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    Default Cloverlanes Bowling Alley Demolition

    Whether you loved it or hated it the Cloverlanes Bowling Alley definitely added some visual interest to the I-96 corridor. I never bowled there myself... it's just always been one of those things that's "always been there". When i was a kid it was the landmark that meant we were halfway between home (Ann Arbor) and Grandma's house (Royal Oak). Anybody have any memories of the Cloverlanes? Or remember it being built?

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    Drank a lot of beer in that place in days long gone. Just read an article the other day that claims two sports -- bowling and golf -- seem to be in declining years as the young folks today are far too busy with their tablets and I-pads, and not participating in active sports. I'd love to come back in a hundred years to see how that angle ended up.

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    Always wanted to skateboard on that roof.

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    What an iconic building! I was never a bowler but worked in Livonia some years and recall it. Here's some photos:
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    Drove by there last Sat and was reminded of the times bowling and playing pinball there. Used to be a Putt Putt golf place on Middlebelt south of 96 that was fun to waste time at also. Last time I was at Putt putt I passed on a "great deal" for stereo speakers right before Livonia's finest pulled in and shut that trunk run business down. Ha memories.

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    I'm from the east side and rarely venture to that area, but I knew exactly where this was from just the headline. That's too bad they are replacing a notable place of recreation with a storage facility that will surely lack architectural notoriety.

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    I am not from the Detroit area so I never got to visit Cloverleaf Lanes, but I really love the architecture. The open windows on each end of the structure were very unique, at least compared to the NY/NJ alleys that I frequented when I was into bowling in high school. Unfortunately, like in many places on the coasts, the land under bowling alleys has become too valuable and they close. My old hangout on Staten Island, NY was closed and became townhouses.

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    The roof of the old bowling alley is (was) pretty unique. Very 1960s, but unique.
    Not sure how feasible it would be, but it would certainly be interesting if the new storage facility had a similar looking roof.

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    It must have been a trip to repair that roof as it aged! From the photos you can see it was like a patch work quilt.

    Quote Originally Posted by mkhopper View Post
    The roof of the old bowling alley is (was) pretty unique. Very 1960s, but unique.
    Not sure how feasible it would be, but it would certainly be interesting if the new storage facility had a similar looking roof.
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    My dad and his partner built and owned Cloverlanes and the adjacent Compton Village Motor Inn and Mitch Housey's Restaurant in the early 1960s. They were young developers and were trying to make an architectural statement. My dad's family were avid bowlers, so the choice of the project came naturally to him. My mom and her partner ended up selling Cloverlanes to the son-in-law of John L. Brown, the fellow who operated the place, after my dad passed away in 1972. Glad to see so many fond memories of the place here!

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    I used to bowl at Cloverlanes in early 1990s for the youth tournament and later 2003. My first bowling League was Merriman Road Baptist Church and Friends. It went well until the rowdy folks came in. The league left and I left also. Still have those AMF pinsetters for a while. Lot of great memories there. I will definitely miss that alley.

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    I grew up in the subdivision just to the east of Cloverlanes (Buckingham Village).

    Always thought that alley looked like some giant dropped his pair of binoculars...burying them 1/2 way in the dirt.

    You could see Cloverlanes and hear the Detroit Race Course bugle from my backyard at about 5 pm.

    Gonna miss the place as a landmark, but it's time had come.

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    I spent my teen years in Buckingham Village too. My mom bowled at Cloverlanes for a while in order to meet other women in the neighborhood
    I remember what a nightmare the traffic became when the track let out.
    Now I get to deal with the traffic in Ann Arbor on game days!

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    Throwback Thursday from 2008...

    And a last gasp drive-by photo from yesterday....

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheUsualSuspect View Post
    Gonna miss the place as a landmark, but it's time had come.
    That was probably said at other times, about other landmarks like the old Detroit City Hall, Lafayette Building, Brush Park...

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    I would think some sign collector would prize that Lounge - Bar BOWL sign. It is such a classic.

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    An article from a the Friday October 2, 1959 edition of the Detroit Free Press. From what I have found the architects specialized in MCM bowling centers.
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    I remember as really little kid my mom was on a ladies daytime bowling league there. They used to have a play area that all us kids played in while the moms bowled.

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    Driving around 96 to find a turn around (eyes roll), and drove past a bunch of dilapidated debris (common sight), but when I saw the sign, I did a double take and said "but-wait-Oh, My Lord! That's the old Cloverlanes-gone-just gone."

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