Cloverlanes Demolition in Livonia Michigan


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Thread: Paging Gazhekwe

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    Thanks Pam, jimaz & gaz. I think all the people that are holding out in this Dakota weather are going to appreciate any amount of financial support.

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    Thank you so much, Pam and Jimaz, for keeping this thread active on the fight against the Black Snake. The Seventh Fire has been taking up all my time and energy. I've known about the Prophecy most of my life, but I never could figure out how were we going to get any energy going world wide. Yet here we are, lighting our new fires in preparation for leading to a healthier path for all our brothers, sisters and fellow beings.

    Has anyone else noticed the connection to the end of the era Mayan Calendar in December 2012. From that time, we had nationwide and global movements beginning and they have become more and more powerful. We are in the process of stopping fossil fuels by attacking the money. It is money that feeds the Black Snake, and if we can choke off the money, it will begin to die. There are signs it is beginning to work.

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    Interesting article in the Free Press about The Treaty of Detroit that puts in play some of the wealthiest properties in Michigan.

    Indian tribe bids to make big chunk of Up North Michigan a reservation

    In the lawsuit, filed last year against Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder in U.S. District Court in Grand Rapids, the tribe claims the 1855 Treaty of Detroit between Ottawa and Chippewa Indians and the U.S. government affirmed as reservation land an area 32 miles north-to-south from the northern tip of the Lower Peninsula down the eastern shore of Little Traverse Bay. The 337-square-mile area in question includes Cross Village, Good Hart, Harbor Springs, Petoskey and northern Charlevoix.

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    Examples where tribes have prevailed in reacquiring land and governance:

    Salamanca, NY Allegheny Reservation, Seneca
    Riverton, WY Wind River Reservation, Northern Arapaho, Eastern Shoshone

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    North Dakota seeks to outlaw masked rallies, allow driving over protesters
    Protesters against the Dakota Access Pipeline are shocked over bills introduced by GOP lawmakers which would criminalize road protests, restrict what protesters can wear, and allow the federal govt. to be sued to cover enforcement costs.

    Among the bills, one would exempt drivers from liability if they unintentionally injure or kill a pedestrian obstructing traffic on a public road or highway.

    GOP Rep. Keith Kempenich crafted the driver exemption bill after his 72-year-old mother-in-law was blocked by protesters waving signs on a roadway....
    Armored petro billionaires hiding behind the skirts of "residents" and "72-year-old mother-in-laws" as if there's nothing suspicious about that PR maneuver.

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    I was reading the other thread that Ray was posting, skid row and
    pawn shops - that good thread - and it led me to the Corktown blogspot
    which took me to the Detroit Urbanism blogspot with this very good
    first post:

    Since it has been more than a year since this post other DetroitYes posters
    may well be aware of it.
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    It is walking distance from my job site to the place where "The Great
    Mound of the River Rouge" was located.

    (More recently, in year 2000, there was an ancient Honeywell coal chemical
    manufacturing facility just the other side of West End Street from where
    the Great Mound was - this reeked of toluidine and had a sign saying
    such-and-such many days without an accident. This has since been torn
    down and is most likely a brownfield.)

    (Heh. I think Manuel Maroun might now own the truck parking lot where
    the Great Mound used to be.)

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