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Thread: Rose Terrace

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    Default Rose Terrace

    Yes, I remember the servant furniture on the 3rd floor. Yes, it was metal, a light green in color. Very industrial. The Housekeepers apt had a living room, with a fireplace and a bedroom with bath.

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    Any chance you could scan the brochure and post it here for all to see? I know it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Anna Dodge left the DIA $1,000,000.00 as an endowment for the gift of the contents of the music room. Despite that fact, her bequest was sold. Several items are now part of the collection of the Getty in Los Angeles.

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    I will try to scan the brochure. May take me awhile to do but will try

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    Thank you. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

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    Default rose Terrace

    This is the picture of Rose Terrace

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    Default Rose Terrace

    Rose Terrace Picture #2

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    Sending a few more pages

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    Default Rose Terrace

    Another page about Rose Terrace

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    Default Rose Terrace

    This is the First Floor

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    Default Rose - Terrace - 2nd floor

    Second Floor

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    Default Rose Terrace - 3rd floor

    Third Floor

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    Default Rose Terrace - Last Picture

    Rose Terrace - Last Picture

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    Some of these pictures are out of order as in the Sales Brochure, but you can sort of put them together where you can

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    Thanks for posting these. Very cool stuff.

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    Bud656 - yes, thanks for posting this! The story about the ventilation system was fascinating. I would imagine it helped keep the dust down. I had never seen the basement/3rd floor plans before, very nice. Was there a tunnel connecting the house with the garage? I understand the Duveen archives are sealed until 2020. Its possible it holds some interesting material to add to the leagacy of "Rose Terrace".

    The DIA book, the YouTube videos and this forum are really the only record left available. Your comments are appreciated.

    Would you feel comfortable sending a email with those scans of the sales brochure?

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    Michael Kathrens devotes the final chapter of his well-researched book, American Splendor The Residential Architecture of Horace Trumbauer to the design and building of Rose Terrace. Along with the text there are numerous pictures and the plans of the 2 major floors. Rose Terrace was the last American palace designed by Trumbauer.

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    Default Rose Terrace

    No, there was not a tunnel from the basement to the garage.

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    Default Rose Terrace

    Not sure what you mean by an email of the plans?

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    Attach the files you used to download the brochure to a email and send.

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    Other interesting Sidelights to Rose Terrace:

    When Hollywood wanted to film the Great Gatsby in 1974, they wanted to use Rose Terrace in the movie. At that time, the bank was still in control and denied the use of it. Hollywood then used Rosecliff in Newport RI for the ballroom scene.

    Also, the Developer bought Rose Terrace, he wanted to make Condominiums out of it and add a few more buildings on the property. After a couple of years, economic conditions were not right and also of not taking care of the building, (low or no heat, etc). the roof and walls leaked, and streaked the ceilings and walls, it was then decided to develope the propery as single family homes.

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    Not only did I forget the Trumbauer book{which I have} I also left out This mapping site shows the original property boundaries plus links to the YouTube videos and a link to showing the estate still standing. In the same area is a separate tag showing a surviving garden wall from Rose Terrace.

    Bud656 - If you were to look at Google Earth's Street View, Berkshire Pl and Lake Shore Dr. you can see red sandstone fence posts and somewhat-elaborate wrought iron fencing. Was this the service gate from Rose Terrace? It matches an old photo I have minus the scroll work top and lights that sat on each post.

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    Default Rose Terrace

    Yes, the gates you mentioned are the gates for the service drive on the North
    side of the property, next to the church.

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    Packman, the estate sale you mentioned was my grandfathers in Romeo. Tell the current owner of the Packards to drop me a line, he is a great man. My grandfather was an automotive designer with Harley Earl and designed the early Motorama cars. His connections in the design world gave him the opportunities to meet the movers and shakers which included Horace Dodge Jr. Horace Jr., as I was told liked to party and was living off of a trust. When Horace Jr. would burn through the trust money, he started selling off his belongings, and some went to my grandfather. I believe that is how my grandfather obtained the SS saloon, and the Hispano Suiza. The Hispano was as I was told only driven in the driveway a few times by Horace sr while he was loaded, and it was driven in reverse! That car was hand picked from the 1919 Worlds fair which I think was in Paris at the time. The Packards, were obtained one from Horace Jr. and the other from the man who used to own Zeibart (the Rollston). Tell the current owner I may have found a pic online with regards as to the Packards being used in the Queens coronation.
    As far as the estate sale in Romeo, the late Frank Boos did it for us and it was his last of its kind for him as he passed not too long after. My grandfather remembered him from the Christies auction and requested Frank do the sale on his death bed. He was at the Rose Terrace auction and has an auction book, which I now have, which details every item sold in the auction and for how much. I have also more pics of the cars being brought out of the barns in Romeo and a few newspapers detailing the estate from back in the day. I think the Detroit News put it out. I am still in touch with the now owner of the SS saloon (1934 Jag). he still loves it. Horace had put in a Dodge straight 6 in it and embossed the block with the same numbers as the Jag frame. He also saved the original standard 16 motor on the crate. The Dodges still have heirs in the area I think one is a lawyer. An antiquer I met who relocated to Phoenix, may have more info on the whereabouts of the heirs. Hope some of this info helps.

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    Default Rose Terrace entrance gates

    Greetings to all of you that are interested in Rose Terrace! I'm new to this forum as of today. Have been reading it for some time now though. My Father purchased the gates and a large amount of one of the entrances from the estate. I have been searching for a photo of the gates and found one here! Thanks so much.

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