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  1. State to Unveil Detroit Demolition Plans
  2. 720 West Boston Blvd???
  3. Detroit Cotton: first Organic Urban Cotton Test Field!
  4. Destroyer USS Edson to be towed thru Detroit Sunday
  5. Theater on Harper at Van Dyke
  6. Bussing Between Downtown and Midtown
  7. Taco Bell Harper/ Whittier
  8. A tree grows on the Vanity...
  9. Cool Happy Hour Spots In Downtown
  10. One man brought every tax-foreclosed home in Macomb County
  11. Corktown in Martha Stewart Living Sept Issue
  12. Ecstasy, DMT, LSD use in Detroit. anybody have any stories.
  13. If You Could Raise Money For Detroit....
  14. Anyone Own a Chevy Volt?
  15. Downtown Walk Around...
  16. Midtown walk around
  17. Rodin coming soon?
  18. Negro League stadium saved in Hamtramck
  19. shiny new aluminum benches ?
  20. Grand Rapids LIPDUB..Amazing Must watch..Detroit care to follow?
  21. 3 arrested after wall busting break-in at Detroit liquor store
  22. Buses between Wyandotte and Southland Center
  23. Looking for Historical Detroit photos for a documentary
  24. Gone in 9 seconds: Car Theft in Detroit
  25. Activists Take on Dozens of Projects on Neighborhoods Day
  26. 8900 E. Jefferson
  27. Lights on at train depot last night. Anyone know why? [[Mlive Detroit link)
  28. Detroit Works project to offer vision for city: Turn liabilities into assets
  29. Largest chop shop in past decade raided in Detroit
  30. RIP Johnnie Bassett
  31. Johnnie Bassett
  32. Updates on scrapping or transportation bills?
  33. Hudsons Flag
  34. Highland Park General Hospital
  35. 7 shot following Detroit Princess riverboat moonlight cruise
  36. Could Southland die next?
  37. Central Collegiate Academy
  38. City council votes no public safety millage on ballot
  39. Surface of the Ambassador Bridge question
  40. MetroTimes Struggling?
  41. Panel: Detroit water, sewer department should cut 81% of workers to slow soaring rate
  42. Live from Windsor
  43. Drunk, naked priest.
  44. Hall of Fame Thread Mack Avenue History
  45. Carvings on exterior of victorian era home
  46. Detroit Man Killed Trying To Protect Grandchild
  47. A Different Take on the Packard
  48. Detroit vs. Afganistan
  49. How can Detroiters still be in love with Ya'lls Boy Kwame Kilpatrick?
  50. The Personal Homes of Detroit's Great Architects
  51. New rendering of Midtown building on Cass av.
  52. The Red Dawn Trailler 2012
  53. L Brooks injured in traffic accident. [Pays no seatbelt ticket]
  54. Third Avenue Becomes A Two-Way
  55. Bullying
  56. The Mysterious Awning of the J.L. Hudson's Building
  57. Anybody know whose Caddy Eldorado this is?
  58. Pierogi Festival today and tomorrow at Sweetest Heart Of Mary
  59. Bing unveils 4-phase plan to fix Detroit's lighting system
  60. Searching for Sugar Man
  61. Sprints and Stairs
  62. Detroit Free Press Historic Detroit Photo gallery
  63. Favorite non-profits, community organizations & resources?
  64. New Detroit residents, workers speed downtown revival
  65. Create A Detroit Billboard...
  66. Someone Ordered a Little HEAT with Their Fishbones?!
  67. Red Dawn Trailer
  68. 4th Annual Detroit Beer Festival at Eastern Market
  69. Be careful at the Packard Plant! More assaults, thefts
  70. Wish List for Belle Isle
  71. Building Question...
  72. 1900s Detroit Streetlight Luminous Arc lamp find restoration opinions
  73. Juggalos classified as a "Gang"!? Come on now... Really?
  74. "New York now thinks Detroit is worth putting money into." Sky Hi Refi Downtown
  75. Another kid growing up in a gross disgusting home.
  76. New Senior housing announced for site on Detroit River
  77. YOUR Detroit memories sought for book
  78. Positive expectations of Detroit in 2013
  79. Detroit's "Walk to Freedom" - Were You Alive in Detroit in 1963? Please share!
  80. Could Heavy Rail Work On Detroit Freeways
  81. Hart Substation History
  82. West Bloomfield residents Opposing planned Islamic Center!
  83. Weekly/Monthly Apartments in Detroit
  84. Michigan Begs for $100,000 Engineers After Auto Rebound
  85. Detroit Surrenders!
  86. Investing In Fixer Uppers A Buyer Explains [[Woodbridge)
  87. Tim Hortons on Wyoming and Fenkell
  88. Detroit GE Traffic Signal Restoration
  89. Stolen: Van with 25K of tools used to fix blighted Detroit homes
  90. Books on Jerome [[Jerry) Cavanagh?
  91. New Retail Planned For Detroit's West Village
  92. The Ab Man Collects Developer Dollars [[Pugh)
  93. Winery on Belle Isle?
  94. Detroit School Board Back in Charge of Academics
  95. Any Chance of Other Cities Ever Being Annexed to Detroit [[Hamtramck, Highland Park)
  96. Flight 255 - 25th Anniversary
  97. Belle Isle Aquarium Re-opening on August 18th
  98. It's Dream Cruise time!
  99. Gscc - annual backpack/school supply giveaway
  100. 11th Annual After School Fair Detroit
  101. New Downtown Deli: Steve's
  102. Did the DIA tax pass, and WJS piece supporting it...
  103. African World Festival location change - no longer at Hart Plaza!
  104. Halloween in Detroit [[Any Suggestions)
  105. W Chicago st condition?
  106. Fireworks Downtown Tonight August 19, 2012
  107. 495 Adelaide & 220 St. Antoine After Change
  108. NYTimes on Snyder
  109. City Aims To Turn Corner on Retail Including Avenue of Fashion
  110. "I spent 4 years at UM and never set foot in Detroit"
  111. Why is the Michigan Green Party opposing Rashida Tlaib?
  112. Another Detroit Icon May Leave the City [[Kronk Gym)...
  113. Stevens T Mason Detroit House
  114. Good Girls Go to Paris, impressions ..?
  115. Another day, another fire.
  116. Best place to get jewelery in the area.
  117. Detroit streetcar plan on track for fed aid
  118. Jack in the Box in Detroit area? Was one at 12 Mile/Orchard Lk near Olde Tyme Deli?
  119. Detroit Land Authority/Detroit Works Project
  120. My 1994 suburban stolen!
  121. Kwame Kilpatrick's New Look for the Courtroom
  122. Panhandlers in Detroit could face jail time
  123. Victims of shooting near Detroit Princess demanding justice
  124. More Body Parts?
  125. Furniture Rental Businesses
  126. 2012 Jazz Festival schedule released
  127. A Website That Shows An 1973 Detroit Aerial
  128. Any former Detroiters in the Portland, Oregon area?...
  129. DDOT executive let go over extracurriculars.
  130. Rosemary Conflitti and Carlton
  131. Detroit Restaurant Week Dates Announced
  132. New Business opens in Detroit
  133. While a teacher, 11th District candidate Bentivolio's behavior was a problem
  134. Masonic Temple in trouble with DTE
  135. Labor Day Weekend in Metro Detroit...
  136. Detroit State Savings Bank Owner Wants to Demolish Historic Structure, Build Parking
  137. Current Downtown/Midtown Population Estimates?
  138. Fire Alarm Boxes
  139. Downtown Apartment Development
  140. Dally In The Alley 2012
  141. Belle Isle Aquarium to open. Mayor cuts ribbon 9/14
  142. Masonic Temple utility bills update [[link included)
  143. HELP: I Need To Find A Mansion Or A Large Home In Metro Detroit Area For Rent
  144. Bringing Detroit Back!! Meet The ThunderDrome.
  145. Tim Horton's on 7 Mile and Evergreen
  146. Status of Early Wayne Co. Records
  147. SOS needs your help to provide 1,000 nights of emergency shelter!
  148. Michigan Supreme Court Orders Casino Proposal Put On Ballot
  149. Motor City Music of Detroit on NPR's American Routes this week
  150. A record number of freshman living on campus at Wayne State.
  151. New Vegetarian Restaurant for Midtown
  152. [[Almost) Another embarrassing Incident for Detroit [Bro Rice/Cass Tech Football Game]
  153. Harbor Island
  154. New fence going up on Riverside Park
  155. How is the area to the east of U of D [[Martin Park?)
  156. I'm looking for 1990s video footage inside Tiger Stadium
  157. Grandmother robbed at Motor City Casino...
  158. 1980 GOP Convention - Detroit
  159. Leopold's Bookstore On Woodward Is Closing
  160. Imported from Detroit: Eminem shows he can produce
  161. Cats at Adams St. Building
  162. New Marathon Refinery is the new Delray Landmark
  163. HipCityDetroit - What went wrong?
  164. Mudgie's in Corktown aims for liquor license, faces opposition
  165. WSU breaks into top 100 Universities, Improves from 123 to 95
  166. Wayne Co. jail costs run $65 million over budget
  167. Robocop statue update - photos of statue pieces revealed [[Mlive Detroit link)
  168. Where the Hell is Windsor?
  169. Concrete Block Wall Replaces Storefront Space on Woodward
  170. Isaac to pay a Labor Day visit to Detroit?
  171. Carjacking suspect's wallet NOT found on the front seat by police for over a MONTH!
  172. Silly Downtown and New Center historical question....
  173. Mosiac closing and re-opening as a Greek Restaurant! In Greektown!
  174. How would you feel about a dueling piano bar?
  175. Updated interactive map of major violent crime in Detroit
  176. Bicyclist Attacks Driver, Gets Shot, Dies
  177. Downtown Development Rumor [corner of Broadway and Grand River]
  178. Cool article on Detroit's slave past.
  179. Detroit Housing Project Begins Phase Two
  180. Navy Week Detroit - Sept. 5-9, 2012
  181. We Almost Lost Detroit- Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Music Video
  182. Magnolia Neighboorhood in Southfield
  183. "Dear Detroit...."
  184. Help Me Locate a Cemetery in Oakland County
  185. Fire Dept. HQ For Sale
  186. Ficano Administration Thinking About Buying Back Old County Building
  187. Detroit Public School employees to see a wage bonus
  188. Anybody Know Elmer/Porab/Gasm Tag artist in Detroit?
  189. Magic Johnson part of group to redevelop the Fairgrounds
  190. Suspected gunman has trouble trying to turn himself in
  191. Detroit Graffiti
  192. John Telford's DPS School Reform Plan
  193. Truck with U.S. Secret Service equipment stolen in Detroit
  194. Snethkamp Chrysler 300 in Breaking Bad?
  195. House On Greiner & Goulburn
  196. Detroit's Chinatown
  197. Park at Marantette and Wabash Street in Corktown.
  198. An interview with a 36th District Court Cheif Judge.
  199. Tailgating lots in Detroit for Lions games
  200. Another Detroiter makes the cycle
  201. Lafayette Foods PharMor Pharmacy Now Open
  202. Kwamster by the Times
  203. Detroit spends $1.35M a year on security for Mayor Dave Bing
  204. More careless spending by the City of Detroit
  205. Detroit is the new gold?
  206. Witness to Detroit Princess Shooting Wakes Up To Burning Cars
  207. Across the water
  208. Police Ticket Photographers @ Highland Park Fire
  209. Detroit bus riders can use text service for real-time arrivals
  210. Head of Public Lighting Department
  211. Several new restaurants headed downtown
  212. Football pubs in Detroit
  213. Boutique Hotel planned for Eastern Market
  214. Kwame Kilpatrick trial app now available
  215. battle of detroit - the surrender of 1812
  216. Sears at Eastland
  217. Snoop Dogg [[now Snoop Lion) used to live in Detroit - Mlive Detroit link
  218. Does anyone know of any more relocation projects like this one around the City?
  219. 1921 Address Change
  220. The Van Dusen Mansion
  221. Sachse Construction to move HQ downtown
  222. Warren-based Lentine Group brings 200 jobs in move to Detroit near Wayne State
  223. Lehmanís Detroit Escape Means 90% Loss on Properties: Mortgages
  224. Building Information Across from Ransom Gillis in Brush Park
  225. RUMOR: Dan Gibert to buy One Woodward Avenue
  226. The Michigan Science Center?
  227. River Plaza Apartments on Jefferson Completely Vacant
  228. Nine on Third Occupied by WSU Students?
  229. Detroit Police officers hear more proposed cuts after mediation meeting with Detroit
  230. New pop-up gift shop, Emerald, will open on Oct. 5 [[in Leopold's Books spot)
  231. Has Charlie LeDuff jumped the shark?
  232. Abandonment of alleys
  233. Geoff Johns premieres new Green Lantern in Dearborn
  234. Calvert Lithograph Co - Employment records
  235. Michigan Statewide Singalong..there was no "Detroit" only places in it.
  236. Officer "Slick" A Drug Dealing Swindler?!
  237. Talk about Service! Metro area
  238. Brothel and Blind Pig in Detroit
  239. Officer's Vehicle Stolen From Manoogian
  240. Cass Corridor Museum coming soon
  241. State and Mayor Close to a Deal for State Take-over of Belle Isle
  242. Can Anyone Provide The Names of Some Good Detroit Non-Profits?
  243. Two Tales of An Accident
  244. The Palms Apartment on East Jefferson
  245. Owner of Freddy's dies, business closing
  246. Socially conscious entrepreneurs of Detroit
  247. NPR article on Detroit...and the "wall"
  248. 13 year old boy grabbed from school & raped
  249. Pay Cut Forced Upon Police and Fire Reversed?
  250. Kern block study 1966!