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    Default Uniroyal site on E. Jefferson and old Broadhead Naval Armory

    Was just wondering if anyone knew of any development plans for the old Uniroyal property? Seems like a perfect opportunity to develop something that will spur growlth just outside downtown. I believe the river walk also goes all the way to just below the old Naval Armory which is also a gem of an Art Deco Bldg. I used to hold meetings in there back in the late 80's when I was stationed in Detroit as a Navy recruiter.
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    The Bus is still planning on building a "mixed use" development on the Uniroyal site with Pittsburgh's Betters Development. It was delayed by the economy and the difficulties deciding who would pay for the toxic abatement on the site

    (this is as of November of last year, when I talked to folks at Betters)

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    I would imagine that site is saturated with all kinds of industrial compounds and what nots. EPA didn't come along till the early 70's so it was probably a free for all for about 60 years

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    Yeah, they're in the process of cleaning it up now. It took awhile to hash out who was gonna pay for it, but that's done. They're driving in the supports for the extension of the Riverwalk that will go to Belle Isle. There are other threads in this forum about this, and I know they have some links to several news articles about it. Check it out.

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    Thanks for the info

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    Can the site ever really be "cleaned"? 100 years of incredibly heavy industrial on the site with god only knows what being dumped there. I'm sure it can be placed within an "acceptable" status for living according to the EPA, but do they really go down far enough in the soils to determine if it's ok for people to habit the area for an extended period of time? I wouldn't wanna live there 30 years after water pipes start leaking and toxic crap is seeping into my drinking water.

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    Well, from what I read, they've dug down pretty far. I want to say 40 feet as of a month or two ago? That number's jumping out in my head, but that could be wrong. In one article they said the stench that far down was still pretty bad. It smelled like oil and chemicals. That being said, I am excited that this finally being taken care of. It such a shame that this land has been wasted for so long.

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    I'm not sure if there is a more up to date thread on this, but is the soil remediation still going on at the Uniroyal site? What's the timeline on the site being able to be developed? The Riverwalk being extended to the bridge as well?

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