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    Default Papantonio: ALEC Scoundrels Exposed

    Mike Papantonio appears on MSNBC's The Ed Show to talk about the corporations that are saying goodbye to ALEC. The controversy surrounding the secretive business group goes far beyond their support of "Stand Your Ground" legislation.

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    Default Papantonio: Grand Jury Investigation Not Necessary For Zimmerman Prosecution

    Mike Papantonio and Ed Schultz discuss the decision to not launch a grand jury investigation into the murder of Trayvon Martin.

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    Default Papantonio: Stop Supporting ALEC's Members

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    Default Papantonio: Zimmerman's Lawyers Are Destroying His Defense

    Mike Papantonio appears on MSNBC's The Ed Show to discuss the latest breaking developments in the Trayvon Martin murder, including the defense lawyers from George Zimmerman quitting, and the prosecutor in the case announcing that she'll have a big announcement in the coming days.

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    Default Papantonio: Self-Centered Hannity Making Trayvon Murder All About Hannity

    Mike Papantonio talks with Ed Schultz about how Sean Hannity is trying to make the murder of Trayvon Martin all about him, as well as the latest developments in the story.

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    Default Papantonio: Maybe Justice Works In Florida

    Mike Papantonio appears on MSNBC's The Ed Show to talk about the arrest of George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin and what we might expect from the prosecutors and the defense attorneys at trial.

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    Default Sam Seder: NYPD's Illegal Spying Activities

    Recently the Associated Press broke the story about how the NYPD had been actively spying on Muslims in the Northeast, particularly Muslim college students. Emails were intercepted, phone calls were bugged, and in some extreme cases, officers would actually follow students around day to day. These activities began in 2006 during the Bush administration, but have been ongoing since Obama took office. Sam Seder talks about the surveillance program and the effect that it has had on the Muslim community with Seth Wessler, an investigative journalist with

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    Default Papantonio: Who's REALLY To Blame For High Gas Prices?

    One of the biggest concerns on the minds of American voters this year is the price of gas. And if you listen to Republican politicians and talking heads, you probably believe that President Obama is the sole responsible party when it comes to their pain at the pump. But just like most Republican talking points, the "blame Obama" claim has absolutely no basis in reality. Mike Papantonio talks about who is really to blame about the price of gas, and why the GOP's talking points keep falling flat, with Alternet senior editor Josh Holland.

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    Default Papantonio: The Billionaire GOP Puppeteers

    The Republican primary season has seen some pretty intense ups and downs for all of the candidates. At some point throughout the last year almost every individual candidate has appeared to be a shoe-in for the nomination only to see their leads erased after a few weeks. What's causing this constant flux? The answer is simple -- Money. Billionaires like Foster Freiss and Sheldon Adelson, and even the Koch Brothers keep doubling down their dollars on their candidate du jour, which results in the wild swings in popularity. And at the end of the day, these billionaires will have the final say in who gets the Republican nomination. Mike Papantonio talks about the billionaires who are pulling the GOP strings with best-selling author Thomas Frank.

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    Default Papantonio: The ALEC Exodus

    Mike Papantonio talks with Mother Jones' reporter Andy Kroll about the continuing ALEC exodus where brave companies are finally telling the secretive, right wing organization that they have had enough.
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    Default Papantonio: The Unholy Alliance of Chuck Grassley, ALEC, and The Family

    Mike Papantonio talks with Ed Schultz about the creepy relationships taking place among Republican Senators like Charles Grassley, ALEC, and The Family.

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    Default Sam Seder: New Life For News Corp Hacking Scandal Investigation

    Rupert Murdoch has had a really bad week, to say the least. After declaring that this week would be the start of a new era for his company News International, his company was hit with new allegations relating to the phone hacking scandal that rocked his media empire last year. A re-energized investigation taking place in the UK is working overtime to figure out how the Murdoch's news outlets developed such cozy relationships with police officers and how much the company was paying police for insider information. As if that wasn't bad enough, Murdoch's son James stepped down as Chairman of News International just days after the new investigation was launched. Sam Seder talks about the potential fall of Murdoch's media empire with Ed Pilkington, the New York correspondent for The Guardian.

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    Default Sam Seder: How Corporate America Turned Their Backs on Limbaugh

    It's been a bad year for Rush Limbaugh, with more than 140 companies pulling their ads from his radio show. Stations across the country have been left with no option to either run dead air during commercial breaks or to run free public service announcements in place of paid advertisements. And it looks like things are going to continue going south for Limbaugh in the coming weeks as things heat up. Sam Seder talks about how corporate America has completely turned their back on the hate talker with Eric Boehlert, a senior fellow with Media Matters for America.

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    Default Papantonio: Why Businesses Need to Make a BP Claim Now

    Total duration 15 minutes:
    Mike Papantonio talks with attorney Mark Proctor about the recent BP oil spill settlement and what it will mean for the victims of the oil spill -- especially the small businesses along the Gulf Coast that have been devastated by the disaster.

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    Default Papantonio: Justice Department Has Long Way To Go In BP Investigation

    This week the Justice Department announced the first criminal charges in the BP oil spill probe involving a BP engineer who destroyed evidence relating to the flow rate of oil from the broken wellhead. These charges are a great start but as Mike Papantonio points out to Ed Schultz, there is still much more work to be done by the Department of Justice.

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    Default Papantonio: The Anti-Government Crowd Trying To Dismantle Public Schools

    Mike Papantonio dissects the Republican argument that corporations and CEOs can do a better job handling issues like public education, environmental protections, and mail service better than the federal government. When you look at the facts, it becomes clear that corporations can't hold a candle to what the government is able to accomplish.

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    Default Papantonio & Senator Boxer Discuss GOP's War On Women

    The GOP has a knack for alienating certain voting demographics but in the last few months they've taken that one step further by alienating an entire gender. The GOP is currently at war with women in America on every issue ranging from birth control to equal pay. Mike Papantonio talks about the latest GOP efforts to undermine women with Senator Barbara Boxer from California.

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    Default Papantonio: Romney Distancing Himself From Extremist Republicans

    A few weeks ago Mitt Romney's campaign manager made headlines when he said his candidate was like an etch-a-sketch and he would just erase all of the extremism that we've seen from the GOP during the primary season. Now that Mitt's the only candidate with a shot at the nomination, he's working overtime to make the public forget about issues like the GOP's war on women, the way they alienated minorities, and the creepiness that the Tea Party has brought to the entire Republican Party. Mike Papantonio talks about Romney's efforts to make the public forget about how extremist the GOP really is, with Nation magazine correspondent Ben Adler.

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    Default Papantonio: Republicans Whine Like Babies Over Their Own Failures

    Mike Papantonio and Ed Schultz discuss the Republicans' crying games over Obama's victories in National Security Policy, particularly overseeing the death of Osama Bin Laden.

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    Default Papantonio: JOBS Act Paves Way For Massive Corporate Fraud

    Recently, President Obama signed the abomination of a bill known as the JOBS Act into law. The Act is supposed to help small business owners have access to capital to expand or start their businesses and stimulate the economy. But thanks to Republican meddling, almost all oversight and regulatory statutes were removed from the Act before it was signed into law, leaving the door wide open for financial fraud. Mike Papantonio talks about what we might expect as a result of this JOBS Act with attorney James Kauffman who specializes in financial fraud litigation.

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    Default Papantonio: Republicans Stuck With Romney -- Now What?

    Santorum is out; Gingrich is gone; and Ron Paul can't shake the image that the general public holds of him -- which is the creepy old uncle that doesn't quite know what's happening in the world around him. This means that Mitt Romney is a lock to be the Republican nominee for president. And while the GOP might be happy that their long primary season is finally coming to an end, the American public is less than enthusiastic about Mitt Romney. Mike Papantonio talks about what's in store now that Romney is the GOP's guy with syndicated columnist Karl Frisch.

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    Default Papantonio: Republicans Are A Threat To National Security

    Mike Papantonio talks about the difference between Republicans and Democrats on issues of National Security and why the Republicans are so inept at foreign policy that they have actually become a threat to our security.

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    Default Papantonio: How Republicans Romanticize War

    For 8 straight years we heard conservative politicians and pundits telling us that we needed to be at war in places like Iraq and Afghanistan and that anyone who didn't support the wars was unpatriotic. Bush, Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld were all beating the drums of war within days of the 9/11 attacks; attacks that they failed to prevent, even though they had the intelligence, and they then proceeded to get us bogged down into two unwinnable wars with no clear goals. After the failures of the war hawk policies of Bush, why are conservatives still following the same doctrine of shoot first, and never ask questions? Mike Papantonio attempts to answer that question with Corey Robin, author of the new book The Reactionary Mind.

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    Default Papantonio: Fear Rules Republican Minds

    When you drill down to the center of what most motivates a traditional conservative, you will find that they are terrified by the idea of changing the way they view the world. It is a mentality that prevented 13th century Europeans from sailing ships too far in any one direction. They were fearful of sailing off the edge of a flat earth. The idea of a flat earth was the only way they could see it. Once they overcame their fear and made it to North America, the conservative American Tories were too terrified to declare independence from Great Britain because that change was too dramatic. A king was all they knew -- all they could accept. Lord knows how frightening ideas like evolution, the United Nations, Lady Gaga, and Obama has to be for the die-hard conservative. Understand it was that same kind of inflexible fanatic bunch of social, political conservatives who wanted to murder Galileo and Copernicus because they had new ideas about how the world worked.

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    Default Papantonio: Corporate Pigs and Politicians

    Listen carefully to the latest Mitt Romney speech, the latest talking points from Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, John Boehner, and you will hear them telling you that more corporate freedom to do whatever the Hell they want is good for America - good for capitalism -- Why would they still be trying to sell those disastrous ideas? Well, it's because most Americans still don't understand why they lost their homes, why they lost their jobs, why they are no longer members of America's so-called middle class -- Most Americans whose lives are in shambles have never stopped to figure out just how badly the Republican corporation machine trampled on them. To some degree that's their own fault. It's their fault because they never fought back. Many of them still don't ask questions.

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