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Thread: Firehouses

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    Thanks for the links Rocko. And thanks everyone for restarting the Firehouses thread. I think the information gathered so far is really valuable. Since we can access the old thread for reading, I'd like to try to save it to a flash drive or something. Do you guys think that's doable?

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    Default Firefighters celebrate 100 years at Engine 32

    From today's Free Press:

    Firefighters celebrate 100 years at Engine 32


    When Bert Johansson was captain at Engine 32 on East Jefferson in Detroit in 1960, the east side fire station was surrounded by homes, factories and a hotel.

    Neighborhood children were common around the fire house, which opened in 1909. In the years since Johansson was in charge, the neighborhood has evaporated, but the fire station remains.

    “Not much has changed,” Johansson, 82, of Algonac, said this afternoon as he looked around the fire house. “They did change the sleeping quarters. Now everybody has their own area. Before it was just one big dormitory.”

    Johnasson was among about 100 former and current firefighters and friends who celebrated the 100-year anniversary of the station this afternoon with food, a raffle and plenty of stories for everyone.

    “We didn’t have a dog,” Johansson recalled. “One guy got bit by the dog so the chief said we couldn’t have any more dogs.”

    Don Carlson, a fire engine operator who organized the event, first thought about the anniversary when he transferred to the station five years ago. He noticed that the front of the building has an engraving with the year 1908. Carlson, 44, of Columbus, discovered that was the year the building was constructed. It opened in January 1909.

    “I’ve been planning since I first got here,” Carlson said. “I did some research and called all the guys personally who used to work here. I wanted to give them each a call.”

    The former firefighters on hand this afternoon had a chance to flip through log books that track the engine’s activity going back to 1953.

    Vermeulen Julius, 84, was an engineer at the station from 1961-71. Looking up at the rafters, he said nothing much has changed inside the simple red brick building since his days with the engine. But looking outside, to the grassy fields that now isolate the station, Julius said the city has changed around Engine.

    “Back then you had a lot of southerners living around here,” Julius said. “It was a blue collar neighborhood, but that’s gone now.”

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    I lived on Nottingham near Morang, and my local fire station was No. 58 on Whittier and Lakepoint. Here are a couple of views. These were taken in early '01.

    Attachment 1592

    Attachment 1591
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    Default Old Fire Houses

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    anyone know whats up with I keep opening a instead. Anyone else having problems? Thanks and take care!!!

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    Default Firehouse photos

    Attachment 1924
    Detroit Fireboat Curtis Randolph gives a watershow near their dock at the foot of 24th Street. June 9, 2008.

    Attachment 1925
    Some photos of Engine 37 just before the fire squad was removed in 2005. The fire station is still the home of an active EMS company. Hopefully, someday the fire company will be restored here. This was the last firehouse built for horse-drawn equipment. No. 37 is located on Central Ave. near Dix.

    Attachment 1926
    Flagpole with 37 insignia.

    Attachment 1927
    Door detail of Engine 37.

    Attachment 1928
    Engine 23 at E. Grand Blvd. and Moran on the east side. This photo is from January 2009.

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    Attachment 1929
    Engine 18 and Ladder 10 on Mt. Elliot near Gratiot. One of the oldest if not the oldest operating firehouse in Detroit presently, and looking good! 2005 photo.

    Attachment 1930
    A couple photos also from 2005 of Engine 27 and Ladder 8 over on Junction south of Vernor. Another fine looking company.

    Attachment 1931
    Closeup of the doors and nameplates.

    Attachment 1932
    A couple photos from earlier today of Engine 59 and Battalion 11 (?) on Curtis at Fenmore just east of the Southfield Freeway. Sorry the sun wasn't out, I'll have to do better next time!

    Attachment 1933
    Closeup of the engine in the house and the tower.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buy American View Post
    The Pheonix site is cool but just wondering why isn't working right and if anyone else is having the same troubles. Thanks

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    Default is temporally down, I am working on getting it back up the web hosting company went out of business. I am working on getting it back up and running. It WILL be back as soon as possible.

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    Does anyone know when Field Day is this year? I know it's at Ford Field...just don't know when. I asked dad and he just shrugged...he should read his FF magazine a bit better!

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    Oh, it's back! I love this thread.

    BTW: Happy Father's Day, all you dads out there!

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    Sorry, "TEACH". My fault for not posting. Sunday July 19th.
    11:00 till 15:00 . Many family activities planned. This is going to be
    a good one !

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    You can still monitor the D.F.D. Go to Scan America. Keep up the good work MADDOG. You're site is great!

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    Tony: If you guys need help with setup and whatnot or need help in any way, let me know.

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    Hey DT, are the firebrat Tshirts a possibility?

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    Arnie was supposed to handle those. I gave him the print of the design. I haven't heard anything.

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    I drove by Old Engine 48, The engine 32 on Jefferson by waterworks park, and the one off of Kercheval, on Crane and Brinket.

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    Is Engine 10/Ladder 4 on Vinewood just north of Michigan still in operation? I just discovered this the other day and it looked to be a pretty good shape, but I just drove by quickly and didn't get a chance to look it over well.

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    E. Co. 10 is in service.L.Co. 4 is out of service. Very well maintained house.

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    The 10-4 was dad's all-time favorite house! He always said the 10-4 had the best cooks...even when he was stationed at other houses as Chief, he always found his way back to the 10-4 for meals.

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    Thanks for the pictures. It's always nice to get the new ones. DT I'm retiring in a month, I think I'll loose wieght, We have some good cooks at our station!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TONY BOX 42 View Post
    Sorry, "TEACH". My fault for not posting. Sunday July 19th.
    11:00 till 15:00 . Many family activities planned. This is going to be
    a good one !
    Hey Tony, is the Field Day event open to the public and if so do we need to buy tickets?

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    Heyyyy, is that middle photo of M CD M's the one that burned earlier this year? (Engine 16?) Has anyone heard anything of the future of that firehouse? Even if the department no longer wishes to keep it open, it would be cool if it could be turned into a residence or something (and the fire resources moved to another company).

    Kind of like old Engine 48.... which by the way is very depressing that it too caught on fire recently (Bayside near Sanders). Anyone know the status of this building? Wrecking ball? Rebuilding? Thanks for those photos, M CD M.

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    Redfordsinner , the public is welcome. No charge.Come and enjoy.
    Rocko: E.16 is the Fire Boat. The quarters in the photo is E.26 / L.14 .
    E.26 is out of service. L.14 has moved in with E.38.
    Plans are to repair the quarters. E.48's old quarters is
    privately owned. My GUESS is wrecking ball.

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