Jim Harbaugh
  103. Coronavirus Pandemic Dreaming
  104. Are You Prepared? [[Infinity Version)
  105. Great Landing, Eh?
  106. Heart shaped flight
  107. Oh, Canada...
  108. Yada, yada, yada.
  109. RIP Little Richard...[[Richard Wayne Penniman)
  110. RIP Jerry Stiller....
  111. New Corona Virus thread.
  112. Virginia family found nearly $1 million in middle of road
  113. November '20
  114. Whitmer Extending Restrictions Again. Is mass insubordination on the way?
  115. Will the Gov EVER use science and data RE Covid-19 ?
  116. Minneapolis LEO kneeling on neck of black man That died...
  117. When It all goes SO wrong: Black Bird Watcher Falsely Accused ETC...
  118. Please Support Section 230 and the Survival of this Forum and others
  119. The Protest in Detroit
  120. What next?
  121. Welcome to Seattle's Protests/ Demands [[Capital Hill)!
  122. Welcome to the ATL protests re. the shooting of Rayshard Brooks....
  123. Is Black Lives Matter is really just a Super PAC for Democrats?
  124. NYC Apple Looter - umm, gets looted!
  125. Welcome to the Reality of DEFUNDING Policing...
  126. The Systemic Racism of Detroit Yes
  127. How stupid is this? Becoming what you're going after!
  128. What happened to Richard?
  129. The Matty Moroun Off Topic Thread
  130. Sanger out at Planned Parenthood.
  131. BLM Protests Continue-Where's This Going? Intended Outcomes?
  132. RIP John Lewis
  133. Yahoo News Ditches The Comments Option for all Articles!
  134. Michigan commissioner blames Black people [ in Detroit) for COVID-19, uses N-word
  135. Scholars on pedophilia
  136. As the big apple rots
  137. Deteriorating Postal Service
  138. U.S Government to spend up to a Billion Dollars to Corral "Wild" Horses
  139. Will there be a Second American Civil War if Trump wins the 2020 Presidential Electio
  140. The NON-DETROIT forum is now closed
  141. Trump to direct federal agencies to move into ‘Opportunity Zones'
  142. MLB takes their ball and goes home. Crying.
  143. Off topic post dump
  144. Plot to Kidnap Gov. Whitmer - Off Topic and/or Political Post Dump
  145. Voter Fraud in Detroit?
  146. Joe Biden Asks Voters For Transition Money
  147. Whistleblower Melissa Carone
  148. Since Detroit is GZNL...
  149. Former Governor Jennifer Granholm as new Energy Secretary.
  150. Detroit and the $600 Stimulus or is it to be 2K?
  151. The Non-Detroit Forum is now Re-Opened
  152. Civilization and its Discontents
  153. Michigan bans open carry of guns inside Capitol...
  154. Lock him up!
  155. What is a failed state?
  156. Ex-governor Snyder to be charged in Flint water crisis
  157. Q’antanamo Bay detention camp
  158. JCS Letter
  159. How about some monkey business ?
  160. Biden picks Gov. Whitmer for Democratic National Committee vice chair
  161. Welcome to Biden world
  162. Detroit's Expectations of President Biden...
  163. Mitch McConnell says “the mob was fed lies”
  164. If you look like this, don't make threats
  165. MTG says Jewish Space Lasers set California wildfires
  166. Gamestop and Stocks
  167. Noor bin Laden
  168. Stacy Abrams Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
  169. The Decline and Fall of The GOP
  170. Super Bowl Sunday
  171. Does anyone understand the mentality?
  172. North Korean Puppy Bowl
  173. Weird technology stuff
  174. Charles Manson is to Sharon Tate
  175. Your Phone is Now Fair Game for Border Agents
  176. Will Orange Julius use the Manson defense?
  177. Hey, Ray!! Still hangin' in?
  178. Coldest Weather Outbreak in Over 30 Years......
  179. North Korean expat meets Kim Jong Un
  180. Rush Limbaugh Conservative Talk Host RIP
  181. Critical Race theory and other threadjacked posts