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    Default Elmwood / Lafayette Park

    How stable are these communities? What are the schools like?

    I know the history of Lafayette Park as a Mies Van Der Rohe designed community but was Elmwood Park designed in the same way?

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    Lafayette Park itself is very stable. The only school in Lafayette Park is Chrysler Elementary which is one of DPS's best schools, and compares favorably to most schools in the suburbs.

    I don't know exactly how much of the land was going to be developed by Mies, but Herb Greenwald, the developer, died in an airplane crash and so other developers finished Lafayette Park and then did Elmwood Park.

    Elmwood Park seems more mixed. The southern parts are sort of ghetto and the rest seems reasonably nice. I don't know a super ton about Elmwood Park though, so those are just my impressions based off my impressions passing through on Larned and Lafayette (and the internet lol)

    This always has really neat info about places:
    And google map's street view is a really easy way to explore a place.

    I think Elmwood park is sort of a forgotten zone of Detroit that people don't really remember exists, but I think it's one of the most stable parts of Detroit, and there are quite a few people who live there. The population and population density of Lafayette Park and Elmwood Park (combined) is about the same as midtown's and the household income is quite a bit higher.

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