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    Default What's up with KONY 2012!

    Here's what's up! In Uganda, Africa there is a certian man who thinks he's Jesus; possesing 13 spirits with a Chinese phantom and he wants to start a cult like society in this native land. His name is Joeseph Rao Kony. He is the leader of the Lord's Resistance Army of the Acholi Tribe.

    Even though he is getting political and social media attention all over the world, critics said that Kony is leading over 66,000 children to war against the corrupt Ugandan government, operating child sex slaves, and did war crimes against the Ugandan people. Kony has 88 wives and 42 children.

    Will this Kony movement would get attention to the American People and other countries to support his "Dream Messianic Holy Nation." Or just leave his struggle alone.

    Any Thoughts?

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    I think some of those ghetto 'deadbeat dad's' in Detroit have that many kids and are running aroung like they are Tony Montana.

    Although I think I'm the only person alive not to have seen this movie.

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