Condos rise above the Griswold parking structure located behind the Cadillac Hotel in Detroit


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    This is a continuation of another thread, where I mentioned (before the newspaper reported) that a new grocery store is coming to Midtown.

    Here is a link taking you to the article in today's paper about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gsgeorge View Post
    Don't we have enough auto repair shops in this town? I welcome any new business, but what about a grocery store, a bakery, a sensibly cheap restaurant, a coffee shop?? Is that so hard?
    Geoff, don't dig Avalon for your bakery needs?

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    Midtown has two large grocery stores, both on the edge of the neighborhood, both on Warren Ave. One at St. Antoine, and the other at John C Lodge.

    There is also Goodwell's Market on W Willis at Cass, but it is really small.

    Zaccaro's was open for awhile on Woodward at Watson in Brush Park.

    Now Sunflower Market is opening on W Forest Ave between Woodward and Cass.

    Hopefully the Zaccaro's location can reopen as a similar grocery store to Sunflower.

    That would boost the number of groceries to 4, with several smaller sized markets.

    I think then, there will be a need for a larger supermaket. Like a super target or something, or meijer.

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    Default Capitol Park Sign

    This is the sign and renderings on the South side of Capitol Park.

    Link to past discussion;
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    Quote Originally Posted by DetroitDad View Post
    It took me a very long time to learn that when many "outsiders" say such things, what they really mean is that there are not enough chain grocery stores (Krogers, Walmart, etc.), restaurants (TGI Fridays, Denny's, etc.), and so forth. Well, that and the fact that Detroit businesses seem to not advertise very much. You really have to ask other locals until you learn the city well.
    Yeah, no kidding. I spent 3 years living in downtown, and had to lurk around on DY in order to find out about Honey Bee Market. That's not to imply that my building suffered from a shortage of menus from mediocre Pizza places, however. It's not easy to find out about these things if you're an "outsider." I made dozens of trips out to the burbs for essentials because I just felt like nothing else was on offer..

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    Default New In The Millender Center

    A coming soon sign has appeared on the second floor of the Millender Center, for The Birmingham Deli;

    Attachment 6544

    Attachment 6545

    And of course, in case you didn't hear, The Courtyard Cafe and Bar assures us they are open with a new and exciting menu, and serving their famous soul food. I have been told this is the best place to get soul food in the Central Business District.

    Attachment 6546

    Attachment 6547

    That display is in the windows facing Randolph Street.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DetroitDad View Post
    I'm not sure on the fate of Zakoors.
    I heard on the street(literally from two people taking about this) that the owner was going to close for a year and then occupy one of the new retail spots on the same corner.

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