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Thread: Thom Hartmann

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    Default Is It Time For A Rural Internet Authority?

    Thom speaks with caller Joe about how people without internet find contact information for Congress and why the government should intervene to ensure that rural America has access to high speed internet service.

    How can people get rural internet access? Why is there no internet in so many places?

    How to call your congressman to demand internet access. Look at the history of the rural telephone authority from the last century. DO we need a new one for the internet?

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    Default Could We See Meters Of Sea Level Rise In The Near Future?

    Thom talks about a recent report about climate change and sea level rise and the chance that we could see more than a meter rise in ocean levels in very short time.

    It has happened 14,700 years ago - is it about to happen again? Ice is falling off the ice shelves in Antarctica, right now.

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    Default The Crash of 2017 And The Social Instability That Lies Ahead

    Thom talks about the work of Leslie Allan Combs and why we must be prepared for the coming economic and social instability.

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    Default Now Is The Time To Be Indivisible Against Trump! (w/guest: Angel Padilla)

    Thom speaks with Angel Padilla, member of The Indivisible Team and Co-Author of Indivisible: A Practical Guide For Resisting Trump, about what the group is doing to block Donald Trump's policies and agenda and how you can get involved to do the same.

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    Default Eating You Alive - The Movie! (w/Guests: Paul Kennamer Jr & Merrilee Jacobs)

    Thom speaks with Director & Co-Producers of "Eating You Alive" - Paul David Kennamer Jr. & Merrilee Jacobs, about why Americans should switch to a plant-based diet & lifestyle.

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    Default Earth To Republicans - The ACA IS Obamacare!!!

    Thom explains that Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are actually the same thing, despite Republican claims.

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    Default The Latest Trump Scandal Is Getting Very Weird, Very Fast

    Thom talks about the latest scandal involving President-Elect Donald Trump and claims about golden showers and asks who gave the FBI this information regarding Trump.

    Is someone trying to blackmail Donald Trump? How will this golden showers story pan out? And yes, there is a golden shower inside Trump Towers - it's a fountain! Or is this golden showers story fake news?

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    Default Obama's Farewell Warning... We Must Participate In Our Democracy!!

    Thom plays clips from President Obama's Farewell Address and explains why we must heed his warning about taking democracy for granted.

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    Default CNN Actually Stands Up To Donald Trump!

    Thom talks about how Donald Trump called out CNN for sharing "fake news" about him and the fact that CNN actually stood up to the president-elect and explained that they used responsible journalism.

    This follows Buzzfeed releasing the first golden showers story. Trump refused to answer all the questions from Buzzfeed during his press conference today. And what of the British spy referenced in the media today?

    The Twitter hashtag today seems to be #goldenshowergate.

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    Default Hypocrisy Much? Trump Says The Press Is Like Nazi Germany!

    Thom talks about one of the strangest moments in the recent Trump press conference, when he said that the press accusations were like Nazi Germany.

    This during the reports by Buzzfeed, about the Russians and accusations.

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    Default Jeff Sessions Is No Robert Byrd

    Thom plays a clip of Senator Cory Booker testifying against Sen. Jeff Sessions at his confirmation hearing for Attorney General and explains why Jeff Sessions claims that he was never racist are not the same as Robert Byrd seeing the wrongness of his racist beliefs.

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    Default Will Marco Rubio Bring Down The Rex Tillerson Nomination?

    Thom talks about the disagreement between Rex Tillerson and Marco Rubio at Tillerson's confirmation hearing and asks whether the nomination will be confirmed.

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    Default Donald Trump NEEDS Your Advice On How To Be President!

    Thom talks about a recent email from the President-elect Trump, soliciting advice on his presidency and asks whether Democrats should oppose the Trump administration even on issues they agree with.

    Republican supporters received an email asking them to vote on what legislation THEY want to be passed by Trump! Like, he's going to listen?

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    Default Is Opposing Trump At All Costs Democrats' Hypocrisy?

    Thom speaks to caller Steve, who says that democrats who oppose Trump on policies they have supported in the past are hypocrites.

    How to oppose Trump? Obamacare was a Republican idea. Who owns the media? Do the Republicans own the media?

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    Default Russian Expert "Detente Both Possible & Necessary" (w/guest: Stephen Cohen)

    Total duration 32 minutes:
    Thom speaks with Stephen Cohen, Contributing Editor at The Nation & Professor Emeritus of Russian Studies at NYU, about the various scandals involving Russia and President-Elect Donald Trump, and the possible implications for the future.

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    Default Single Payer Is The Conservative Solution! (w/Guest: Rep. Marc Pocan)

    Total duration 20 minutes:
    Thom speaks with Congressman Marc Pocan (D-Wi, 2nd District) about issues of the day and takes calls from listeners.

    Marc Pocan spent the hour taking calls from listeners from across America, covering a wide range of topics, including the 15th anniversary of the opening of Guantanamo Bay, GITMO. Plus talk on international trade policy.

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    Default Issues Of The Day w/ Congressman Mark Pocan!

    Total duration 24 minutes:
    Thom speaks with Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District) about issues of the day and takes listener questions.

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    Default America's Preexisting Condition . . . Republicans!

    Thom talks about the recent vote-a-rama held in the Senate and how Republicans voted against policies and health care protections that the vast majority of Americans support and supporting tax cuts for rich people, with which most Americans would disagree.

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    Default Caller: Why Do Union Members Vote Against Their Own Self Interest?

    Thom speaks with caller Jeff about how union members vote against Democrats, who typically support strong union membership.

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    Default Will Climate Change Reality Make Republicans Wake Up???

    Thom talks to caller Molly about Trump and Republicans denying climate change in the face of so many natural disasters and asks when they will wake up.

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    Default Is Trump Reliving His Days Of Being A Military School Bully?

    Thom speaks with caller Charles, who wonders if Trump's treatment of military and intelligence members is a result of the time he spent in military school as a child.

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    Default Conservatives Framing Liberals for Violent Protests (w/guest Lauren Windsor)

    Thom speaks with Lauren Windsor, executive producer of The Undercurrent, on conservative attempts to frame progressive groups and campaigns for violent protests.

    Fascinating story on doing a sting on a sting.

    Talk about a James O'Keefe "operative".

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    Default Thom Connects the Dots Between Climate Change and the Arab Spring

    Thom explains how climate change influenced the Arab Spring.

    Princeton University reports that the dust raised by fighting in Syria wasn't tanks - it was a dust storm created by global warming.

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    Default Penthouse Seeks Evidence of Trump's #GoldenGate Scandal?

    The magazine is offering a $1M bounty for proof of Trump's peculiar peccadiloes.

    0:59 The view of the UK press on Trump and #GoldenGate
    1:40 The Golden Fountain at Trump Towers
    2:25 The Penthouse $1m offer

    The "dossier" on Golden Gate has been a hot topic this week. Penthouse magazine is trying to tease out a copy of any video which may exist of Trump in Russia. Is their money safe?

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    Default The Future of Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act ... (w/Guest: Wendell Potter)

    Guest host Alex Lawson, Executive Director of Social Security Works, speaks with former health insurance executive Wendell Potter about the Republican plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act and what that means for our country.

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