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Thread: Firehouses

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    Appreciate your patience as I can't seem to keep the numbers straight in my head! I should know E. 16 is the Curtis Randolph as I also work on the water. Thanks for the reminder that the company caught afire was E. 26. Glad to hear the old firehouse is to be saved and repaired, and returned to service.

    I knew old E. 48 was privately owned, over the past few years, while the neighboring homes have wasted away and were demolished, old E. 48 was kept up quite well and stood as a sentinel on the corner or Bayside near Sanders. It's disheartening to see what has become of it following its own fire.

    I have some recent photos of E. 12 on W. Lafayette I need to post here, and am planning to get some of E. 10/L. 4 some day here soon to post.

    M CD M, I forgot to say thanks for posting your photos, as well. I always enjoy seeing other's photographic work of buildings around the city on this site!

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    Rocko, for all the years I have been doing this I can't keep west side
    truck companies straight. I always make a mistake. When you take
    photos of an engine house go in and introduce your self. Bet you
    get a cup of coffee.If the right F.E.O. is working he may even pull
    out the rig for you.A tip, Saturday mornings are a good time.
    Rigs are out side while the floor is scrubed.

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    Tony: All of the Field Days I have been to required armbands to eat and drink free (union members and their families). Are they doing away with that? Are they going back to the traditional weenie roast, as opposed to the horrid food that was catered ala the Zoo? I remember way back when it was potluck! If it's at Ford Field, how is parking going to work? Will the garage be open/free or is it 20 bucks to park?

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    I've just been catching bits and pieces of the changes over the years, but have missed a lot. Heard something about renovations at Eng 5; what did they do? More than new doors? Did 48 move? Still using a special rig, or is there a truck down there now also?

    When I left the area, they have just pulled out the registers and gongs and installed computers and printers. Some rigs had MDTs, but not all. Radio had changed though; they weren't dispatching by radio. The only traffic was after they were on the way.

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    Detroit Teacher: Field Day and all activities will be free and open to
    everyone. Food for the public will be from the
    Ford Field concessions, at there prices.
    Fund members will get same food at a reduced
    price( Fund will subsidize ). Parking will be $4.00
    Garage will be open.There are so many
    activities planned . A real family fun day.
    A rumor going around that TV 2 will televise.
    Ron Savage as M.C. Volunteers will be
    needed on Friday the 17th. for set up.

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    Tony: I'll be happy to help set up...just let me know when (time) and where (entrance?).

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    Meddle: A lot to cover. You are giving the old man a
    work out.E.5,L.20,S.2 and Medic 6 under went
    major renovations.Total new station inside.E.48
    moved to new quarters in 1980.The Seagrave
    Quad was replaced by a Sutphen mini tower.
    A Pierce Quint is the current rig. Sadly
    the Gamwell system is gone. Dispatch and
    911 have been combined in one building.
    A new computer system is in operation.
    M.D.T. have been replaced by M.O.T.
    Raido is now 800 mhz. trunked.All
    runs are dipatched by C.A.D. and raido.

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    O.K. DETROIT TEACHER. When the plans are firm I will
    post. THANKS

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    E.48 moved to new quarters in 1980.
    I should remember that, but I don't. I heard about the 800 Mhz trunking system. Statewide or something?

    I'm guessing they don't even reference boxes anymore? (Box Alarm, Box XXXX, Companies responding ...... ) Probably not, but I've heard of some cities maintaing the numbering system even though the boxes are long gone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TONY BOX 42 View Post
    Rocko, for all the years I have been doing this I can't keep west side
    truck companies straight. I always make a mistake.

    I remember most of the northwest side trucks (before the changes), southwest gets me though. I only remember a few of those. Never really knew the eastside very well.

    Anybody remember Usher Oil? Midwest Paper? Vogue Carpet?

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    Usher Oil, next door to Restrick Lumber, Wyoming & Lyndon, I grew up 3 blocks from there, I remember the nite it burned, it started about dinner time 6PM cause my brother and I just finished or paper route, I think part of it spread to the lumber yard, close to Halloween, in 1962 or 63.

    Midwest paper, early 70's

    How about these,
    Ditzler Paint at W. Chicago & Oakman, early 60's,
    Grace Harbor Lumber, Chicago & Hubbel, may 1957
    The old Michigan Central Depot, June 1966, Engine 8 was totaled (burned)
    Felician Sisters Academy, November 1969
    Topinkas, 7 & Telegraph, January 1972

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    I remember Topinka's. Not the others.

    Usher Oil, Joy & Rosemont, Box 460, about 15:30 or so. Went from the Box to 4th in about 20 minutes, 5th shortly thereafter.

    You may have been thinking of Nelson Chemical.

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    I hate to admit it, I remember all of those fires.
    Usher Oil was March of '75.
    Ditzler was August of '64.

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    My mistake, the fire on Wyoming south of Lyndon at the railroad in the 60's was D & W Oil and not Usher Oil. are correct on Usher Oil.

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    I noticed on some of the pictures pages on the photographers sites, some of the Firefighters are wearing orange gloves. I am assuming these are for salvage, overhaul and take-up purposes... just curious as to what kind they are.


    Jeff Cortese

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    I've been trying to get to all of the in service and not firehouses in Detroit to get photo's of the ones with sirens on them.
    When did the crane and brinket house suffer the fire?
    The siren on it is not even a year old. And I would hope that it's not out of service as well. I'm sure that the majority of the folks living in detroit don't have weather radios, and have been without working sirens for several years( every fire house i've been at and asked about the older sirens, I've been told that they haven't been used in a long time) I'm guessing when they made the switch to 800Mhz is when they abandoned the old system. It would be a waste to have a new siren not be used. So i'm wondering if only part of the house was damaged and the hose tower if in good shape?
    As an example, there has been a siren on top of the Cadillac-Sherton Hotel downtown. And was told it was installed in the 1980's but the building had no power for it.
    I think i've gotten half of the firehouse photographed so far.
    I need to give Mr. Lancaster a call again. Last time I was at HQ, he wasn't in.
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    Default Ladder 12

    Here are some photos from last week of old Ladder 12, on W. Lafayette near 14th Street. Though the inscription over the service door reads Ladder 12, the number on the small door to the right is 8. I thought 8 was now in the new Southwest Public Safety Center on Fort? Which company is currently stationed here?

    Attachment 2219

    Attachment 2220

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    Rocko: E.Co.8 moved into L.Co.12 quarters.
    E.Co.27,L.Co8 and Ch.7 run from
    the Southwest Station.

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    M CD M, you're referring to the roof mounted Civil warning sirens? I've seen a few pics of the newer style units, but they don't even come close to the old Chrysler/Detroit Diesel units of the 50's and 60's. Those could be heard for several miles. I can remember the monthly tests when I could hear at least 4 of them cycling and sometimes 5 if the weather was clear enough.

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    Default Firehouse Images

    I've been photographing as many as I can find-

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    Ditzler color was a fire and massive explosion, probably a BLEVE. I was at home on Lindsay and Pembroke and heard the explosion. That's gotta be ten miles as the crow flies. Took out a lot of windows from the Grand River/Oakman shopping area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meddle View Post
    M CD M, you're referring to the roof mounted Civil warning sirens? I've seen a few pics of the newer style units, but they don't even come close to the old Chrysler/Detroit Diesel units of the 50's and 60's. Those could be heard for several miles. I can remember the monthly tests when I could hear at least 4 of them cycling and sometimes 5 if the weather was clear enough.
    Yes, I'm referring to the yellow, and grey sirens from the late 1950's-1980's.
    The Chrysler sirens were put in around 1952, with the smaller ones being blended into the system in 1956. I own the smaller yellow siren that was in service on Engine 57 on Burt rd. The old ones started to get replaced only a few years ago. Mainly the ones on the fire stations. Many of them are still seen on schools and buildings around Detroit.
    It appears for every one chrysler siren, they put approx 6 smaller electric sirens.
    Detroit had 20 Chrysler sirens, then had 41 electric sirens, now I have found only about 1/2 have been replaced with the newer white color sirens

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    The small round grey/white Federal units in use today around the country are pretty much useless beyond a mile. On a good clear day, I can hear one about 3 miles away if I'm outside.

    When they cranked up the big Chrysler units like the one on 53's quarters, there was no doubt about hearing them. They'd rattle the walls. Ten minutes after they shut down you could still hear them winding down. They were like a 'Q' on mega-steroids.

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    Default Fireboat & Engine Co. 10

    Here are a couple photos from recent days: Fireboat Curtis Randolph rendezvous with the Engine from Company 8 at the old Coast Guard dock between Stroh River Place and Chene Park to do some drills prior to the APBA Gold Cup races.
    Attachment 2261

    Attachment 2262

    Next are a few shots I took earlier this evening of Engine Co. 10/old Ladder Co. 4 on Vinewood and W. Grand. The first photo shows the firehouse in relation to two classic "pineapple" streetlights still standing vigil on the corner. The other two are closer views of this unique firehouse. I was also hoping to get a couple photos of Engine Co. 1 behind the Fox, but Tigers traffic put the kabosh on that. Tony Box, thanks again for your continuing posts with information and education for those of us who are interested and trying to learn about the different firehouses and companies.
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    Attachment 2265

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    A long time ago we used "Red Ball" gloves that were cloth gloves coated with orange rubber or plastic. They would get stiff and wouldn't grip that well after a while. I don't miss them.

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