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Thread: Firehouses

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    Default Fire Muster 2009

    Sorry, heres the link. Should be a good time as long as the weather cooperates.

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    Default Photos updated

    I have added a set of photos to my previous link to flickr which shows all of the out-of-service fire stations that I could find in Detroit this summer. Some are being used for other purposes (e.g., a restaurant, law office, etc.) but several are vacant and awaiting vandals. Here is the link again:

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    Again, good photos. I like the fact that you included dedication plaques and last alarm tributes.
    You did your home work on dates and relocations. E.11 (Gratiot and Grandy ) has been restored. BOX 42 will have a meeting there on Saturday September 19.Open invite to any one
    interested .

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    Nice album, Cosine. Sad but nice.

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    Great photos, cosine! It is too bad that so many sit vacant. I've always liked that one in Corktown. Also, been wanting to get out and take pictures of the abandoned one on Michigan Ave. (Engine 22)

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    Just wanted to let everyone know that dad is in the ICU awaiting a pacemaker. They had to code him last night while in ER. He's in Sanai in White Lake (I think that is the city). I'm not sure if they are going to transfer him to Beaumont or not. When I get news, I'll post it here. Please keep him in your prayers.

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    Thanks for passing the word on your Dad. I hadn't heard. GOOD LUCK !!

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    I just heard that dad is getting an internal defibrilator on Tuesday and should be at home on Wednesday. He looks better than he has in a while. I guess the heart attack (yes, he had another one) had been brewing for some time.

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    DT, just got on after a few weeks. How's your dad?

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    Dad is at home and doing great! He's back at work and causing trouble, as usual.

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    I think this one is on Grand River?

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    Default Engine 22

    No. That's Engine 22 on Michigan, just west of Junction. The unit was disbanded many years ago.

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    ok, I forgot where I took the picture. It really looks like a cool building. Too bad about the wild paint job.

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    "TEACH", Glad to hear Dad is back agrivating Joe.
    RAY, The invasion starts today. I hope you have enough wheel chairs,walkers and
    D.G.H., E.22 closed in 1983. Became a restaurant, then a tire shop.

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    Default Engine 5

    Is Engine 5 at 433 W Alexandrine St still in service, or even still there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cosine View Post
    No. That's Engine 22 on Michigan, just west of Junction. The unit was disbanded many years ago.
    As you can kind of see, it was a short lived Mexican restaurant in the early 90s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M CD M View Post
    Is Engine 5 at 433 W Alexandrine St still in service, or even still there?
    "The Big House ", under went extensive renovation about twelve years ago.
    E.5,L.20,Sq.2 and Medic 6 keep things jumping.

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    I drove by there today and took a few photo's, I also went by Engine 53, 30, 49, 21, 52, 51, and a few others. I'll post pic's soon.

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    Man, I'd love to see the inside of a old firehouse, that was converted to a residence. You must be able to get one of those kinda cheap, since I've seen quite a few on here.

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    Default Firehouses as Residences

    The only old firehouse that is currently a residence is Engine 35, at the corner of Beaubien and Mt. Vernon, which is about 8-10 blocks north of East Grand Blvd. Engine 5 in the Eastern Market is a restaurant. Ladder 14 on Jefferson at Pennsylvania is an office for Pewabic Pottery, I believe. Engine 8, at Bagley and Sixth, is an office building occupied by a couple of law firms. Engine 2, Larned and St. Antoine, appears to be under construction, but you can't tell what it will become yet. The rest appear to be abandoned or mothballed.

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    Slight correction. Old L.5 is the restaurant. E.5 will celebrate it's Centenial on Saturday.
    Open house. Good time to visit . I was not aware old E.2 was being renovated. Last I
    knew it was a law office.I wiil check and report back.

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    M CD M , How did E.52 get into that mix ? I can never see enough engine house photos.
    Cin. Kid. I have always maintained an Engine house for a residence is a money burner.
    If an old Engine house could be used as a residence/ business to generate
    revenue O.K. Theese caverns are expensive to heat.

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    All those firehouses except the one on jefferson by waterworks park have or had Warning sirens on them.
    Engine, 44,53, 34, 50, 30, 40, 49, 21, 47, 52, 26, 42, 58, 51, 54, 57, 55, 48, Training on Warren/lawton, and apparturus repair have/had sirens on them

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    Quote Originally Posted by cosine View Post
    Engine 5 in the Eastern Market is a restaurant.
    Engine 6; Russell and Erskine, attached to the Apparatus Division

    Engine 5, Squad 2, Ladder ? ; Cass & Alexandrine

    I thought Engine 59/Chief 11 (later Chief 4) had a siren too, although it may have been a different style.
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