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    Default Taryn Asher Should Be Fired

    In the past month or two she has committed two pretty egregious errors, that at best show bad journalism, and at worst show she is just a bad person.

    a) The story about the girl who wound up hanging herself because of her rape accusations against a classmate. There were a lot of people at fault at this story, but one finger points directly back to Fox 2 (and Asher in particular) for basically revealing this girl's identity by showing this story.

    b) Reporting on the death at the Burger King earlier this week, Asher said something like, "in the end, the victim didn't have it his way." Making a pun about somebody's death is classless, let alone by a reporter on the news.

    I've always found her to be way too blunt and showing no compassion, but these two stories proved that she's much worse than that.

    Fox 2 - you guys suck in general based on your "IN THE FACE!!!!" new way of presenting news, but do something useful for once and can her.

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    Do you have links to the incidents you cite? I found two videos on Fox 2 News but neither had the statement you said Taryn Asher made. As I recall, the image of the the girl who committed suicide was masked. The girl and her mother brought the story to Fox 2 News and they were accommodated. In fact, an interview with the girl's mother has her praising Fox 2 News and Taryn Asher for doing the story to their wishes. See interview about 2:30 into it.
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    Maybe she wants to get out of her contract!

    She has been making a few blunders lately.

    Earlier this week she was reporting from Van Dyke and Georgia ,where the car thief crashed (in front of what used to be a Robert Hall store )after being shot by a DPS officer at the Borroughs
    school parking lot. She said that the caper "went as planned". ??????

    Hewel Parkins needs to be the first one let go from that station!

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    I remember the Burger King comment on the live report that night. They do have some terrible personnel there. I remember a report about something that they said if it was laid end to end would be able to wrap around the world. The blonde morning anchor said "wow, that's like almost ten thousand miles". Gotta love that Cam Carmen.

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    Fox 2 is just a crappy station, there's just so many things wrong with them IMO. I can't stand watching them for 2 minutes without getting a headache.

    What's amazing is that station is suposedly the best thing we got when it comes to TV news.

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    Fox 2 seems like it is a sort of "budget" station. It is like the Kmart of news in Detroit.

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    How about the hack story Fox 2 did a couple of weeks ago on the ex-DPD officer that shot and killed the guy trying to rob him. The tird she interviewed was lying out of his a**. By the way good job checking your facts, the father of the killed robber says my son has never been convicted of armed robbery, good point he was arrested for carjacking and plea bargained to a lesser offense.
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    She was horrible when she was up in Flint on ABC 12. I felt bad for metro Detroit when I saw her on Fox 2.

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    Not about Asher, but Fox 2 in general...

    Why the hell did Huel have Terry Jones on "Let It Rip" last night?!?!? Good job giving him exactly what he wanted. I'm annoyed enough with media covering this moron, let alone actually granting him access to spew his hatred via TV/radio.

    I used to like Fox 2. It's just horrible infotainment at this point. Shameful.

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    The only local news channel I can watch anymore is ch 7, and the have been going down hill for the last few months. I find myself relying more and more on wwj radio for local news

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    Can you trust any station that flies the "Fox" banner?

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    Taryn Asher needs to be fired immediately and replaced with this guy for some hard hitting journalism

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    Local news just means more commercials. I used to watch 2 in the morning while I was getting ready for work - but now - holy cow - with silly ass Charlie Langton screaming and LeDuff doing prat falls - the "girls" are always complaining about being cold as they sit there in there sleeveless or short sleeve chest exposing costumes and there's no news.
    Oh yeah, Lindsay Lohan going to jail. I won't even mention the Jed Clampet look alike,
    that got way too much coverage. Who does he think he is, Charlie Sheen???

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    Fox 2 has him on "Let It Rip" again tonight! FU, Fox.

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    I saw the BK story and thought the comment Taryn made was in poor taste. Aside from that I think she does pretty well in spite of working for WJBK.The station's newscasts are getting hard for me to watch. The lead anchor comes across as a pompus unintentional(?)Ted Baxter pardoy(imo). More&more the news on that station is being replaced by fluff. That's not exclusive to Fox2 but it burns me to no end when I tune into see hard news only to instead be made privy to the life altering all important happenings on Idol.
    I enjoy Taryn. It's that damn Cam Karmen&WDIV's Sandra Ali I could do nicely without.
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    If she get out of her contract she could run for the president of city council

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