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    Default Cobo session scrapped after few show up

    David Josar and Christina Stolarz / The Detroit News

    A planned closed-door session of City Council this morning to discuss litigation that could derail Cobo expansion plans didn't happen because not enough council members showed up.

    City Council President Monica Conyers had to adjourn a 9 a.m. special session because only three other council members -- JoAnn Watson, Kwame Kenyatta and Sheila Cockrel -- attended. A quorum, the minimum number of members required to conduct business, is five.

    She pounded the gavel and ended the meeting. Another meeting to discuss the litigation could be held, but public notice must be made 18 hours in advance.

    Martha must have been out too late last nihght clubbing and gambling.

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    And there was allegedly some salty language before that video (which is on the city's website--the above article doesn't mention that). We don't think anyone was recording when Conyers got upset at Cockrel, who felt the media should be allowed into the meeting.

    We asked Conyers about it, she declined to answer. Cockrel called the incident embarrassing for city council.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leland_palmer View Post
    Martha must have been out too late last nihght clubbing and gambling.
    And BRC was still putting money under pillows

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    10 bonus points to the source who can tell us what Monica Conyers said!

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    Okay, so we have a judge who wouldn't rule on the veto issue because he wanted both parties to work out their differences. I can understand his hope for a resolution without involving the courts.

    The Council was supposed to meet about this issue behind closed doors, yet only a few showed? An entire region is waiting for resolution to this issue, yet the Council cannot even generate enough bodies for a quorum?

    Adding to that rumors of a heated exchange between two of the members and I'm ready to rip a door from its hinges!

    This City's leadership is the most pathetic bunch of no-accounts ever! How they disgust me.

    Where is the FBI?

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    I consulted my crystal ball, and it showed Monica saying:

    I was speaking! And I was saying, that, yes, in the abscess of a Koran, nothing can be derided, but as I said [louder, interrupting everybody] AS I SAID, a councilperson, especially the Council President, which is me, cannot be interruptured when they are talking in ogre to make the point of no Koran. Now, the debit may continue in the abscess of a Koran, until some one raise the point while no one is talking, [louder to interrupt] WHILE NO ONE IS TALKING, WHILE NO ONE IS TALKING. [Throws up hand] Whatever! Whatever! Whatever! WHATEVER! WHATEVER!

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    I wonder what would happen to me if I started blowing off important meetings at work without explanation.

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    In an interview this morning on Frank Beckman's show, Sheila Cockrel said that Ms. MonCon hammered the meeting closed while the missing councilmembers were wandering in. According to Ms. Shelia the meeting ended before the others could take their seats.

    Sorry, couldn't find an audio link on the wjr website, but maybe it will be posted later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobl View Post
    10 bonus points to the source who can tell us what Monica Conyers said!
    Aside from using the f- and b-words, Conyers said that Cockrel "needed a man."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lostlegumes View Post
    Aside from the b-word, Conyers said that Cockrel "needed a man."
    And according to some sources, so does she, apparently.

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    If I were the judge and saw that Council couldn't even be bothered to take the meetings for the issue seriously I'd toss the idea of negotiations out the window and rule on the legalities (which, I somewhat suspect, don't favor Council).

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    From the WDIV Clickondetroit site:

    "...The media was not allowed inside the meeting. However, on camera, after the meeting, Conyers and Cockrel told Local 4 what had transpired during their argument.Conyers reportedly attacked Cockrel's personal life. When Local 4's Rod Meloni asked Conyers if she accused Cockrel of being lonely she said no, and then asked a poignant question."No I did not. I did not say she needs to get a man. But does she? And not be with everyone else's man. Does she? I am just asking you. This is what her people say about her. I don't know."Cockrel fired back and said the Council president's actions and increasing flare-ups are embarrassing the council and she has issues with her temper..."

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    The City Council has become a laughing stock of the country. I have seen many national news organizations reporting on this council and the city's so called wheelers and dealers. It's time to change the way the council is elected. At large elections simply make them much less unaccountable for their actions. A district system would be much more effective and may mean less stupidity. It seems that all you need is name recognition to be elected, you don't have to be qualified or effective. After 54 years in Detroit, I left because of a system that is totally ineffective and simply put; a complete joke with no true leadership. I wanted to stay in Detroit but that was not to be. Until Detroit provides services that are necessary and vital for any city to thrive it's not going to change any time soon.

    Detroit needs to provide an effective school system, transportation, sanitation and public safety to start. All these are in sad shape right now and going downhill quickly. The leadership in many city departments is deplorable and lacking. The city needs to start over with the basics and build from there with effective leadership and honesty. They also need to stop this us vs. them attitude that has become so glaring.

    I hope to one day return to the city I love but until the city gets true leadership, I'll stay put for now.
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    This is a clusterf*ck in every sense of the word. Something needs to happen and happen now.

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    Raw footage of Channel 4's interview with Monica.

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    I'm bettin' Old Man Conyers was probably thinkin' to himself: "Why in the hell did I marry this nutty broad?"

    First, she calls Ken Cockrel, Jr. "Shrek", then from what the news said, she told his step-mom that she oughta "Get a man", and then denied it when asked.

    Nothing like politics in good ol' Motown. Part of me actually misses the days of the Young and Archer Admins.. At least they were ran by older, experienced, mature and professional folk who knew what in the hell they were doing, to say the least.

    Like most Detroiters, I am disgusted with the way this city is run. I 'm considering moving back to Clinton Twp, maybe SCS might be a change of scene for me.

    (*Angry black man in the 'hood tired of the same ol' bull____ every [bleep]in' day!*)

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