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    Default Metro Detroit-Windsor 2013 Predictions

    We had a thread like this last year and since it's New Years Eve, I thought of making this. Below are just 10 of my predictions for 2013.

    1. Despite lots of opposition, an EFM is finally appointed for the city of Detroit. By this point, being an EFM will be declared the #1 worst job in Michigan.
    2. The first buildings in the Gateway Marketplace will begin construction.
    3. Meijer announces a third Detroit location at Michigan and Trumbull.
    4. The Charles H. Wright Museum permanently closes.
    5. An unknown contractor starts renovating the Michigan Central Station back into what it was built to be as.
    6. To complement the Woodward, Gratiot and M-59 routes, new BRT routes are announced to run along Fort Street, Michigan Avenue and Grand River Avenue.
    7. Red Wings win the Stanley Cup for the 12th time, while Pistons make it to the first round of the playoffs. Tigers will win the AL Central for the third consecutive season, while Lions loose 10 consecutive games.
    8. Sears finally gives up their Summit Place Mall store and as a result the vacant mall is finally torn down.
    9. 300,000 more people leave Detroit.
    10. Google finally decides to release HD Street View images throughout the state of Michigan.
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    More of the same for the city:

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    1) EFM appointed, immediately orders relocation of last residents in numerous mostly abandoned neighborhoods. EFM is kidnapped and forced to live in an abandoned house. gets arrested for the house's illegal power hook up
    2) Matty Maroun, in an attempt to prove the structural integrity of the Ambassador Bridge starts jumping up and down on it, breaks through the pavement and is never heard from again
    3) The first 1/4 mile of track for the Woodward light rail are installed. scrappers immediately steal it.
    4) Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is deemed too developed. all the artsy types move to Detroit
    5) Somerset opens a permanent "Somerset Detroit" location. All the artsy types move back to Brooklyn
    6) Mitch Albom writes another lame, self-important play. Idiots flock to the theater.
    7) Detroit and Windsor officially merge, just to correct a mistake in a Journey song.
    8) EFM sells City Airport to the Russians. Plane parts start landing in neighborhood yards. A landing gear door crashes through the Better Made factory.
    9) The Spirit of Detroit overhears one too many council meetings, says f* this and moves to Grand Rapids
    10) Olympia Entertainment opens a new hockey arena, the Joe gets turned into a world-class aquarium and all is right in the world

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    Tears of mirth; almost shit my pants funny... Dont stop at ten rb...

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    mtburb is that a wish list?

    My predictions

    1) Detroit does get the EFM

    2) still lots of murders

    3) Lions do not make the playoffs

    4)Tigers do not go to the World Series

    5) end of predictions.

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    Lock of the century: Tigers payroll balloons to #2 in the MLB, still can't win a world series in 2013, resign Brandon Inge citing lack of artistic forearm tattoos.

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    Lions make playoffs, tigers win World Series, McMansion keep getting built in Oakland and macomb, 16mile the new 8 mile,rapid crime happening all over warren, eastpointe, south Sterling Heights, hazel tucky , Madison heights, Roseville,

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    Reverend David Murray beats Mike Duggan in mayoral race for Detroit..

    Gov. Snyder announces International Bridge will go through River Rouge over Belanger park up Pleasant Street and connect to I-75 in Detroit.......

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    I'll take a shot:

    1. Mike Duggan wins the mayor's race in a squeaker. There is outcry among some members of the black community about how whites are taking over "their" city. Someone bitch slaps those people and things calm down.

    2. The deal to lease Belle Isle to the state gets done.

    3. Gilbert announces that he is building a decent sized apartment/condo building on the old Hudson's site. On the first floor is a national retailer that you would not expect to come to Detroit. Gilbert will subsidize it so it will not fail.
    4. In a continuation of Bing's vision for the city, and in line with the new emergency manager, certain areas of the city are almost completely cut off from services. No new money is spent on lighting, police, street and sidewalk repair in these areas that are deemed "non-viable."

    5. Duggan announces that he is completely re-imagining the way the CoD government works. Over half of city workforce is let go. Lighting, trash removal, the water system, parks and rec, etc. are all either privatized or eliminated. All the money saved is spent on one thing, police. The police force is quadrupled in size, with additional money spent on using state and county forces to supplement until the new officers are trained and on the beat. The goal is to get city wide response times to under 2 minutes, and have a police officer on patrol within a quarter mile of any address in all "viable" areas.

    6. Illich gets his new hockey arena, and in a surprise move Tom Gores announces that the Pistons are moving into the arena as well.

    7. Whole Foods opens and to everyone surprise is one of the top grossing stores in the chain. Other retailers notice and soon Cass and Woodward in Midtown resemble any other hipster area in other big cities. Redevelopment dots the landscape, and at least one large residential project is announced for the area.

    8. After a prolonged drought this summer in the South, a large corporation announces it's move to Detroit from Texas. When naming reasons; taxes, labor costs, etc. do not figure in, instead it is water. This is the start of a trend as many companies start reexamining their locations based on water security and the increased amount of natural disasters in the South, and the insurance rates that correspond to those disasters.

    9. The new bridge starts getting built, but Matty hires people to form a human chain at the construction site. They delay the start of the project for months.

    10. The United States economy stumbles along, growing, but at a very slow pace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtburb View Post
    Sears finally gives up their Summit Place Mall store and as a result the vacant mall is finally torn down.
    Nearly two years later, I was right. The mall has yet to be torn down, though.

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