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  1. Norfolk Southern Railroad Steam Excursions
  2. Looking at the pension deal
  3. Economic benefits of new light rail systems
  4. What if Detroit Neighborhoods [[or block clubs) issue residency requirements.
  5. Potential that state may try to pull in exchange for shoring up pensions?
  6. Post beautiful pictures of real, everday Detroit!
  7. Police chase today I-75. Wednesday 4-16-14 1pm???
  8. So what 'is' Detroit's Future?
  9. Detroit's getting safer one criminal at a time!!
  10. Warren is probably about to be sued over some weird religious stuff at city hall.
  11. series of detroit stories
  12. COD Parking Ticket Site
  13. State politics gives Wayne County kids the finger
  14. Any salt laid down in Wayne County the week of April 13?
  15. How safe is eastern english village?
  16. Belle Isle: WHEN are the bathrooms going to be fixed?!?!
  17. new eastside eatery
  18. Ficano is Running Again
  19. 2014 Detroit City Football [Soccer] Club
  20. Would a Detroit Neighborhood or Block Club hire a private security force?
  21. An outsider's first question - Amalgamation
  22. Any old pics of Detroit Metro Airport's Davey Terminal?
  23. Two MSU grads turn dance program in Brightmoor into community affair
  24. Why do so many houses end up abandoned?
  25. Motor City Muckraker Site Hacked?
  26. Relocating to Detroit - Where to
  27. What are the best charities in Detroit that benefit youth?
  28. Failed Chicago Packard Plant bidder is a slumlord?
  29. When will Woodward Lightrail construction start?
  30. Lakeside Trailer Court, foot of Alter rd?
  31. Blight Busters: why did they get shut out?
  32. Go Back in Time with Google Street View
  33. How did Metro-Detroit suburbs get their names?
  34. Abandoned Billboard-NW Corner Grand River/Lahser
  35. Indian Village
  36. Is Movement THIS Big?!
  37. Midtown to get makeover of two apartment bulidings
  38. Rejected by State University due to her morals??
  39. A hamtramck question that I hope someone will have an answer for it.
  40. Resident Advisory Committee for Red Wings Arena Project
  41. Cathy Square - Snyder's worst Emergency Manager
  42. General Motors $100 Bait and Switch Cadillac Promo
  43. Information on the North End
  44. What will Detroit look like in 20 years?
  45. City airport
  46. Retiree committee reaches agreement to support Detroit debt-cutting plan
  47. East English Village Home Auction Open House - Sunday, April 27th, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
  48. Historic Home Rebound in Detroit
  49. When did the west-side and east-side McNichols bus routes merge?
  50. Why doesn't Dan Gilbert live in Detroit?
  51. When it's all said and done... Detroit - Renaissance or Continuing Decline?
  52. Home sales and prices supposedly improving in a few Detroit neighborhoods.
  53. NAACP LA Pres relocates Red Wings to L.A. during Clippers owner press conference
  54. Interesting article on NYC's near-bankruptcy
  55. Death penalty for murder while carjacking...
  56. Uh oh.. Steve Utash's son gets a little wild at strip club, robbed
  57. Detroit council president calls state policing of Belle Isle a 'disgrace'
  58. Snyder in Southfield for 75 new jobs: Too busy to meet to discuss BK with Orr
  59. Illitch should buy the clippers
  60. Main Street America: Metro Detroit's Disneyworld
  61. Does DDOT not recognize the closure of the Jefferson drawbridge?
  62. UPDATE-Conyers Back on Ballot <Rep Conyers is going to be a write-in candidate
  63. Bus-Wrap Ads on SMART
  64. LTU building starting construction?
  65. WWII re-enactment / Veteran's Recognition weekend @ Fort Wayne this wknd [[May 3-5)
  66. LED lights in pilot neighborhoods complete. Next 6 neighborhoods announced
  67. Fried Green Tomatoes Coming Downtown
  68. Eminem and Rihanna Concert
  69. Dodge Sherwood Heavy Truck Assembly Plant
  70. Pontiac Silverdome - what's happening with it?
  71. "Hollywood Costume Shop - West Dearborn"
  72. Red Wings Goalie Jimmy Howard Loses His Head
  73. What is today's protest At City-County about?
  74. Michigan's DOT may get Wisconsin's Talgo Trains
  75. Private Contractors to Take Over Garbage/Bulk Pickup 5/5/14
  76. Birmingham's Townhouse Opening Up In Downtown
  77. woodward gardens apartments open, gym, bank, UM moving in too
  78. Why all the detroit police cop car by compuware building blocking the streets etc..
  79. Busted on Belle Isle
  80. SMART driver attacked with a box cutter.
  81. New Restaurant Coming To Downtown, Again!
  82. Annoyed by construction traffic?? Archdicese suggests saying the rosary..
  83. Oakland County water group calls Detroit's regional proposal 'viable solution'
  84. A question in concerns to the early on Michigan State Constabulary - [State Police]
  85. Detroit City Airport: Where does it stand in the bankruptcy reorganization?...
  86. Taylor Gibraltar Trade Center closing to make room for: another Menard's!
  87. Cinco de Mayo becomes Dia de los Muertos
  88. Rare '20s maps of lower E Side
  89. Dequindre Cut extension
  90. Call of duty Advanced warfare game features detroit
  91. It's that time again, The DYES Picnic.
  92. Pontiac the Next Royal Oak?
  93. What is Midtown Inc.?
  94. Charles Pugh found in NY. Confronted about crude texts. Oh my....
  95. Catholic Mass Mob Giving Some Detroit Catholic Churches Some Love!
  96. EAA Teacher breaks up fight with broom...‏
  97. Temple Hotel is no more.
  98. Proposal to allow assessment of homeowners' fees
  99. Could the Big Ten [[B1G) basketball tourney come to Detroit????
  100. Canada may pay for US Customs Plaza for NITC Bridge. Expedite process
  101. Where in the heck is the house located [or was located] in Detroit?
  102. SE Michigan contradictions
  103. Philadelphia Street Home Renovations
  104. cool little chapel
  105. Large construction crane downtown
  106. Detroit River fish taste better, safe to eat says Windsor Star
  107. Shinola Clock [[by Ford Field)
  108. State bill proposes 20-year oversight period
  109. Highland Park - Detroit boundary
  110. Current Packard Plant owner....NOT an absentee scumlord?
  111. Cass Tech 1973
  112. Groups plan Belle Isle rally to protest 'aggressive treatment of citizens'
  113. Is there a synopsis of Kevyn Orr's Fourth Amended Plan
  114. Fiat Chrysler will HQ in London England.
  115. Vultures descend on DIA lawn - Jerry Vile hits another nail on the head
  116. Local Media Misrepresents Detroit by Focusing on Radical Protesters
  117. The Historic Unitarian Church on Woodward Destroyed by Fire
  118. WSU will try to raise funds for new Hilberry Gateway project
  119. Hidden Cameras to spy on Berlin [[maybe Detroit) for 100 years
  120. Old Summit Place Mall.
  121. The Crystal and Kramer theaters
  122. Sam Riddle Chimes In on EAA Teacher Fired for Breaking Up Fight with Broomstick
  123. Detroit Arsenal of Democracy Museum opens May 16
  124. Living in Birmingham vs. living in Grosse Pointe/eastside
  125. I'm planning to move to Detroit but where is good to go?
  126. Take a Breath Detroit - Severstal Steel Wins right to release increased pollutants
  127. State laws re: bankruptcy contribution
  128. Did Matty Buy A State Law Prohibiting State Land Purchases For New Bridge?
  129. Detroit: Second best city for small businesses
  130. Auburn Hills Town Center
  131. HopCat development started!
  132. Shinola opens leather factory in Detroit, adds 50 jobs
  133. Do we really Lansing?
  134. Z lot adds 3 new tenants, Clothing shop, yoga studio, salad bar
  135. Do You Want to Save $11 and Be Able to Drive on to Belle Isle for FREE?
  136. Capitol Park rehab
  137. Revenue in the state of Michigan will be way less than expected.
  138. Cooks Crossing Food Truck
  139. What! Isaiah Thomas is coming back to join the Pistons?
  140. Nice Article About Detroit in a National Publication
  141. City to attempt deconstruct/salvage vacants instead of straight demolition.
  142. Songs with the word Detroit in the lyrics via you tube, etc.
  143. Retiree documents: Detroit should go solo with water authority...
  144. Tree Farm planting on Detroit's eastside
  145. Parade on Woodward
  146. What About Bob's?
  147. Crime updates from Chief Craig
  148. Has the idea of K-12 boarding schools for DPS ever been floated? Would it work?
  149. Roosters come home to roost in Rochester Hills [City Signs Oil Exploration Lease]
  150. David Trott- Another GOP minion who got rich taking advantage of people.
  151. Batman vs Superman
  152. 51 Edison Detroit
  153. Houses on eastside marina district
  154. Still can't make a posting here without dropping letters...
  155. Unions Step Up to the Plate, Agree to Contribute to "Grand Bargain"
  156. M-1 to break ground this summer
  157. JPMorgan Chase 100M Effort to bring jobs and businesses to Detroit
  158. If you're by your computer, you can watch the hearing
  159. Where will people [[not taking M-1) park at the Arena and Comerica?
  160. Americans for Prosperity launches campaign against state aid to Detroit
  161. Quicken Data Center in Corktown
  162. Blight Report?
  163. How Many housing units will come online this year.
  164. Detroit council chief could get spot on oversight panel
  165. Pet peeve- TV reporters standing by road or highways
  166. National Innovation Institue in Corktown
  167. History of the Lower North End
  168. How government is supposed to work [[State House)
  169. Same old don't-give-a-shit DPD. Let's taggers walk scott free.
  170. Please Vote NO next August to defeat the SMART TAX INCREASE
  171. The region's 2013 population shifts are incredibly fascinating...
  172. "white folks created the ghetto": racist housing policy in chicago, detroit also?
  173. State House's Detroit Bailout Bill Would Block DIA from Seeking Millage Funding
  174. Best Detroit Development links & resources....
  175. Michigan House Steps Up and Supports $195 State Settlement in Detroit Bankruptcy
  176. Richard Ravitch and GAAP accounting
  177. 1985-1990 Downriver street map posted
  178. Let Summer Begin - Detroit Electronic Music Festival aka Movement Kicks It Off
  179. "Overly Aggressive Policing" now widespread in Detroit...?
  180. Wheelmobile at Chene Park + motel recommendations?
  181. Gilbert states the Pistons should be called the Auburn Hills Pistons
  182. How many Detroit high schools have swimming pools?
  183. Why Can't I Make a Left Turn From Michigan to Vernor?
  184. DYES Annual Picnic
  185. State Propaganda Claims Universal Satisfaction with State Policing on Belle Isle
  186. Detroit Water and Sewerage
  187. How come there has never been any popular singing groups named Detroit?
  188. New Detroit Transit Forum
  189. Vinsetta Garage Eatery in Berkley Wants to Level Houses for More Parking
  190. Detroit Bulk Storage renews fight to Store Pet Coke on Riverfont
  191. "I've been priced out of downtown Detroit" - Headline on CNN.com
  192. Dequindre Cut Bike-Walkway Update Pictures
  193. Detroit native Herb Jeffries dies at 100 [[actor, singer)
  194. Kind of a Birmingham, Detroit [[I guess, maybe not), Michigan sports/political story
  195. Indian Villlage House and Garden Tour 2014
  196. Famous Dance bars in the '70's and 80's.
  197. Corktown Historical Home and Garden Tour 2014
  198. Bedrock goes back to work. 2 new renovations, 1 new construction all @ capitol park
  199. From Curbed- Old Bar Pics
  200. Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnerhip
  201. Dan Gilbert: Detroit needs auto-themed tourist attraction
  202. Detroit spends $9 million on 30 homes.
  203. Favorite radio stars [[dj's and sports) from the 80's and 90's
  204. Great Lakes Maritime Academy - Spring Cruise Floats by Detroit
  205. The Wild Flowers of Detroit
  206. IMSA Tudor LIVE Detroit GP
  207. Detroit house auction crashes website
  208. Historic Marker for Negro League Baseball Park
  209. I-96 Solar Roadway?
  210. Rapid Bus Project for Pontiac --> Downtown Detroit Proposed
  211. Quite a depressing link.
  212. Semi-Wild Night 06022014
  213. Latest on study for Wayne County jail [[build or retrofit)
  214. Lakewood East/Angel Park Closed
  215. The Senate Theater is coming back strong
  216. Marathon playing games when it comes time to hire Detroit residents.
  217. Gilbert To Announce 4 New Downtown Restaurants Wednesday
  218. Grosse Pointe waterfront
  219. Mel Farr's Back on Television
  220. 313
  221. Senate passes Detroit aid package
  222. Critical Mass
  223. Kwame and Krew on CNBC American Greed tonight
  224. GM Buys Four Riverfront Properties
  225. Gilbert buying 4 NEW properties [[Bates Garage, 126 monroe) New High-Rise Possible
  226. Detroit Autoshow
  227. West Jefferson Traffic Light and Street Light Question
  228. New Outlet Mall Near Metro Airport
  229. 75-store Outlet Mall planned near Metro Airport
  230. Ex-Convict Lonnie Bates Gets City Pension
  231. Clinton Township man drives cross-country with a dead woman in passenger seat
  232. A more productive direction for Detroit transit?
  233. Do Palmer Woods, Indian Village, etc. have different personalities?
  234. Red Hook Cafe
  235. Big Ten to keep Football championship in Indy
  236. 10 up-and-coming neighborhoods around the USA - Detroit's Midtown Listed
  237. Detroit named safest city from natural disasters?
  238. Ah, memories of "making a pull".
  239. City of Detroit butting heads with blight-eating Brightmoor goats
  240. Detroit Subway Map
  241. I-375 New Options
  242. President Snyder...?
  243. One gauge for the housing market: Condos
  244. Retirees Considering 'No' Vote on Grand Bargain
  245. Duh?: Only way to stop Detroit blight is to ease up on suburban development
  246. Grosse Pointe Park driver tells police he was beaten after crash in Detroit
  247. City, suburban lawmakers came together to aid Detroit
  248. DIA announces $26M commitment from Detroit automakers
  249. Financing secured; former United Way building to be offices, lofts by 2015
  250. How Detroit/Michigan lost an opportunity to land a manufacturer