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    Default 1969 Travco motorhome/RV for trade or sale.

    I have a 1969 Travco RV which I need to get rid of. Its in fairly good shape for a 69. The drivers side windshield is broken and someone stole the reserve generator out of the back last winter. I haven't had it running due to the wiring being cut from the generator but It is a good runner and was taken care of. I believe the generator wiring just needs to be bypassed. Trans is good brakes also. Kitchen and bath although Im not sure if or how they work. Its located in the corridor at 2nd and Brainard in a friends backyard if you want to take a look, or throw eggs at it depemnding on how you feel about Django .

    What I want, I want cash of course but Im also looking for a decent dslr camera and or an X Box 360 with hard drive. Just about any reasonable offer gets you this classic.

    Oh yeah, its got a flat tire with slow leak.

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    Is the dog included?

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    I just love this pic of Farnsworth and figured Id share it, but no, he passed about 4 yrs ago.

    Best dog ever.

    How much are you offering Whitehouse? I could get him I suppose.

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    Very impressive stacked rock! Is that your work Django?

    And very nice looking pooch BTW. Sorry about your losing him.

    We'll pass on the RV. Did plenty of that in my other life. The closest I come to camping now is a hotel.

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    Yeah Dearie, I did those rocks out on Belle Isle at least five yrs ago. That was a lot of fun.

    Come on my Dearie, what could be better than a hotel room on wheels.

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    Ha Ha! If the RV's a rockin' don't come a knockin! Eh?

    That rock stacking is beautiful.

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    You have pm

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    Do you know if the water systems were winterized? It could be a mess if they were left with water in them. I have a 1989 Vixen that I love. It is a task updating the 20 year old systems, but it runs like a charm. Travco made excellent RVs and had a better track record. These can be restored and are quite popular. Check these two sites, and where it says:

    Arlo Guthrie once said, (And I will Paraphrase) "You know, if one person, just one person buys a Travco, they may think he's really sick and they won't take him. And if two people buy a Travco--in harmony--they may think they're both MENTALLY DEFICIENT and they won't take either of them. And if THREE people do it! Can you imagine three people walkin' in, buy'n a Travco and walkin'out? They might think it's an ORGANIZATION! And can you imagine FIFTY people a day? I said FIFTY people a day--walkin' in buy'n a Travco and walkin' out? Friends, they may think it's a MOVEMENT, and that's what it is:
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    Is that George McManns back yard next to the Brainard park?

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    Is the camper still for sale? How much are you asking? Thanks for your time.

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    Best offer takes it. I just need to get it out of Georges back yard at this point. I imagine I could get about $500 at the scrap yard

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    If you would do 200 you may have it sold???????

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    Its been sold. Finally. uggh. Someone payin $500 to get it towed out to Kzoo on top of what I got for it.

    And yes Bodyb, that is George McManns back yard, he and his wife are going to be pretty happy when the tow truck leaves with it.

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    congrats, on the sale Django. Use your millions wisely.

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    Great! Those are collectibles now and it sounds like it will have a good home and hopefully a nice restoration. I really like those oldies but goodies. I'm spending my resources on restoring aged parts in an 89 Vixen, which I hope to have back on the road in May.

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    So how did the move go???

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    The move went smooth.
    I wish I could have hung on to the thing but even though it was locked inside a fenced yard they somehow were able to steal the generator, air conditioner, and various other non ferrous metal parts. I believe I made a total of $175 on the whole deal. If I could have it stored in a more secure place Im sure I could have gotten a whole lot more. I had dreams of fixing it up and living out of it when I bought it but you know how that goes.

    Im glad someone got it who seems to want to restore it properly, it really was a nice ride at one time. Im embarrased to say how much I let it go for but times are tough and I needed the bread. Im thinking about investing the money in a couple hundred square inches of Detroit property.

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