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Thread: Firehouses

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    Default Firehouses

    Just thought I'd start up a new thread on the Firehouses The other thread was a great way to stay in the loop.
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    Hey DT, I can't find the old firehouses thread. How do I find it?

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    Well, that's a darn good question. It's on the old forum but I have no clue how to get it to thenew forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dfd View Post
    Hey DT, I can't find the old firehouses thread. How do I find it?
    Hey, Dfd, Lowell can't import the old threads over. We just start new threads, and we can link back to the old forum.

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    Ah, which is exactly what I did

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    DT, the old thread ran for 2 1/2 years. Good history book.

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    Has it been that long? Amazing thread it was...

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    I checked in on Engine 29 in Delray today... looking good

    I also drove by old Engine company on Bayside over in the Oakwood neighborhood - it's been converted into a residence since that company was closed or moved.... ironic that the structures on each side are both charred from fires...

    Anyone know if the Engine Company on W. Lafayette near Rosa Parks is still in service? I drove by there today too, it looked nicely maintained but I could not see anyone around...

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    The quaters you refer to was originaly L.Co.12. It is now is the quaters of E.Co.8

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    Thanks for the info Tony Box.

    Here are some photos from a couple years back:
    Engine 29 in Delray

    Attachment 536

    Attachment 537
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    Nice photos. That is a KME engine.E.29 celibrated 100 years of
    service in 2007.Quarters is the correct spelling.

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    I have found a photo of Engine 57 with the Thunderbolt siren on it. But still would like another. If anyone has any other photo's of Engine 57. Please post them.
    Attachment 573
    You can view my restoration of this siren here
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    Default Firehouses

    I am answering a question about Church fires on another thread.
    It belongs here. I think we can get more input.
    I show four church fires in the past few months.
    We have discussed all but the most recent here.
    12/25/08 17377 Westbrok
    1/11/09 2330 W. Davison.
    7/26/08 Woodward Edmund Place.
    Working fire again on Tuesday.4/22/09
    Chene Farnsworth on Thursday.4/23/09.

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    I know Engine 36 was the one that caught fire on the east side a few months back. I recently heard a rumor that this old firehouse is going to be saved, but there was no more information about it. Anyone heard anything?

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    Default firehouses

    E.36 (Miller at Helen ) closed in 1982. Chief 3 closed in 2005.
    L.16 and Medic 16 run from this quarters. I think you mean
    L.14. Last I heard it was to be rebuilt.That is subject to
    change,L.14 in service and running with E.38 at Coplin
    north of Jefferson.

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    I meant No. 14, gee my memory is terrible

    Glad to hear it should be repaired and returned to service! No thanks to George Jackson or the DDA for this example of historic preservation

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    My memory is failing also. Missed a church fire
    from 3/21/09 at 8240 Grand River.We had a very
    intresting discussion on the history of the church
    and it's organ.

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    Just wondering what the multiple was yesterday, I think it was downtown.

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    No extra alarm fire in city yesterday.

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    Default Firehouses

    Lansingfire: 7th. Batt. had a good one around 20:30.
    Extra companies. No extra alarm.
    697: An address I know well. You ex. C.O. ?

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    Default Bldg. Fire

    Hey Tony, they had a second alarm fire yesterday around W. Jefferson and Carey streets. Unless you're talking about something different.

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    Philbo : You are correct. Saturday W, Jefferson & Carey second alarm.
    Sunday same building, extra company fire.Firefighters web site has photos.

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    Lansingfire: Heard you earned your pay today. Details please.

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    Default Old Engine 48

    I drove by old Engine 48, which is located on Bayside near Sanders in the Oakwood Neighborhood, SW side, and was surprised and distressed to find that it had recently suffered a fire itself. This building apparently went into service c. 1924 and remained in active DFD service until about 1980, when it moved down to W. Fort St. and Downing, just south of Schaefer. The firehouse was then converted into a residence, and it was in good shape when I drove by a year or so back. External damage was minimal, but there's no telling what the inside looks like. It's a real bummer that this building suffered this unfortunate fire, does anyone know what the plans might be for this building? All the windows on the lower two floors where windows were broken were tightly covered with plywood. Also to note, the houses immediately on each side of old 48 had each separately caught fire sometime in the past year, but when I drove by today, they both had been leveled.

    Here's an old photo of 48 in service, from detroitfirefighters.

    After 48 moved to the other side of I-75, old 48 became a residence, here's a MikeM photo of 48 from the old Firehouse thread on the old board:

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