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  1. RIP Bob Casale founding DEVO guitarist
  2. RIP Harold Ramis
  3. Disappearing Mighty Mac--Been there, done that!
  4. New Google Maps
  5. Ukraine/Crimea
  6. Reid claims the ‘vast majority’ of AFP’s Obamacare ads are ‘lies’
  7. Paul Ryan proves himself wrong
  8. "Fracking is perfectly fine...unless it is in my back yard" - Rex Tillerson
  9. Galifianakis to Obama: 'What's it like to be the last black president?'
  10. James Lileks: "On the Mall"
  11. Finally - Obama hits back at his critics!
  12. RIP David Brenner
  13. RIP Scott Asheton
  14. Dusting off Soviet era humor in American TV...
  15. Michigan's same sex marriage ban declared unconstitutional
  16. It's Election Year Again
  17. Detroit - what's your opinion of Barack Obama?
  18. Cannabis Cures Cancer
  19. NFL Lap-Dances Next?
  20. Tax Changes effective Jan1, 2014.
  21. 4 dead including shooter at Fort Hood, TX‏
  22. "Jinn" Pure Michigan spoof trailer
  23. Have any of you been to Grand Rapids lately? Holy cow, it's kicking Detroit's tail.
  24. Can the U.S. Government stop continuing Cash Assistance and Food Stamps?
  25. America's Book of Secrets: Big Brother
  26. Careers Are Dead. Welcome To Your Low Wage, Temp Work Future
  27. Plasthmatic Victory
  28. Teleka Patrick found dead in Indiana lake
  29. KIDS REACT TO WALKMANS [[Portable Cassette Players)
  30. New idea for school safety...
  31. Jumping the ship again.
  32. 45 shot, nine killed over Easter weekend in the City
  33. Donald Sterling
  34. Have you seen The Wire?
  35. Did You EVER Think.......
  36. Shadow banking and Chinese boomtown and bust.
  37. Nigerian Girls Kidnapped To Be Sold
  38. This article on the relationship between Milwaukee/Suburbus/Wisconsin is chilling.
  39. And right-wing nimrods prove the stupidity of a recent SCOTUS ruling in 3,2,1...
  40. Michigan Republicans STILL care not for this whole "voting" thing.
  41. Top Veterans Official Resigns Amid Claims of Poor Care, ETC
  42. Ukraine gas company - Bidons son appointment raises no conflict of interest
  43. End of holiday traffic
  44. Maya Angelou RIP....
  45. Pope Francis Says You Should Have Kids, Not Dogs and Cats
  46. Hostages For Terrorists
  47. World Cup 2014
  48. We Need To Repeal The Patriot Act
  49. Cantor?
  50. Bobby Womack RIP.....
  51. calendars/address labels
  52. Xfinity double charges
  53. Detroit needs Rob Ford of Toronto to be the next Mayor
  54. Eminem
  55. Jesse Jackson hits Obama for putting immigrant children first
  56. Congress: 12 work days to compromise on border crisis
  57. Obama’s Plans for $3.7 Billion Immigration Crisis Funds
  58. Malaysia Airlines Plane Shot Down: Reports
  59. Netroots? Curious Conference in Detroit
  60. Documenting Older Cemeteries
  61. America Reframed: The Pruitt Igoe Myth PBS special
  62. Flight en route to Liberia to evacuate Americans infected with Ebola
  63. My motorcycle runs on BACON!
  64. 'This is going to be a long term project': Then off for Martha's Vineyard/ Golfing
  65. Relatives of unarmed black teen shot dead by police condemn St Louis riot
  66. RIP Robin Williams!
  67. Persecution upon Christians specifically Yazidi...
  68. Environmentalism / Global Warming
  69. Inside the Ebola outbreak with the CDC
  70. News media treats white killers with more empathy than black victims.
  71. The Great Flood Garage Sale
  72. Ebola Outbreak: Liberian Army Ordered to 'Shoot on Sight' Anyone Crossing Border
  73. Obituary for Thomas Video
  74. I don't know what to think...
  75. Bardarbunga erupting sulphur dioxide today
  76. Joan Rivers Passed Away!!!
  77. Hugging now a crime
  78. How American Bohemia Was Born in a Basement Saloon
  79. Obama: Systematic Strategy Aims to "Dismantle" ISIL
  80. Action delayed on immigration until after midterms
  81. A Void In The History of September 11th
  82. Where were you on September 11th?
  83. Fact Checking Statements in This Year's Political Ads
  84. Just some inspiration for the new bridge...
  85. Obama To Send 3,000 Military Forces To Fight Ebola In West Africa
  86. $1 Billion Needed For Ebola Response: WHO
  87. Free Scotland!
  88. N f l
  89. One in four Americans want their state to secede from the U.S., but why?
  90. It's about time the Arab states step in!
  91. Attorney general Holder to announce resignation
  92. Alton Nolen Allegedly Beheads Oklahoma Coworker After Firing
  93. Colorado students protest proposed curriculum changes
  94. EBOLA: NBC Camera man infected. What's going on in Texas, in Africa, ETC
  95. No More Bushes in the White House, Please!
  96. Bye-Bye Banksy...
  97. RIP Paul Revere
  98. The Real Un-Employment Rate
  99. Best Coconut Cake? Purchase where?
  100. Election 2014: Michigan [[Snyder vs. Schauer) & others.....
  101. The Luxury Ghost Town....
  102. Axe attack on cops
  103. Affordable Healhcare Act / Medicaid
  104. RIP: Jack Bruce
  105. Dr. Politician
  106. Gasoline Prices Below Three Dollars. Who Should We Blame For This?
  107. USACE fix Red Run Drain aka Clinton River ?
  108. Michigan Power Plants need to Clean Up
  109. Non-partisanship Redefined by Snyder's Team
  110. Live Election Coverage: Watch As Midterm Results Pour In
  111. An Icelandic Take on Elections and Unintended Consequences
  112. After Election, Obama Vows to Work With, and Without, Congress
  113. Moving a historic house
  114. FBI Crime Statistics Michigan Cities 2013
  115. Presidetnt May Allow Millions of Immigrants to Stay and Work in U.S.
  116. Obamacare Architect: "Lack Of Transparency Is A Huge Political Advantage"
  117. Looking for photo of SCS street/building
  118. Ferguson Grand Jury Does Not Indict Policeman in Michael Brown Shooting
  119. Why Kim Kardashiian Is the Perfect Icon for Our Sick Society
  120. Obama's immigration speech: What to watch for
  121. I dont want to hear shit else how things equal, just, nor fair... [Eric Garner]
  122. Timothy Loehmann: Cop Who Shot Tamir Rice - Deemed Unfit For Policing 2 Years Ago
  123. Was the Hammer Attack on Bosnian Man Racially Motivated?
  124. Top 10 Reasons Why Our Universe Is A Virtual Reality
  125. NFL player getting dogged for inquiring about Malia Obama's prom.
  126. American Torture
  127. Academic question
  128. Children forced to watch their teacher being burned alive
  129. Changes to Driver Responsiblity Laws
  130. Jeb Bush Possible 2016 Presidental Contender
  131. Cuba libre!
  132. AP sources: Cops' killer angry at chokehold death
  133. Great Lakes Lighthouses
  134. RIP Joe Cocker
  135. Class Act of the Month
  136. Fatal Cop Shooting in Berkeley Missouri Sparks Clashes
  137. Conservatives Criticizing Obama for Paris Photo-op Forget...
  138. Diplomacy for Dummies
  139. Most Outrageous Things Seen on Television.
  140. Birdman!
  141. Rash of shootings has superbowl-bound city on edge...
  142. CBO Director Speaks Before Congress 1/27 & it didn't make the news.
  143. amazing electronic glasses for the blind.
  144. Food/Drinks You Love To Smell But Hate To Consume
  145. Manson learns she just wanted his body...
  146. Liberals work to lure Elizabeth Warren into White House race
  147. Movies you NEVER get tired of watching.
  148. Egypt retaliates after ISIS beheads 21 Coptic Christians on beach
  149. Salt Mine Liability?
  150. What happened to smelt in the Great Lakes
  151. Favorite Documentaries
  152. Effing Giuliani!
  153. The Other Problem: What is Faygo Rock & Rye?
  154. Pipeline veto'd
  155. ISIS jihadists have kidnapped 220 Assyrian Christians from villages in Syria
  156. Leonard Nimoy RIP
  157. Net Neutrality: READY SET GO!!
  158. North American Native Lore
  159. Downton Abbey
  160. Unarmed Blacks Killed By White Cops
  161. "Am I so out of touch?....No! It's the kids that are out of touch."
  162. Hillary's email problems
  163. The "iEverything" and the Redistributional Imperative [[Article)
  164. Crazy Fox News...
  165. Utopian Societies for the Richy Riches?
  166. Blackhawks' One Goal Videos
  167. Favorite Punchlines
  168. Could an Independent Candidate Win a Presidential election
  169. Up to 150 killed in Kenyan University Massacre
  170. Recently Accomplished Personal Projects
  171. President Obama's Remarks On Nuclear Deal Provide Fuel For Critics
  172. Tribe Fights Climate Case Against Star Pupil From Harvard: President Obama
  173. South Carolina Officer Is Charged With Murder of Walter Scott
  174. Hillary Clinton Campaign To Focus On Economic Security, Opportunity
  175. Canine? Feline?
  176. We Need A Resolution
  177. Christmas In The Middle Of July?
  178. Overt Racism Written off in a Covert Unapologetic Manner
  179. O/T [[I guess): Some in D.C. Want to declare a parking lot a 'historic landmark'
  180. How Long Will Democrats Stand By Hillary...? And improve her voice: Daily Koss says
  181. SCOTUS, right to marry, John Bursch
  182. Sen. Bernie Sanders Enters Presidential Race
  183. Napal in critical need
  184. Freddie Gray case: Officers Charged.....
  185. JOSHUA DAVIS, on NBC' s The Voice
  186. O/T: WWII V-E Day Ceremony in D.C. Tomorrow [[With Flyover)
  187. Help with an Architectural Question about Vintage Paris, France
  188. Ha ha ha If everybody's Irish on St. Paddy's Day then why can't everybody be...
  189. George Zimmerman shoots again.
  190. B.B. King dead at 89 years old.
  191. Isis hides behind women and children.
  192. Rand Paul fights against modern day slavery.
  193. Top 10 Your favorite Animated Anything.
  194. Oh, those Reefer Rats...
  195. New Newman moive
  196. Cop Suspended After Arrests At Teen Pool Party
  197. House Rejects Trade Measure -- Rebuffing Obama’s Dramatic Appeal
  198. Washington Dysfunction With a Twist: Democrats Desert Their President
  199. Trump 4 prez
  200. Charleston Church Shooting Massacre
  201. The American Ghetto was created by the NEW DEAL/FDR
  202. Classics I've owned
  203. HCL-k-e-y, M-o-u-s-e
  204. TPP - The Trans-Pacific Partnership’s glaring double standard
  205. Heroes risking their lives to free ISIS sex slaves
  206. 35 Mind-Blowing Facts About Inequality
  207. It's The End Of The World As We Know It
  208. 2016 U.S. Presidential Primary
  209. Dark Side of Whole Foods
  210. How Human Resources Manipulates and Spies on You, Even When You’re Not at Work
  211. Bobbi Kristina Brown dies at 22
  212. 10 Insane Ways the Online Media Is Lying To You
  213. Brutal Ways the American Safety Net Is Being Shredded
  214. American Indian mother of two dies in police custody - pleas for help ignored
  215. Iceland's volcano Hekla issuing threats
  216. Good Samaritan family is gunned down on Montana Indian reservation
  217. Jimmy Cahhtah
  218. Tales from the Sales
  219. Black Communities Destroyed By Publicly Funded Stadium Swindles....
  220. Crane in Harper Woods
  221. The New Stephen Colbert show any thoughts ???
  222. GOP Union Demonizing
  223. Russia Carries Out Airstrikes in Syria for 2nd Day
  224. 'It's my son's birthday today'
  225. It's starting to leak out.....
  226. Six Americans Have Been Shot By Their Dogs
  227. Free pot? Federal program ships marijuana to four
  228. Trip Tripping on Hillary? Says She must never be Pres...
  229. Useless bits of imformation
  230. Multiple Terrorism Attacks in Paris - Reports incoming
  231. Paris victims: From all over the world and all walks of life...
  232. President calls ISIS 'killers with good social media'
  233. Very unusual animal photos!
  234. 14 Killed, others injured in San Benardino Shooting by US citizens?
  235. NAFTA The gift that justkeeps on giving.
  236. Trump wants Muslims out!
  237. Another Job Stealing Robot
  238. No Fly, No Buy? But Why?
  239. Dems Debate Saturday [[including Clinton) - Today!
  240. As of today if you own a drone, you must register it.
  241. Lemmy RIP
  242. Sooooooooooo... decision to not prosecute officer who killed Tamir Rice
  243. Mystery Meat, It's What's For Dinner.....
  244. RIP Natalie Cole
  245. Feminism, the presidency and Hillary Clinton?
  246. Film Theories
  247. The ultimate "Break a leg" story
  248. RIP David Bowie
  249. Shame on the joint chiefs of staff.
  250. Mitch Albom's latest: Too much fluff reporting in constant News Cycle