Park Apartments nka Briggs House

Located on Grand River near Warren this striking facility has sat empty for years.

8th Precinct Police Station

I put this beautiful facility in this site even though I had not found out what it functioned as.

Now, thanks to an email from Sandra Ham, I can tell you more.  She wrote, "... this building was the old 8th Precinct Police station. In the '60s it was a youth home. The architect was Louis Kampfer. He was involved in a lot of buildings in Detroit, the Harold J. Hector house on Woodward, the Book Cadillac Hotel, and many more...

"On the columns on the front porch there are heads, which are ex-police chiefs... The inside is very plain since it was a police station. The carriage house is attached, with the jail being the top half. The bars are still there. The back side of the building is flat! No architectural details.

"One last comment, I was just driving by it a few weeks ago [late '99] and it looks like it is occupied. There might be apartments in the back now. There were cars and I saw new light fixtures inside. The front is still boarded up."

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