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  1. Film Theories
  2. The ultimate "Break a leg" story
  3. RIP David Bowie
  4. Shame on the joint chiefs of staff.
  5. Mitch Albom's latest: Too much fluff reporting in constant News Cycle
  6. Who can stop Donald Trump Now?
  7. Conservative Chutzpah Backfired Again
  8. Local Officials Sue To Block Law Prohibiting Ballot Info
  9. Pt. IV: Which would you rather?
  10. RIP Maurice White of Earth Wind and Fire
  11. Bernie met Hillary
  12. Police Take out Attacker who assailed Diners With Machete
  13. Antonin Scalia, Supreme Court justice dies at 79
  14. Feedback on Online applications/phone interviews
  15. O Happy Day.
  16. Apple Fights Order
  17. Author Harper Lee Passes Away at 89
  18. Fair Use and Youtube
  19. Sanders Big Spending Plans-Can we afford them? A Trillion Here - Trillions Ove There!
  20. black oak arkansas band
  21. Hospital Error Almost Guts Girl Who Was Shooting Victim
  22. Clinton (D) vs. Trump (R): [If the General Election Were Held Today]
  23. Things I've found on the Web.
  24. Nancy Reagan RIP
  25. Michigan's Employment Participation Rate Drops by 3 Mllion!
  26. Giraffes
  27. New Twist on the "Twinkie Defense" - The Uber App Made me do it.
  28. Trudeau: His first budget
  29. Arizona Voting Fiasco
  30. Cruz takes on Trump re. his tweets about wife!
  31. Are you not entertained?
  32. Fun With Geo-Positioning and Astrology
  33. Are there any other VR people out there?
  34. I have a slight problem with the $15/hr.
  35. 125k In Livonia Walmart Lawsut
  36. Former President Clinton Has His Say without hedging!
  37. 6 Takeaways: Democrats tangle at New York debate
  38. Al Jazeera America Signs Off
  39. Wall Street Journal Slimes Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore....
  40. Hillary Clinton 'Hot Sauce' Latest Pandering!
  41. Prince RIP... Dies at Paisley Park
  42. Where the Elephants go- like us.
  43. Bernie Sanders Holding - Clinton Leading But Support from Women?
  44. Nickerson Nebraska Rejects 1,100 jobs
  45. Recent Orthodox Church Fires
  46. The Real Mother (Waddles) of the Year Award goes to....
  47. U.S. Can't Default Because It Prints Money
  48. Thougts for older forumers 2016.
  49. As Memorial Day approaches, let's take a moment to remember.
  50. A Hillary and Bernie Run? Sanders as VP
  51. Accuser of Whole Foods Slur Drops Lawsuit. Admits false claim.
  52. Amazing photos from a Hong Kong city within 1994 - Incredible!
  53. Welcome to the lucrative, predatory world of subprime car loans.
  54. Gorilla Shot Dead after Child Climbs in Enclosure
  55. At 96, Heimlich finally uses his life-saving maneuver
  56. why NOT building the wall IS RACIST
  57. Do GMOs Have Issues?
  58. Suspected Islamic extremist kills 50+ at club in Orlando
  59. 20 TRILLION dollars in debt & we're giving 40 BILLION to Israel. Why?
  60. 'Management' of the 911 Orlando Massacre Call Transcript
  61. Hockey Dilemma
  62. BREXIT | UK Votes To Leave European Union | Break It Down For Me - What Does It Mean?
  63. A few words from Mr. Sanders himself....
  64. American Politics 101
  65. No Charges for Clinton in Emailgate
  66. Snipers Attack Police at Demonstration in Dallas 11 hit 4 dead
  67. Another Horrific Attack In France
  68. Trump Names A Pro TPP, Medicaid Expanding Governor As VP Candidate
  69. Gunmen Rampage Munich Mall
  70. Wikileaks releases 20K DNC emails
  71. Voting for Ex-Felons in Virginia
  72. Congress' "28 pages" on Saudi ties to 9/11 released
  73. Thoughs on When a Wall NOT a Wall?
  74. Election Fraud
  75. Church Attack - Beheading of Priest In France
  76. An alternative to deadly force: Courage
  77. Why do Democrats think black people are too stupid to read a ballot?
  78. Voter Fraud, Voter Supression, Cyber Crime: What's the Bigger Threat to Democracy?
  79. Impressions Of Rio
  80. Those crazy people behind your candidate with the signs.
  81. Gene Wilder RIP
  82. End of World War 2 anniversary today.
  83. 5 MIL Bail for Suspected Manhattan bomber - And Other Info
  84. Scam Central: Elizabeth Warren Tells Wells Fargo CEO to Resign and Get It Over With
  85. Four women shot and killed at Macy's make-up department
  86. Countdown to the election
  87. Arnold Palmer RIP
  88. Bill Nunn RIP
  89. Gistok
  90. Cool vintage parking option
  91. 'Time of my LIFE' Presidential Debate Parody!
  92. Kudos for Feds for taking down more attempted muderers.
  93. Julian Assange's Internet Cut
  94. Michigan National Guard, wins 2016 International Sniper Competition but the picture?
  95. Obama Care 2017
  96. If Hillary was president
  97. Priority list for president
  98. Good Bye Leonard....
  99. Where to donate unused syringes?
  100. Lost Another Music Legend....
  101. Mose Allison Moves On...
  102. Fidel Castro dies at 90
  103. Green Party rolling in the Green
  104. Busy Year For the Music Angel of Death...
  105. Stabbing attack at OSU's Columbus campus Monday morning
  106. Waste Reduction
  107. Buses, police cars, even road salters slide down Montreal street.
  108. STAND UP FOR DEMOCRACY! Rally with Jill Stein in Detroit Saturday, Dec. 10th
  109. TRUMP: The First 100 Days [Are You Prepared Infinity]
  110. Zsa Zsa RIP at 99
  111. Sanders Supporter Charges Senior Michigan Democrat With Assault After Meeting
  112. Debbie Reynolds dies day after her daughter Carrie
  113. Start Of Something Big?
  114. Terror in Instanbul at Night Club...
  115. Welcome To Trump World
  116. Teens Charged w/ Hate Crime--President Obama Comments
  117. Granny and Tilikum Deceased
  118. Movie - Hidden Figures - Jim Crow law signage
  119. A man and his car updated
  120. President Obama's Record on Clemency
  121. Canada's Trump? Kevin O'Leary (from Shark Tank) seeks to lead Canada's Conservatives
  122. A question Trump should ask the Dems tomorrow
  123. Trump Mentions Detroit in Inaugural Address
  124. Question on WW2 Army Patches
  125. Hodges Dodge Ferndale.
  126. Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Visits Syria
  127. News, Info and Response to Trumps Policies re. borders, immigration, etc.
  128. America dropped 26,171 bombs in 2016
  129. Quebec City Mosque shooting investigation underway
  130. The Directory of Federal Historical Offices and Activities
  131. Sanders vs. Cruz Health Care Debate on CNN
  132. Omitted from news stories about Farrakhan's speech this weekend
  133. Oscar Questions.
  134. The issue of the suspicion of "fake news".
  135. Trump's Speech - Urban Agenda
  136. Just What We Need New Signage ala ART!
  137. Wikileaks- Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed
  138. Dead and Injured in London, Westminster terror incident
  139. Oakland Raiders moving to Las Vegas
  140. 3 Killed with AR-15 in Oklahoma Mass Shooting.
  141. Peninsular Steel Company
  142. The Solar Eclipse - August 21st, 2017
  143. Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Audioslave Dies at MGM Grand after Concert at Fox.
  144. Bridge illumination in Montreal
  145. Manchester England hit by terrorism!
  146. Roger Moore RIP
  147. Gregg Allman RIP
  148. Egypt Coptic Christians killed in attack
  149. Covfefe
  150. Multiple Terror Incidents Reported in London
  151. The Big Fat Compendium Of Russiagate Debunkery
  152. Minnesota Taxed The Rich and Fixed The Economy
  153. WW2 Buffs
  154. Comey Testifies - Time for shape-shifting or continue previous narrative?
  155. It's the Economy Stupid
  156. Shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise - Threats to others....
  157. SPY vs SPY
  158. Fraud or Fake News?
  159. Canada denounces the US
  160. Journalists Resign After Retracted Story....
  161. Net Neutrality and you-today!
  162. Kid Rock for Senator. Yeah!
  163. Welcome to Dem Land
  164. The Near Future of Genetically Engineered Children...
  165. TRUST - among the quagmire of various sources
  166. Share Your Favorite Website...
  167. In the mean time: North Korea....
  168. State of Emergency/White Nationalist Protest in Virginia
  169. In the mean time: What China May Do....
  170. Dick Gregory RIP
  171. Jerry Lewis RIP
  172. The knifing and killing with vehicles continues....
  173. 2020 Unity Ticket?
  174. Aliens? Yes? No? Maybe So?
  175. Hurricane Harvey: Updates and Info
  176. Think I-75 has problems today?
  177. Nurse Arrested for Refusing Follow Police Orders.......
  178. Hurricane Irma
  179. RIP Glenn Haege
  180. Welcome to Bernie/Independent/Third Party Land
  181. New Details About Tennessee Church Shooting....
  182. Hugh Hefner dies at 91.
  183. Puerto Rico. The disaster that was a long time coming.
  184. 50+killed in Las Vegas concert shooting-200+injured
  185. Throat Cuttings in France (two Women). What will be done?
  186. RIP Tom Petty
  187. 'Nam - All Songs in "The Vietnam War" Documentary
  188. California Fire Devastation Broad and Continuing
  189. Harvey Weinstein Allegations Incoming...
  190. Steel issues ?
  191. Conspiracy theories and tin foil hats
  192. % Reasons You Should Not Want Amazons New Headquarters In Your City...
  193. Have You Been Hacked
  194. Light l16....
  195. Maryland suspect - Many Arrests But No Convictions Kills Many
  196. New York terrorist driving truck kills many - wounds others....
  197. Is There Any Male in left in Liberal Hollywood Thatís Not a Sexual Predator?
  198. Texas mass church shooting leaves 26 dead...
  199. Election Night 2017 Results
  200. Whining About Whining
  201. Charles Manson Dies at 83...
  202. Happy Thanksgiving to all
  203. The Toronto Wilderness
  204. The next step in facial recognition and autonomous drones
  205. US deports undocumented immigrant acquitted in Kate Steinle death
  206. Former LEO Found Not Guilty for Shooting man begging for his life
  207. Wahlburgers coming to Meijer stores
  208. For Those Who Donít Believe In ĎConspiraciesí Here Are 58 Admitted False Flag Attacks
  209. 10 Ionia- Grand Rapids
  210. Lustron Steel Homes
  211. Climate change regentrification
  212. Hawaii's Ballistic Missile Warning Was A False Alarm
  213. Hunting Hitler
  214. DACA and the shutdown
  215. Holograms hitting main stage
  216. President Trump Proposes Major Changes in Food Assistance Programs
  217. Dianne Feinstein's About Face on Illegal Immigration. Astonishing video!
  218. Shooter left 17 dead in six short minutes of terror
  219. Trump directs Justice Dept to ban gun mods like bump stocks...
  220. Evangelist Billy Graham Passes at 99.....
  221. Welcome to big city California Land
  222. Physicist Stephen Hawkings Passes...
  223. 2018 World Happiness Report - U.S. #18
  224. Everyone Should Be Happy! $1.3 Trillion Bill Passes
  225. Youtube HQ Shooter Found Dead - Blamed Youtube For Censoring ETC...
  226. A little incident on a highway near Montreal this a.m.
  227. 2018 Masters Par Three
  228. Facebook Scraped by Cambridge Analytica
  229. Questioning What's going on in Syria
  230. Vegas Golden Knights
  231. Amazon Employee Salary
  232. Van Strikes Pedestrians - Many Killed - Toronto, Canada
  233. Chinas social credit score
  234. Lightening Fast Resignation! Schneiderman....
  235. The Royal Wedding - and The Who's WHO present...
  236. Old Hand Me Down Plane Crashed...
  237. Forgive my elation.........
  238. Grocery Store Redistributors
  239. Wi-fi Extender
  240. Poor People's Campaign Demands 'End to the War Economy'
  241. OíHare Express HSR tunnel construction to commence in Chicago
  242. 2018 Men's World Cup
  243. Justice Kennedy announces his retirement.
  244. Social Mobility: Does the U.S. have a problem?
  245. TAX the non-profits , like churches
  246. Tariff scare in force.
  247. Alternative Media Discussions of Trump/Putin etc.
  248. Firekeepers Expansion
  249. Data compilation
  250. Omaorosa's Book Tour Vs. 40 more Murdered Yemeni Children