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  1. Detroit Boat Club Docks
  2. Let's Save Michigan Place Making Contest
  3. JC Beal Labor Issues
  4. Auto legend Carroll Shelby, father of Cobra, dies
  5. Dateline tonight, NBC at 10pm The Bashara Case
  6. Palmer Park renovations
  7. Gratiot and Russell demolition
  8. St Aubin, one block South of Mack, Whats goin down?
  9. What is with Kid Rock?
  10. Catherine Ferguson Academy status update
  11. Can you identify this car????
  12. Detroiters shot on a Pontiac Party Bus observing a robbery?
  13. Judge asked to 'clear air' on real estate allegation
  14. FINALLY Went to Eastern Market
  15. Firms go outside Michigan to fill IT jobs
  16. Yet Another Ruin Porn Story
  17. A Hotel for downtown Royal Oak?
  18. Plan would let Detroit neighborhoods collect fee for private security, other services
  19. Detroit groundskeeper fired after finding loaded gun, handing it to cops
  20. Oakland County Child Killer New Information
  21. Father Beaten with Crowbar during Robbery at Detroit Home
  22. Are Extortion charges ever going to come for Gary Brown, Stephani, and Nelthrope???
  23. Only 6 out of 1500 non-resident Detroit cops take incentives to live in Detroit?
  24. ADULT LEARN TO ROW 2012 at the boathouse on Belle Isle
  25. Echoes of Change in Detroit from 1823
  26. Summer Youth Rowing Camp
  27. City Council Still Discussing Consent Agreement in CLOSED Sessions?!
  28. Facebook image posted by The Ford Motor Compamy
  29. Series in The Atlantic about Detroit
  30. Pastor Marvin Winans Carjacked at Detroit Gas Station
  31. Norah's Vintage Store
  32. "Enjoy Detroit" Car Wash on E. Jefferson
  33. Detroit Man Puts Up Warning Signs For Those Entering City
  34. Feud Over Parks Estate
  35. New GAR Building photos from Curbed Detroit and constructin update
  36. Crime in Detroit Better or Worse?
  37. French Tv- Information for documentary
  38. American Coney Island to celebrate 95th birthday with 95-cent dogs on Wednesday
  39. 'Stand Your Ground' Law Repeal Proposed
  40. Snyder Succeeds where Council Failed: Getting a Detroiter on Financial Advisory Board
  41. Oakland County and the DIA: Just one more reason this region will continue to decline
  42. Why does Dave Bing ave such a problem being honest?
  43. Ficano will not resign
  44. Is anything going to happen with this empty Indian Village commercial strip?
  45. Glass blowing fund raiser for the belle isle aquariam @ Russell
  46. Tashmoo Bier Garten
  47. Anyone want to buy a Packard?
  48. DEVRIES AND COMPANY [[Formerly Hirt's) is open
  49. Papa Joe's Gourmet Market scouting Detroit Locations!
  50. Ex-Police Chief Knox Attacked
  51. Hall of Fame Thread Detroit's Theatre Architect C. Howard Crane
  52. In Detroit's distressed areas, the neighbors left, and now services disappear
  53. 2 Questions About Downtown, One Back In The Day, One Current.
  54. Census shows blacks moving to Macomb as more leave Detroit & Wayne County
  55. Belle [[?) Isle...
  56. Topless Bar in Detroit plus BW3 news
  57. Report: Red Wings select architect for new 18,000-seat arena
  58. Less Milk from the Casino Cash Cow? Toledo Casino Set to Open.
  59. Mystery Death at Detroit Harmnony Hilton
  60. Violence nothing new in Detroit - opinion of Laura Berman
  61. Woman held in Grandson's Shooting, says she was 'afraid'
  62. Violence nothing new in Detroit - opinion of Laura Berman
  63. Looking to relocate from Downtown Detroit to Downtown Detroit – Need Suggestions!
  64. Police Presence at Packard
  65. WSU: Man in 50's gets pushed off bike, which was stolen by man in 20's.
  66. Shelborne Development-Palmer Park Apartments
  67. Thieves Make off with Major Art Collection in Corktown
  68. Hall of Fame Thread "White Boy Rick" Wershe [To be Released July 20]
  69. Moody’s Investors Service Upgrades Ford to Investmant Grade
  70. Proposed State Fair in Novi
  71. Hall of Fame Thread Detroit's wealth of architectural talent!
  72. Coming to nearby suburb! Allen Pk outsourcing Police & Fire
  73. YAY Movement 2012!
  74. underground tunnels
  75. Detroit Council halts action on consent agreement, cites possible legal challenge
  76. Land ahoy! Next port o call...Detroit!
  77. Prowling Dearborn...
  78. What was there - mapping shareware
  79. Rail Bar, longest bar in Detroit?
  80. Night Walks Planned to Help Deter Crime in Detroit
  81. Farmer appeals to Kid Rock?
  82. Paramedics Say Detroiters Not Safe at Downtown Rally
  83. Why does Jay Towers have a career?
  84. Popular Fireworks Viewing Spot in Jeopardy
  85. Could The Next Hot Area For Rentals Be Palmer Park?
  86. Bing Declares May 20 - May 28th Detroit Techno Week.
  87. Warren Evans and Gary Brown- Detroit Crime
  88. Masonic Temple
  89. Central Village Neighborhood Association Monthly Clean-up
  90. Shots Fired at Wayne Co. Sheriff Deputy [[at gas station)!
  91. Detroit Could Pull the Plug on Streetlights
  92. Detroit Health Boutique?
  93. Borders B'ham Bldg Leased
  94. Watch your car on Heidelberg St.
  95. If Allen Park gets an EMF, would it make Detroit getting one next OK?
  96. An eye opening jaw dropping trip through Detroit
  97. Race To Reopen The Belle Isle Aquarium Thursday 5/31!
  98. Illinois Couple Murdered in the Motor City
  99. 26 Elizabeth W
  100. Detroit Police Brass Retreat to Lansing for a Working Holiday
  101. Does Anyone Know What These Are [on poles around downtown]?
  102. Mt. Clemens: What's the deal?
  103. Gumball 3000
  104. Memorial Day Ceremonies in Metro Detroit.
  105. This is getting too much - now I'm thinking of leaving SE MI
  106. RS Eastin Hotel - Roseville
  107. Fossil Inc. finds a place in Detroit
  108. Movement Sound Pressure Level?
  109. "President" McCotter Blows It
  110. When did they start selling Faygo at Comerica Park?
  111. Is Alex Polloock still alive?
  112. Gunman fires into crowd in downtown detroit
  113. The Peaock Room in the Park Shelton
  114. Michigan Film Credit Likely to be Doubled
  115. Men Caught Dumping Trash in Detroit
  116. Cyber Vote Request to help CUY win grant
  117. Metro Detroit Unemployment Rate enjoys a big drop
  118. Politics bring a Madison Heights company's demise under Bain Capital to light
  119. People robbed inside Somerset Collection
  120. Detroit Electric Auto - recharging station
  121. Kidnapping and Attempted Murder in Warren
  122. The Big Rubber Truck
  123. WTF is Council Thinking...Snyder says Financial Advisory Board will meet as is.
  124. You can own an Agree design!
  125. Is Michigan a brand?
  126. Hamtown Farms Ground Breaking Day June 9th
  127. Chene and Lafayette area getting worse...
  128. New Large Medical Warehouse in Midtown!!
  129. CNBC Financial Channel featuring Detroit today
  130. NYT: "Well-Educated Flock to Some Cities, Leaving Others Behind"
  131. M-1 Funding Decision
  132. City Council to Ask Mayor Bing to Remove New Apple Orchards from Palmer Park!
  133. Two Shot Over Kool-Aid
  134. K2 'Crackdown' in West Bloomfield - Frenzy or Reality?
  135. What is the origin of Detroit's "coney island" hot dogs?
  136. Midtown Whole Foods rendering
  137. New Rendering of the New Detroit Police Fire Headquarters
  138. Anyone going to the Grand Prix this weekend?
  139. GM To Sponsor Manchester United, Pulling out of Super Bowl
  140. Medical Marijuana users safe. For now.
  141. Best Fried Chicken in Town?
  142. Restaurant & Garage Expansion at Greektown Casino
  143. Benchmarking the Consent Agreement. Show me the progress.
  144. Reuters article about Louisiana's school privatization
  145. Motor City Rising premeire TONITE on OvationTV 10p!
  146. Road&Track mag moving to Ann Arbor from Calif
  147. Looking for Sausage [[as in 'the best')
  148. A very busy Sunday!
  149. Saxophonist Faruq Z Bey Passes Away...
  150. Channel 9 Wiindsor/CBC is not airing summer olympics
  151. Detroiters will get their say on legalizing recreational marijuana use.
  152. Belle Isle Aquarium Vandalized - dozens of fish dead
  153. Detroit Riverwalk Hotel Question. [[formerly the Omni?)
  154. Downtown Detroit Days Photo Gallery
  155. Racist Graffiti tag on downtown nightclub after denied liquor license
  156. Governing councils for 8 DPS schools named
  157. Ficano should kill himself according to his cross-county colleague.
  158. Help! Need Help Planning A Week-Long Trip To Michigan!
  159. Crybaby Kwame...
  160. Detroit featured in Food & Wine Magazine
  161. somerset collection returning to downtown Detroit ... sort of
  162. Rosa Parks Transit Center!
  163. Movie Set in Downtown Detroit
  164. City of Wayne - Sticks it to us again!
  165. looking for a 1 bed/loft/efficiency..downtown area
  166. Lafayette Foods now carrying Local Organic Grass Fed Beef& fine selection Beer & Wine
  167. Ye Olde Butchers Shoppe
  168. Home Invasion in Harper Woods
  169. The Amazing Cynical Man Invades Hamtramck
  170. Charles Pugh To Star In Exercise Video
  171. Isn't there a pet supply place around midtown?
  172. State to Detroit: Drop consent suit or lose funds...
  173. Troy firm develops bold plan to cut costs, beef up police and save Detroit
  174. Blight Busters This Weekend
  175. Hotel Charlevoix Owner Petitions for Permission to Demolish
  176. Deadline Detroit Is Reporting Ft Wayne Might Host a Music Festival This Summer
  177. Watch factory opens in Detroit...
  178. Masonic/Cass Project
  179. Downtown Hoedown opens with $20 daily fee
  180. Why Foreigners are Still Attracted to Detroit
  181. Senate Theater
  182. Fort Street Near Downtown
  183. Anybody Heard of Free Geek?
  184. Hamtramck
  185. Spaulding Court Apartment Party June 16
  186. Detroit Income Tax Issues
  187. Downtown Wyandotte is on fire!
  188. Packard Camper Fire [[photos and video)
  189. NPR on Downtown Cleveland [[and a little about Downtown Detroit)
  190. Killing the Civic Inferiority Complex
  191. El Moore Building Rehab in Midtown
  192. Ok, let's say Joann Watson is right.
  193. Cecelia Cichan Gives First-ever Interview for Documentary Film
  194. Vintage Detroit Slogans?
  195. FDNC [[FREE Detroit — NO Consent) works to sanction City Council
  196. Bridge Wars II - Opens Friday
  197. DDOT 415 Plan: is it working?
  198. Surprised no one had any comment on Virginia Park story
  199. Palmer Park Log Cabin to open June 24
  200. Woodward Gardens Update Rendering
  201. East Palmer Neighborhood
  202. Detroit and Michigan Booming
  203. I'm Optimistic
  204. Pay for play on the Mildred Gaddis show?
  205. Judge tosses detroit consent agreement lawsuit
  206. Residency!
  207. Van Dyke Mansion Scrapped!
  208. Detroit Baseball questions
  209. Apartment Rentals in Detroit That Accept Small Dogs?
  210. A Shooting in Birmingham
  211. Any Word When The Three Restaurants in Broderick?
  212. I'm at a beautiful, beautiful strip mall in Oakland County.
  213. Disney's animated show about a future Detroit..
  214. Michigan Avenue Coalition June Clean up 6/16
  215. Detroit Council makes appointments to financial advisory board
  216. New Bridge Announcement
  217. No Thanksgiving day parade?
  218. CNN Article- City Smackdown Detroit vs Philadelphia
  219. MoJo: How to Bring Detroit Back From the Grave
  220. 10pm shutdown- Riverwalk downtown portion. WHY?!
  221. Name for the New Bridge
  222. Rev. Jesse Jackson takes aim at gunshops
  223. Stoeple Park Number 2 - Far West Side Detroit
  224. Another positive article in the Chicago Sun-Times about Detroit
  225. Ad Agency Punks the Tea Party In Troy, Michigan to save the award winning library.
  226. War breaks out between Detroit and Windsor...
  227. Love This - Creating a Midtown 'living room'
  228. Anyone on here live in Corktown or near Michigan Avenue?
  229. That's NO way to treat a Plymouth Fury!
  230. St. Albertus Summer Clean Up June 23
  231. WSU Moving 230 Employees from Detroit to Troy in mid-July
  232. Since Detroit, Hamtramck and HP are [[or soon will be) all under financial management.
  233. Several injured in accident involving DDOT bus, SUV
  234. Just got back from Detroit - LOVED IT!
  235. Gas station clerk beaten after calling out shoplifters
  236. Guerrilla Crosswalks
  237. Is today's Detroit what they envisioned?
  238. Where do fish flies come from??
  239. Mary morgan
  240. Need locations to for a vintage photoshoot...
  241. Best BBQ in Detroit is.......
  242. Mayor Dave Bing Asks for Corp Counsel's Resignation
  243. Good news Buildings of Detroit book fans!
  244. No discussion? - DPS student grants
  245. Jets Pizza Mexicantown gone?
  246. New Chrysler Ad June 2012
  247. Detroit Not The Only Place With Violence Problem [[Chicago)
  248. Gem Theatre Madison Street Frontage
  249. Dequindre Cut Expansion Coming - Connecting to Hamtramck and Midtown
  250. Healthcare has overtaken automotive as most populous workforce in Michigan.