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    Default BBC Documentary Celebrating history of Motor Industry in Detroit

    The BBC are making a documentary on Detroit centred on a century of the Motor industry, but more broadly on the city and it's people.

    It feels particularly timely when the future of the car companies seems so bleak, to make a film in celebration of the hey-day of this industry and the city.

    I am the researcher on this project, and am hoping through this forum to reach people who will give me their take on the story that needs to be told, people who can give insight into the history of the city and what it means to be a citizen of Detroit ( I'm learning a lot by reading the threads on this forum) - and people who might have home movie footage of Detroit in whatever format.

    If you have any information, footage, or insights you'd like to share, then please contact me at the following email address:

    Many thanks - I look forward to hearing from you

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    Interesting project. I am forwarding your request to a person who is a walking enclopedia of early automotive history. He has stuff in his archives BBC would drool for. His services, research and archives would not come free though.

    Just curious, are you local?

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    Hi George, welcome to the forum. I've been a reader from the beginning, and only recently joined, and look forward to sharing our family's history here on the site. When you mentioned the BBC is doing this documentary, you may be interested to know our family's link to Detroit and it's automotive history, not necessarily because it's so special, but because it's typical in every sense of the word, with a twist. My father who's still living, now in Florida, was instrumental in automotive history of the last 40 years or so, having retired as an executive with the Chrysler Corporation.

    His greatest accomplishment was the concept and creation of the mini-van which revolutionized the way Americans travel, and indeed saved Chrysler from bankruptcy in the early 1980's. My father was head of Advanced Design and Engineering for Chrysler for a good portion of his nearly 40 years with the company. I'm sure he'd be happy to share his story, since in his declining years, little brings him joy, but I know he's proud of his achievements, which include the Ramcharger, Club-Cab, and really every Dodge Truck product from the 60's, through the early 90's was his concept. One of the last individuals living who was responsible for entire vehicle concepts. Committee design became the norm in the 70's, which led to the dull, homogenous designs we've seen ever since.

    If you are interested in finding out more, please let me know.

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    How long have you been looking in here? What other resources have you discovered so far in your research? We can keep you learning for a few years if you let us.

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