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  1. How they sell petrol in Danmark.
  2. Who loves or hates their 'Dumb' - Smart Phone?
  3. Tech Issue - Java Security Flaw
  4. An Open Letter To President Obama: The time on the Doomsday Clock...
  5. "Day of Action" protest at Ambassador bridge?
  6. Do black/minority homicides matter in this country?
  7. How has your relationship with Russia?
  8. A standing State Supreme Court justice charged with Felonies......
  9. Obama Term Preliminary Market Results
  10. MLK Day / Coronation Day 2013
  11. Computer built for language gets a hold of Urbandictionary, develops potty mouth.
  12. In Spite of Snyder's Lame Duck Right to Work Ruling....
  13. Amazing Large Warehouse Fire Photos
  14. Benghazi - Time to Leave - Imminent Threat...
  15. Military
  16. cool NASA great lakes shot
  17. Homeland Security Chief Warns that a "cyber 9/11" could happen "imminently"
  18. LA Gov. Jindal: "We've got to stop being the stupid party."
  19. Wis. sheriff urges citizens to get gun training
  20. Women in combat a dangerous experiment
  21. BREAKING NEWS! Dutch queen to announce something.
  22. What's for dinner?
  23. Ohio Players frontman 'Sugarfoot' Bonner RIP
  24. Jobs Without Drug Testing
  25. Who was that you told me was going to take your guns away?
  26. Favorite April Fool's/practical jokes?
  27. The National Review on Naziism
  28. What Did You Do When The Lights Went Out?
  29. Michigan Breweing Company Files for Bankruptcy
  30. Soldiers that fought in the Middle East Tribute located in Illinois
  31. No More Indian Mascots Allowed? Are they demeaning or empowering?
  32. It's a Dog's Life!
  33. Pope Announces Retirement
  34. What does this state really have to offer short/long term...
  35. Immigrant Poem
  36. LG Chem MI accused of WASTING $150 Mil Fed Grant Money
  37. What's your favorite winter-themed non-holiday song?
  38. Gang member charged with killing Hadiya said to be 'good kid'
  39. Painting/drywall questions
  40. 5th grade murder plot foiled
  41. The Great Wealth Robbery
  42. Climate Change Added to US Government "High Risk" List
  43. See how Michigan universities' growing net assets compare to tuition increases [[datab
  44. Pell Grant scammers ripping off Michigan colleges for millions
  45. Michigan's Weight-per-Axle limit
  46. Are You Prepared? v2.0 -[Gas Prices 2013]
  47. Biden's Bad Advice for Shotgun Owners?
  48. As Sequester Crisis Looms, Washington Lawmakers Fight...
  49. Bon Jovi - Living on a prayer. 100% improved.
  50. Sequester Impact On States Detailed In New White House Reports
  51. A review od the quality of our Government.
  52. Railmageddon with cool bridge replacement
  53. A picture of London. Quite a special one.
  54. Question on battery for a dell laptop
  55. Hugo Chavez, dead at age 58
  56. Geneva Auto Show
  57. The Wolf is Our Brother
  58. Alvin Lee, Dead at 68
  59. Free 1973 Chevelle
  60. RIP Peter Banks
  61. pope francis
  62. One for Whitehouse: Where Michigan Does Business in Netherlands
  63. About that Great Republican Minority Outreach of 2013.
  64. Wow!! Carl Sagan has been born again. Stunning video. I promise.
  65. Phrases that need to disappear
  66. Very early Beach Boys recording found.
  67. Did You Get an Allowance?
  68. Were have all the PIMP CARS gone.
  69. Senseless murder of baby by teens in Georgia [[Brunswick)
  70. What Do You Believe?
  71. The Collapse of the US Dollar? Riots in the Streets? Not so far fetched: B.R.I.C.S.
  72. Happy Easter Everyone!
  73. Waiting for a looking glass war.
  74. RIP Annette and Maggie
  75. Kid Redemption?
  76. +40 million gallons of water taken out of our ecosystem -- Really? Fracking
  77. What products do you miss?
  78. Reporter to jail in theater shooting Holmes Case - for proteting source!?
  79. Amsterdam Rijksmuseum reopens after 10-year renovation period.
  81. This will restore your faith in human kind a bit.
  82. RIP Richie Havens
  83. That is it. The end of Internet.
  84. Cleanup begins of damaged flood areas in Chicago
  85. Seeking Recommendations for Trip to Chicago…
  86. R.I.P. Chris Kelly
  87. 5 yr old boy kills sister with kiddie 22 cal rifle.
  88. The Pope & Godless Capitalism
  89. House Ok's Changes To Michigan Car Insurance
  90. Selling College Books
  91. Rolling Stone Vindicates Conspiracy Theorists
  92. RIP Dean Jeffries
  93. Grand Traverse Bay, West Bay, live cam
  94. Jody Arias Guilty
  95. Democrat Baucus joins call for hearings on IRS actions
  96. Americans' Attention to IRS, Benghazi Stories Below Average
  97. RIP Ray Manzarek
  98. RIP Trevor Bolder
  99. Mum talked down Woolwich terrorists...
  100. JC Penney has another image problem to deal with...Heil Teapot!
  101. RIP Harvey Korman
  102. Jean Stapleton RIP
  103. Can sagging pants be BANNED! in the United States?
  104. A pushy reporter gets what's coming to her.
  105. Putin divorced his wife
  106. Government Trust
  107. Genes can't be patented - SCOTUS
  108. Syria: daily events - US envolvement
  109. Latest Superman flick: Man of Steel, was fire.
  110. World Bank: Time To Stop Arguing Over Climate Change, It's Real!
  111. RIP James Gandolfini and Slim Whitman
  112. New to the forum
  113. Paula Dean fired from Foodnetwork for using a racial slur.
  114. American Muscle At MID OHIO
  115. World's shortest ever traffic stop for drinking and driving
  116. DOMA struck down by SCOTUS
  117. New Jersey home invasion/beating.
  118. Subsidies for Suburbs
  119. Best name-checks in songs
  121. Health-Law Employer Mandate Delayed by U.S. Until 2015
  122. the most WTF story I've heard in...ever
  123. Just a fun diversion, courtesy of The Netherlands
  124. Jury Selection Set To Begin In Hasan Trial
  125. High sun spot activity????
  126. Deceased Browns fan
  127. Fears in Detroit Suburb When Military Vehicle With Gun Mounted Drives By
  128. RIP Alan Myers
  129. Napolitano Stepping Down as Homeland Security Chief
  130. George zimmerman.....not guilty!
  131. Justice for Trayvon [Protest Rally in Grand Circus Park]
  132. 2nd Amendment - Gun Control
  133. Enough Negativity - How About Positive Stories?
  134. Sad: Michael Moore Divorce Filing
  135. Avegners 2, Worlds Finest and Star Wars: Episode VII in the same damn summer!
  136. Modern Day Slavery, its back.
  137. Parents of baby shot in the face had gun residue on their hands.
  138. Treasure chest of 500 ‘new’ classic Chevrolets to be auctioned off
  139. For Gannon - regarding hearing a low level hum
  140. Unarmed teen shot inside homeowner's fenced yard -- not breaking into home
  141. Early Fall Symptoms-2013
  142. Threat prompts U.S. to close 22 embassies, consulates
  143. Goerge Duke RIP
  144. coolest name musician thing I have seen recently
  145. lavabit encrypted email service forced to shut down
  146. hypothetical question
  147. Bad Grandpa - Trailer
  148. RIP Allen Lanier - founding member of Blue Oyster Cult
  149. De Blasio; Democratic candidate for mayor of New York
  150. A Math Problem, tponetom
  151. Mob parades nuns in Cairo as prisoners of war after six hours looting church school
  152. Alldownriver website
  153. Parkinson's takes Linda Ronstadt's voice
  154. Syria
  155. John morton project
  156. The boy who couldn't survive!
  157. Why the Soviet Union Fell?
  158. Some places make transit fun
  159. Paging Mark Leibovich, anyone
  160. Yet Another Good Reason to Legalize It Then
  161. Obama Says U.S. Should Take Action In Syria - Seeks Congress Approval
  162. Yosomite Fire Burns Bright from Space
  163. Those wacky North Koreans...
  164. President Obama Says ‘World Set a Red Line’ on Chemical Arms
  165. Banksters' end game
  166. Wow, now that is public
  167. Global Cooling Baffles Believers of Previous Calamity Forecast
  168. Trader Joe's Drops Health Coverage For Part-Time Workers Under Obamacare!
  169. United Airlines Computer Glitch Led to [[Almost) Free Ticket Sales
  170. Costa Concordia salvage to go ahead
  171. Vote Leland, MI for best place to watch a sunset
  172. Washington Navy Yard Shooting: 13 People Dead, Including Shooter [[UPDATES)
  173. CHANGE you were supposed to believe in...
  174. 11 People Shot at Once on Chicago Basketball Court
  175. Noticing "#" prior to a product name
  176. Dear K-Mart
  177. I Wish Everybody Would Watch This...
  178. Can Civilzation Survive Capitalism?
  179. Humanity Imperiled: The Path to Disaster
  180. Economy & Government Spending
  181. Interesting Books You Are Reading or Movies/TV Shows You Are Watching...Etc...
  182. Miriam Carey ID'd As Woman Shot By Police Near Capitol
  183. Will there for Civil unrest if the U.S. goes into a Debt Ceiling default?
  184. Automakers Looking To Put Car Dealerships Out Of Business
  185. If you were ever in doubt that stand your ground laws are insane...
  186. Happy Thanksgiving
  187. Tar sands go to Chicago
  188. Presidential Limo
  189. If there hadn't been a picture in this article...
  190. Mata Hari's birthplace burned down.
  191. World Leaders getting angrier by the day at USA over intelligence snooping...
  192. Pix of Montreal slums circa 1957.
  193. RIP Lou Reed
  194. 10 Reasons You Aren't Who You Think You Are
  195. No More Bridge Card For ATM's At Gambling Sites and Stripper Clubs : BOO HOO
  196. Rock's greatest musician
  197. Who's music "pierces the cranium and drives straight into your brain?" [[JBMcB)
  198. The crappy pricing law that we are stuck with.
  199. Wayne County First Responders Memorial
  200. 10 More Controversies Of The Future
  201. Zimmy Boy is at it again....
  202. 2014 Candidate for MI Governor proposes raising Minimum wage to $9.25.
  203. 5 Million added to project to DMB's directors brother
  204. Debate Obamacare OCA Over Thankgiving Dinner...?
  205. How's THAT for solidarity?
  206. Cadillac dealership in Montreal in 1913.
  207. Pope Francis's Challenge To Global Capitalism
  208. CNN Pundit Defends Obama: "Every President Is Going To Lie To You"
  209. RIP Mr. Mandela
  210. Companies Say Goodbye to the Burbs
  211. Ha ha ha. The POTUS is cock blocked by the FLOTUS
  212. Schizophrenic "Fake" Sign Interpreter Raises Questions
  213. RIP Peter O'Toole
  214. RIP Joan Fontaine
  215. RIP Billy Jack
  216. Why Cul-de-Sacs Are Bad For Your Health
  217. Stuck inside on a cold winters day? A good detectives story perhaps...
  218. Bible isn't "conservative enough"
  219. PolitiFact Tries To Hide That It Rated 'True' in '08 Obamacare's Promise...
  220. For 2014, Tweet Less, Read More
  221. New Black Marketplace Lights Up!
  222. Smart Phone Syndrome?
  223. RIP Phil Everly
  224. how do folks here feel about this topic?
  225. Furor grows as e-mails tie Chris Christie aide to bridge traffic jams
  226. All The Govenor's Dark Funds
  227. New fun thread - Lyrics from unexpected sources
  228. 'No Pants Subway Ride' Brussles and Elsewhere....
  229. Presidents Weekly Address: Making 2014 a Year of Action to Expand Opportunities
  230. Challenge to all on MLK Jr. day!
  231. RIP Pete Seeger
  232. Winter Storm Leon Snarls Traffic in Atlanta
  233. tax preparer/accountant in dearborn area
  234. Mike rowe is dead on about skilled trades and collage
  235. OK, this is obscenely expensive, but I want it
  236. Obamacare Question
  237. Pelosi Doesn't Know Why The Obamacare Website Failed
  238. Philip Seymour Hoffman Actor, Dies at 46
  239. Ads Attacking Gary Peters
  240. The Decline of the American Civilization
  241. Hillary 2016
  242. WTF? Montgomery Ward bill?
  243. This article is absolutely true, it's all about part-time faculty and no benefits.
  244. Trader Joe's pulls plug on Northeast Portland Store
  245. Shirley Temple Black, former ambassador for two presidents, dies at 85
  246. Supporters ask Michigan voters to OK minimum wage of $9.50
  247. House number changes
  248. Allocation of federal emergency dollars
  249. Red light dillemma
  250. Quick! Who are the top three oldest actors?