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  1. Why are we fighting over small beans? Or: Our money is in Afghanistan.
  2. Older apartment buildings near downtown
  3. What's going to happen if the suburbs start going the way of the city?
  4. "Michigan Gov. to Film Business: 'Drop Dead.'
  5. Revival of the downtown library on Library Street...
  6. Hall of Fame Thread Ideas for a City of Greater Detroit
  7. Ellen Dunham-Jones [[architect) talks about retrofitting suburbs in the future.
  8. Nortown/Downtown
  9. After 25 Years, Mazda Poised to Pull OUT of Flatrock
  10. Detroit article in Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad.
  11. Glenn Miller Orchestra in Detroit?
  12. Significant Ice Storm Headed For Detroit
  13. Exhibit: Art in Architecture: The Collaborative Spirit of Interwar Period in Detroit
  14. Google Street ART view, powered by Red Bull. Detroit missing.
  15. Cuts in brownfield and historic tax credits[[!)
  16. Is the Detroit Symphony Orchestra dead?
  17. "Come Visit Detroit" Video I made.
  18. Had dinner @ The Whitney last night
  19. East side neighborhood hopes to score Bing's support
  20. State of the City
  21. Things I would love to see Detroit do to become more urbanized
  22. Public Meetings regarding shrinking Detroit
  23. Emergency Financial Manager for Detroit
  24. Detroit Pizza delivery man fatally shoots man in robbery attempt.
  25. Mexican Food
  26. In Youngstown, Ohio, relocating residents failed
  27. The Wyland Mural
  28. Drastic Cuts Proposed For Detroit Schools
  29. Detroit addressing changes
  30. Freedom House in Detroit
  31. Tuesday Talks with Freep Edit Page..
  32. DSO Picket Tonight [[Feb 22, 6pm)
  33. ann arbor restaurant
  34. State Senator Bert Johnson attacked by pit bull
  35. Anyone Else skeptical of the DPS's claimed 62% graduation rate?
  36. How long will light rail construction take?
  37. Broken Fire Hydrant?
  38. Dwayne Mcduffie is dead.
  39. Tanning in the city
  40. Autorama - Where to eat lunch?
  41. Lot NE of Honeybee MKT
  42. Allen Park City Council wants to lay-off its Fire Department and EMS.
  43. Private Company Keeps 80% of Some Charity Donations
  44. Market in Lafayette Park
  45. Unshoveled sidwalks
  46. Rosemary Schlucter, "The Girl with The Eyes as Blue as Lake Erie."
  47. DEGC issues parallel Detroit census count
  48. Area Weather
  49. $274M metro Detroit road work season to carve up Southfield Fwy., I-94/I-69 stretch
  50. The Best Seat in Windsor [Pics added]
  51. Snyder's Emergency Financial Manager Bill. Too aggressive?
  52. Detroit & Michigan have lost the business PR battle
  53. Radical politics in sixities detroit
  54. Didn't someone have a Packard development announcement?
  55. Blue Angels jet on I-75
  56. Finney High School demolition
  57. Police Chief Godbee to announce full return of precinct system
  58. Vanishing on 7th Street - the movie
  59. Jim Johnson ex of WCSX to land on afternoon show on WOMC
  60. Coin Operated Spray Washes near downtown/midtown/corktown
  61. Help an Italian Student Find Inexpensive Accommodations near Wayne State.
  62. Detroit Walk of Fame in the works
  63. Record Stores that like Vinyl?
  64. Teen Dance Shows/Looking for Participants
  65. PHILIP LEVINE at "Detroit Disassembled" book signing
  66. Why does it have to be Us vs Them?
  67. Detroit Bust and Booms
  68. Picture Problem
  69. Seattle, Portland, Hot Cities of '90s, See Growth Slow With Age
  70. What Midtown Detroit can learn from West Philadelphia college district's renaissance
  71. Macomb's cities band together to save cash
  72. Detroit Zoo to construct modern lion habitat
  73. Anyone know what the Archdioese of Detroit does with the interior content of churchs
  74. Windsor Parking Advisory- aka When Windsorites Snap
  75. Mass vehicle break-ins of cars/trucks parked outside near Cobo Hall?
  76. Free Land; an idea for Detroit?
  77. Unwelcome Neighbors
  78. Cortland st
  79. Begining of the end for Metropolitan?
  80. Belle Isle on Google Maps
  81. Glen Beck berates Detroit
  82. Freep edit page Tuesday Talk with budget director John Nixon
  83. Eddie Kirkland Killed in Auto Accident
  84. MediaTakeOut is clowing Detroit. House for sale for only a buck
  85. This is low - Fake baby for profit
  86. DSO musicians vote to return to work with no contract
  87. Detroit Autorama Pictures
  88. Hall of Fame Thread Major COBO Renovations Announced This Morning
  89. What's happening with the city council by district change?
  90. Compassion Center Opening in Morningside, Detroit.
  91. Something going on with building at Cadillac and Randolph downtown
  92. attention michigan enthusiasts
  93. Some Detroit products won't make you proud.....
  94. Future Fatburger's Lights On.
  95. Detroit could use a video
  96. First National in ownership tangle: N.Y. investors fight tenants to regain control
  97. 2011 Detroit and Michigan Protests
  98. What is the best way to research a home that was moved?
  99. Bing doesn't want to be emergency financial manager, too
  100. If you forgot... Hamtramck Blowout starts today
  101. Are You Prepared, Pt. IV [The Gas Prices Thread]
  102. Expanding on the Michigan Avenue Bike Path
  103. Michigan's Right to Farm Act has proper standards and flexibility for urban settings
  104. Detroit Politics and the African-American Church
  105. Midtown incentives working
  106. What's being built behind State Hall?
  107. Failed plans to build a domed stadium on the riverfront
  108. Lost another movie.. just the beginning thanks to Rick and company
  109. James Tatum Foundation for the Arts - Classical & Jazz Benefit Concert
  110. Building next to Vincente's downtown
  111. Detroit to prioritize EMS calls
  112. If you couldn't live here...
  113. Lent fish frys are almost here
  114. NAACP Wants To Honor Kid Rock, Faces Boycott
  115. Tiger Cat or is it a Sphinx?
  116. Westboro Church: Did they show up once at the Woodward Ave Dream Cruise?...
  117. Crazey enough to return to Detroit?!?
  118. Stephen Henderson: Blame game won't solve Detroit's problems
  119. Bing: Detroit getting better for businesses
  120. Governor Snyder's budget plan puts Detroit Development deals in danger?
  121. Wine Tasting
  122. A type of Portmeirion for Detroit"
  123. Detroit neighborhoods being bought up by the British?
  124. Some Metro Detroit Municipalities Are Charging for Police Accident Report Callouts
  125. SMART's "unwritten policies and other pet-peeves.
  126. Pedestrian bridge connecting GCP to GCP?
  127. Hash Bash founder and marijuana champion facing felony charges related to raid
  128. Poll: Majority of Michiganders say Detroit is key to state's success
  129. Bing asks Snyder to change choice for DPS emergency financial manager
  130. What good is the DPS School Board?
  131. Central Detroit Hotels - How many do we need?
  132. Leland Adventure
  133. St.Patricks Day Parade
  134. Shorpy Photo The Icemobile 1905
  135. friday night kick off st. patrick's day parade weekend
  136. chrysler works on greenwood road
  137. Detroit and Chicago come together!
  138. Biz services going online in Detroit: Website takes city from 1950 to 2011'
  139. AUP+D students submit plan to repurpose closed Kansas City schools
  140. When test scores don't add up: 32 metro Detroit schools show improvements too good to
  141. Crittenton General Hospital, 1554 Tuxedo, Detroit, 1949
  142. The Event TV Show
  143. What an incredible couture coincidence...
  144. Vote for this awesome Detroit Postcard
  145. real life cop shows in Detroit??
  146. Bell Isle Vinyard and Winery
  147. Gasoline Hoarding Near Downtown Detroit
  148. Masonic Temple Area...Enact an architectural ordinance to mirror the buildings?
  149. Detroit Ville Sauvage
  150. Former Woods Cathedral - Restoration work started?
  151. And we're certainly no ones Emerald City
  152. Ford Motor Company payout
  153. A La Nina Spring is coming soon.
  154. Council halts Bing's plan to raze Detroit's Ford Auditorium
  155. SPARK landlord: Loss of Michigan tax credits would limit redevelopment
  156. City OKs farming project on Detroit's east side
  157. New Catholic School for Northern Macomb
  158. Where to park near the court building on Lafayette
  159. mardi gras curious
  160. Detroit History Week Proposal
  161. East English Village
  162. Toughen up WSU admissions?
  163. Downtown apartments or lofts
  164. If Detroit is below 800,000...
  165. McMansion-type home on Belvidere near E. Vernor...
  166. Club Envy On Larned
  167. More Robocop
  168. More Conyers SUV drama
  169. Where to take out of town guests
  170. Mississippi experience shows economic fallout when film credits are cut
  171. Past attempts to remake parts of Detroit fall short From The Detroit News: http://de
  172. Join the demonstration March 12! End Utility Shutoffs
  173. Is it time for the courts to toss out the Tamara Greene lawsuit
  174. WSJ on Banksy in Detroit
  175. The Other Detroit [[Palmer Woods)
  176. New gym unveiled at Detroit's Bethune-Fitzgerald Academy
  177. Magazine names Detroit angriest city in America
  178. Yahoo's "Most Under-rated Cities" in the world
  179. Looking to give funding to a project
  180. The Warlock is Coming to Town
  181. Let's see what DY has this time v. The Cheesecake Factory
  182. CAREFUL! This Snow's a Killer
  183. Fish Frys Downtown?
  184. How can the News/Freep Make Detroit Better?
  185. How're the ROADS Near You?!
  186. Question about a building
  187. Fish Fry at St. Francis
  188. movie shooting downtown today
  189. Monica Conyers from Camp Cupcake
  190. Geezer love: AIGA postcard project votes are counted
  191. U.S. to take bids for $2.4 billion in returned rail funds
  192. charter schools to replace failing schools?
  193. Detroit Scouting Memories -- Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts
  194. windsor [[walkerville) maps
  195. Lighthouses in Michigan
  196. On now: Secret Millionaire in Detroit
  197. whatecer happened to Savinos Italian Ice?
  198. Want to see where all your neighbors are moving to?
  199. See the new Bridge Company political ad?
  200. Does anyone know anything aboutthe former Club Freeway on Harper Ave, Detroit?
  201. DDOT is trying to raise the cost of the regional bus pass to $69.50
  202. Great Lakes Megalopolis
  203. Motor City Burning Detroit
  204. Financial "martial law" coming to Michigan
  205. Meijer to invest $75 M
  206. Shorpy / Livingstone Channel: 1910
  207. If Fermi was Fukushima Who Would be "Sheltering in Place"?
  208. How should Metro Detroiters remember Father Coughlin ?
  209. Owen Park
  210. 03.26.11 | 4th Annual Detroit Bikes Spring Training Ride | 10 AM
  211. Michigan Avenue Coalition
  212. Old Detroit Grocery Buildings [[Still Standing)
  213. Michigan CEO: Soul-Crushing Sprawl Killing Business
  214. Shoppes at The Riverfront
  215. Pure Detroit gets sued over "Imported From Detroit" shirts
  216. Detroit Revitalization Fellows Program
  217. Ilitch hockey arena plan could include making I-75 a 'tunne;
  218. Detroit teen robs nun inside church; mom says he was hungry
  219. Old Chrysler McGraw Glass Plant
  220. Another movie house bites the dust, Quo Vadis is no more.
  221. Could Japan's misfortune be Detroit's gain?
  222. Detroit News admits neutering Chrysler 200 review was "a mistake"
  223. The best part of living downtown is...
  224. Long-standing Detroit Immigrant-Started Companies
  225. Holley Carbuerator building
  226. Holy Rosary Rectory on Woodward
  227. Metal Detecting on Belle Isle
  228. Detroit vids
  229. 2010 Census Results...
  230. Inside the Ford Auditorium
  231. Breaking News: Bobb now has total control over DPS
  232. Detroit to be a Navy ship!
  233. Dexter Park 1919
  234. Where are the best Expressways?
  235. How much snow did Detroit get so far this winter?...
  236. Shrinking cities and Hamtramck
  237. What's burning in downtown Detroit??
  238. "MC5 -True Testimonial" Documentary Cleared for Release?
  239. Envisioning a sustainable future
  240. Then and now . . . what's on the corner?
  241. Shorpy takes a lakes cruise.........
  242. Census Bureau will release Michigan data next week: Predict Detroit's population.
  243. Got a question
  244. Pat 'n' Johnny
  245. Editorial: Off the mark on Detroit schools
  246. Brian Dickerson: In Greektown, a lesson in critical mass
  247. Gilbert airs ideas to revive Detroit
  248. Detroiters face $30 monthly fee for refusing to accept upgraded water meters
  249. Governor seeks to end perks for select industries
  250. Ad Age - Meet the 'New' Motor City