It was a nice Sunday in March, so its prime time for sure, but the count on dogs using the park this afternoon was 31 as close as I could count them. It wasn't easy, they where having a great time running around, while the people enjoyed the large social gathering.

This area is downright exploding in popularity now. Plus, with the Q-line starting to run, the heat is only going to get turned up even more. There are a lot of rehabs and new residential coming on line in the area and this 5000 square feet at best of dog park is not going to meet the needs of all the residents in the vicinity much longer.

Good problem to have. Illustrates how fast the density is increasing in Midtown.

Anyone know where on 2nd Avenue the permanent Dog Park is supposed to go and equally important, will it be large enough to handle all the new residents, both 4 and 2 legged?