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    Default For those of you whom act as if crime is only in detroit

    James and Stan Wolf found their mom's body covered in a blanket, an ice pick in her chest and a bloody sledgehammer resting on her swollen face.

    The gruesome discovery Wednesday at Fran's Roadhouse in Warren has perplexed police and family members of 68-year-old Fran Wolf, who owned the tavern.
    The suspect was arrested Thursday at a home in Detroit.
    William Thomas Dunlap, 44, is accused of beating Wolf in the head with a sledgehammer before stabbing her in front of a security camera at 3:30 a.m. Sunday.
    The motive for the vicious attack appears to be robbery, officials said.
    Police said they suspect he wanted the money to feed a drug addiction.
    At most, he took a few thousand dollars, bartenders and family members said.
    But what is perplexing is Dunlap's cool demeanor just an hour before the killing.
    Bartenders, patrons and family members told the Free Press that Dunlap was bellied up at the bar, seeming stable and even joyful.
    "I didn't see anything unusual," James Wolf said Thursday. "That's what makes this surreal."
    But Dunlap drew red flags.
    He was released from prison in November after serving a minimum sentence -- 7 years -- for armed robbery.
    In April, a bruised Fran Wolf told Warren Police that Dunlap had punched her in the face, knocking her down and robbing her.
    She later asked that he not be charged.
    "She wanted to give him another chance," Stan Wolf said. "She was compassionate."
    Still, no one could have foreseen what happened early Sunday morning.
    "There was nothing about him that made me think he was about to flip," said Fabian Griffith, who left the bar less than an hour before the killing, tapping Dunlap on the shoulder to say good-bye.
    Dunlap is to be charged with murder today in 37th District Court in Warren.

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    The suspect was arrested Thursday at a home in Detroit.
    Probably a bad article to post to try and make whatever point you were trying to make.
    Unless, of course, what you;re saying is that when crime happens outside detroit, it's committed by a Detroiter

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    He could be a Detroiter, or not. The article just says he was arrested at a home in Detroit, not his home. If it really was motivated by his desire to get money for drugs, then he might have simply been at that home getting drugs and/or getting high. But, I do get your point

    That is a horrible thing to have happen to someone who was trying to give a person who didn't deserve it a chance. And it was brutal: an ice pick and a sledge hammer. There's a better lesson to learn than that crime happens outside of Detroit. That lesson is that some people cannot be "saved".

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    In April, a bruised Fran Wolf told Warren Police that Dunlap had punched her in the face, knocking her down and robbing her.
    She later asked that he not be charged.
    So a recently released ex felon was allowed to walk after assaulting a 68 year old woman? This is a case when I wish that the Warren Police had lived up to the reputation that they seem to have on this site.

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    From other news articles it appears that the victim had been allowing Dunlap to live in here home (above the bar) for a few weeks prior to the murder. So it would appear that Dunlop was a Warren resident (At least temporarily) when the murder occurred.

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    Detroit gets a lot of bad press, this is true. And other cities get a relative pass in the media. Unfortunately, the statistics do paint a grim picture for Detroit.

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    It seems he was picked up in a drug house in northwest Detroit, he lived in Warren.

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    Sometimes the coverage is accurate it seems.

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