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  1. What happened to: Andrew Chinarian? owner of Bob Bolton's lounge
  2. Location of Hary Houdini's death in Detroit?...
  3. Remembering Gratiot Auto Supply
  4. Detroit Lions Super Bowl Song
  5. Who said Pugh's bad credit wouldn't affect him as city council prez?
  6. Getting rid of dead electronics/appliances in Metro Detorit
  7. Veterans Day '67 on Plum Street...
  8. Outsiders View of Chrysler/Detroit TV Commercials
  9. A Call for Old Corktown Photographs
  10. A flock of starlings thrills downtown observers
  11. Urban Science joins ranks of companies offering live-in-Detroit incentives
  12. 1904 Detroit Convention Beauru Booklet
  13. Communication in our communities - The Hubbard Farms Model
  14. Some people don't have a worry in the world - John Engler's 6 figure state pension
  15. At last... some good news for homeless vets in Detroit
  16. Does anyone have any information about 7477 La Salle Boulevard?
  17. ‘Detroit is the new Detroit' — and real estate developers talk about why that's good
  18. Speed bumps in Detroit
  19. A Chevrolet Impala SS love story.
  20. Kwame's New [[And Larger) Texas Home
  21. Does anyone have any information about 7477 La Salle Boulevard?
  22. The Buena Sala Apartments, circa 1929 FOR SALE
  23. Rebuilding Detroit 2011- a map of our progress
  24. Obtaining the full abstract of title for my property for historical research
  25. Help!! I've lost a website....
  26. Crossing into Canadian waters....
  27. Detroit area table tennis
  28. Detroit cruises are doing well.
  29. The United Auto Workers is locked in a bitter labor dispute...against its employees?
  30. Hall of Fame Thread 180 E. Elizabeth in the 1880's
  31. Detroit: For Living, Working and Playing
  32. Meijer Coming to Detroit
  33. Without Cuts, Detroit out of Cash by April - Bing to Address Issue at 6PM Nov. 16
  34. No Thread On The New TV Show About Dearborn?
  35. DFP interview of Mayor Bing regarding murders in Detroit. [November 15, 2011]
  36. Robbie Gage Memorial Park - Southfield
  37. Detroit Trolleybus Map - My Way
  38. CM Tree Lighting, Friday Nov. 18th
  39. Deer Hunting Season Opens... in Farmington?
  40. Detroit Deco Architecture Photos
  41. What Kind of Jobs Do You Guys Have That Allow You to Pay Such High Property Taxes?!
  42. Opinion of Charles Pugh
  43. OCP: coming soon to Detroit
  44. Mayor Bing expected to unveil plan to privatize Detroit bus, lighting systems
  45. An EFM domino effect?
  46. Corner of Hamilton and Haynes Avenues, where is/was it?
  47. This is Detroit too
  48. Moving to Detroit from Sweden; any advice?
  49. Hansen Clarke's bold idea
  50. Solar panels on Woodward Street Lights
  51. Detroit seems to be growing ...on the internet
  52. "Detroit," Meet Detroit
  53. New lion exhibit at the zoo
  54. Old blind guitarist at Hudson's
  55. Mitch Ryder autobiography
  56. Local Detroit drummer in running for Queens Extravaganza Vote Soon!!
  57. Ways to get more police into Detroit neighborhoods...
  58. Smart Hybrid Bus
  59. Homicides down 40% this month from same month in 2010: Great work DPD Special Ops
  60. Handful of Detroit Police Officers Stage Sickout
  61. Green Jobs Training Program Helping to Redefine Detroit
  62. DTE Customer Assistance Day
  63. Another Detroit Blog
  64. film of Detroit cyclists/1899
  65. Bing To Lay Off 1000 City Workers December 5th
  66. Johnny Cash in Detroit in the 50's
  67. 1,077 New LED street lights in Downtown Detroit
  68. Does anyone have any idea what is going on with this building on Clifford?
  69. Bar top on a budget - with 1889 map of downtown Detroit
  70. Thanksgiving Parade Photos
  71. Verlander is MVP
  72. DetroitYES Server Crash - All posts since 2 AM Lost
  73. "Where's Mason?"
  74. Thanksgiving Day Parade and RV Parking
  75. Advantages/Disadvantage to Hockey Arena on Brewster Projects Site
  76. The Alcove
  77. $1B devleopment in the works?
  78. Dollar General Opened in Lafayette Park
  79. ICE agent accused of bank fraud
  80. When did this happen? American made cars switched from the floor bright light button
  81. Sims closing??
  82. The Pony Ride Building
  83. WTF? - I guess the Kilpatrick Crime Mob will get away again
  84. What are they? [The old convention hall.]
  85. Found an interesting architectural rendering for the J. L. Hudson's Block
  86. 39th Annual Noel Night Saturday, December 3rd - Mark Your Calendar!!
  87. Conyer's staff involved in altercation at TULC
  88. Matick Chevrolet-was that building always a car showroom?
  89. Tower Defense/ Aerospace Factory Workers Party at Lunch
  90. How Friendly Is Detroit to Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses?
  91. Payment for Wayne County Jury Duty
  92. Fox 2's Redefining Detroit
  93. In This Detroit Suburb, Some Neighbors Are Real Turkeys
  94. Chevy Ad: It's More Than Just a Car...
  95. Eastside Sonic Boom?
  96. Detroit Trailer
  97. Reverse Bailout; Calif dealer dumps GM "There's no car people left"
  98. 1962 - Ship capsized in Detroit River under Ambassador - also gas storage tanks?
  99. BYOB in Detroit area restaurants, possible?
  100. Bing Minimizes cuts so he can Insure an EFM [[Bing) takes Control
  101. Pontiac's EFM Makes the National Media
  102. Windsor's Homocide Free Streak Ends
  103. Retired Officer Fires Fatal Shot During Break-In
  104. The Death of the Fringe Suburb
  105. Event: 3rd Annual Taste the Season Wineries in Windsor-Essex County this weekend
  106. Building on Fort St. just down from the produce terminal. "sales" & "service" doors??
  107. Christmas Wonderfest
  108. Steam pipes
  109. Detroit Gazette [[And Other Old Newspapers)
  110. Atlanta Emerges as Black Entertainment Mecca [[due in part to Georgia film incentives)
  111. Hitsville u.s.a.
  112. Elephants on Michigan Avenue?
  113. Why did Detroit incinerator deserve tax credits
  114. Chase Building Work
  115. In-patient pediatric psychiatric facilities in Metro Detroit
  116. Gibbs on Gratiot demolished
  117. How much of Detroit must burn down before Federal troops arrive?
  118. Lions Thanksgiving halftime show?
  119. Detroit Documentary: DEFORCE - How did politics shape what has become of Detroit?
  120. Saturday Night Shooting near Royal Oak YMCA
  121. saw this episode of a reality series on Dutch TV, Hardcore Pawn.
  122. Woodward and Selden demolition today
  123. Megapolitan areas compete globally
  124. Troy debates sending back $8.5 million in U.S. aid for transit center
  125. It's the place, stupid! Placemaking as the Way to a Brighter Future
  126. Hall of Fame Thread Shorpy: Grand Circus 1919 from Madison Ave
  127. Greater Detroit area view through the eyes of a foreign car geek...
  128. Racist letter to Cass Tech football coach goes national
  129. Report: Detroit's big 3 about to start hiring
  130. DetroitYES! Webisode Detroit Cass Tech Football Championship Parade Pictures
  131. Investor Tony Goldman interested in Detroit properties
  132. 4 dozen Catholic parishes targeted to close, merge in Detroit, suburbs
  133. Snyder to begin process for Detroit emergency manager
  134. DPD Reorganization.....again.
  135. 670 Boston Blvd.: Its History & Current Restoration
  136. Are these buildings open for exploration.
  137. Rally to stop the eviction of detroiter kyra williams
  138. What actions will the EFM take?
  139. Detroit Man Says He Was Fired after Robbery at Family Dollar
  140. DETROIT lottery..... competition for dollars from the poor...
  141. Removal of outdated streetlights Downtown.
  142. The Belle Isle Aquarium/ Pepsi/Vote to fix the tanks
  143. Girl, 2, Inside Vehicle Carjacked in Detroit...
  144. Keys to Detroit
  145. 696 lights
  146. What if Freman Hendrix had been elected ?
  147. Christmas in Detroit back in the day
  148. Colby Buzzell
  149. Troy mayor on defensive over gay slur
  150. Detroit Hotels Fill Up
  151. Groups gather to fight City of Detroit EFM
  152. Speaking of fires in Detroit, whats up with Chene I94 area?
  153. London-based Boat magazine issues its 100-page "Detroit issue"
  154. Detroit Food Assistance Thanksgiving 2011
  155. Decline of Detroit, did it have to be this bad?
  156. Bankruptcy might be Detroit's only option - Freep article
  157. Building at 20th St & Michigan, I-96/I-75 interchange
  158. Detroit Tigers named Major League Baseball's retailer of the year
  159. More updates for Mercury Burger Bar!
  160. Decisions that could have saved Detroit
  161. Detroit is a BIg Class Project
  162. Layoff Day for City of Detroit Employees
  163. Relative prosperity of Hammtramck
  164. Detroit Mansions Lost and Found
  165. Bing Bringing Back DetroitWorks. Maybe This Time People Will Listen?
  166. Bing "updates" Detroit Works Project
  167. Detroit News Listing of Vacant Downtown Buildings
  168. Chase Bank Robbery Attempt
  169. Does anyone remember this building or area? Van Dyke and East Jefferson
  170. Homeowners offer houses to charities instead of cash
  171. Dodge Dart Redux?
  172. Chrysler could put some office workers in Detroit.
  173. Kickstarter: Detroit's Historic Places of Worship book
  174. My citizen complaint against DPD
  175. Help placing a location in photo [[12th Street & ?)
  176. Former Miss USA Arrested for DUI in Highland Park
  177. D-DOT Bus Garage Fire
  178. Who's Involved with Bob Ficano's PAC?
  179. DPOA turmoil????
  180. Another famous Detroiter has passed - Harry Morgan of M*A*S*H* fame
  181. Moroun Loses in Appeals Court
  182. 7000 Block Michigan Avenue What is it like?
  183. Unease at Wayne State University - Are policies freezing out minorities?
  184. Gunman Kills Man, Robs Wife At Home
  185. Two lift trucks surrounding the tiger stadium flagpole.
  186. Most Up-To-Date Site to View Addresses
  187. Turkia Mullin Suing Wayne County Airport Authority
  188. Harpos is on Fire?
  189. Google Honors Diego Rivera's Birthday
  190. Snyder tells young people: Forget Chicago, be part of changing Detroit
  191. Let's show people how proud we are of DETROIT
  192. Let's Invest in Detroit: A Marshall Plan for America's Cities
  193. Monteith library doomed?
  194. Detroit realist fiction?
  195. Comerica Park / Ford Field
  196. Jared Allen of the Vikings says he'd rather drown than live in Detroit...
  197. New guy wants to talk Packard
  198. Postwar Apartment Buildings Along Greenfield
  199. Spaulding Court
  200. Yatooma Smacked Down
  201. More Wayne County Shenanigans
  202. What will it take for people to believe? Lansing Take Over of Detroit.
  203. Book tower
  204. Christmas at Fort Wayne is today - Dec. 10.
  205. Wayne State football team wins - Will play for National Championship
  206. Chene Ferry market destruction
  207. Mystery Shopper Pays $187 Wal-Mart Bill in Roseville
  208. Mettetal Airport/Street
  209. Mystery man pays for everyone's breakfast in WIndsor diner.
  210. Detroiter killed at home hailed as hero for begging for mercy for wife's life
  211. Sherry Washington ordered to start prison term next month
  212. Detroit, suburbs' bus systems need jump start to grow
  213. Rest in peace. Ford Ecoline is no more.
  214. Ethnic makeup of Highland Park in the 70's
  215. New "Arsenal of Democracy" Michigan Military & Technical History Museum in Eastpointe
  216. Moving to Detroit from Albany Ny. Questions....
  217. How broke is Detroit? A few charts illustrate...
  218. Bedrock buys 1500 Woodward
  219. Detroit Free Press now using comments from Facebook
  220. More Good News, Chrysler to Reopen Conner Avenue Assembly
  221. A Christmas Story, The 1980 Detroit Version
  222. Another Step Forward for Gateway Mall on Woodward Avenue just south of 8 Mile
  223. Has anyone seen Julie Taubman's photo book on Detroit?
  224. Detroit City Council Rejects Resolution to Reduce their Budget 30%
  225. Hall of Fame Thread Feds, Snyder kill Woodward Light Rail Line
  226. Time to Start Discussing Bus Rapid Transit [[BRT) Systems
  227. Detroit - 560,000 Registered Voters but only 523,4300 people over the age 18 !!
  228. The Origins of Islam & Christianity Debate tonight [[Wed Dec 14, 2011)
  229. Two Killed in Detroit Building Collapse
  230. Detroit fugitive arrested in Las Vegas
  231. Comerica Park Renovations
  232. Time to Recall Bing?
  233. Ford underground parking
  234. Believe it or not.... Ann Arbor / DTW / Downtown Detroit Rail still making progress
  235. Bing Administration Proposes More Cuts to Unions
  236. Ficano: $350K for legal costs
  237. Can Detroit afford to enforce dedicated lanes for BRT [[or LR for that matter)?
  238. Reuters article on Hunger in USA
  239. March for Light Rail Demonstration. Let's Plan one from From DIA steps to City Hall
  240. Bob Ficano and his pals build jail while cutting other jail budgets
  241. Transfer the People Mover to M-1 Rail
  242. Detroit 2011..."your" Feel Good Year in Review
  243. Old Greektown restaurants that are now gone...
  244. Lawsuit Alleges Metro Airport CEO Search Was a Sham
  245. [Scrappers] Thieves Held at Gunpoint in Detroit Get Away
  246. Dont forget about Belle Isle!!!
  247. Looking for Ford employees or families who worked for Ford between 1910-1950
  248. Metro Beach now to be called Lake St. Clair Metropark
  249. Packard Plant Current Status
  250. State move to help Detroit, other cities with urban farming