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    Default [Wearing hoodies] Readers send photos in support of Trayvon Martin

    Various photos of people wearing hoodies with commentary including Jennifer Granholm and Karen Dumas:|mostpopphotos
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    1,000,000 Hoodies; Justice for Trayvon Martin Rally Detroit.

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    Trayvon Martin will be remembered!

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    Detroit preacher wears hoodie in the pulpit on Sunday:

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    Do we really need another thread on this?

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    Initially this seemed like a botched job by the police and/or and injustice by the prosecutor's decision not to bring charges.

    But the more I read about it, it sounds like the shooting was justified, even if the kid was unfairly profiled.

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    Everything I hear just makes me think of more questions, things that need to be answered to make a fair determination. That being said, the initial findings indicate serious need for education on that Stand Your Ground law, and on requirements for Neighborhood Watch volunteers.

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    could care less. Blacks kill blacks all the time. A black kid gets killed by a
    mixed race white/hispanic man and the racial hysterics begin. The theatrics only serve to annoy me. Some black folks pull the race card WAY too fast and often. As far as i'm concerned any inequality that exists today is self imposed. Before Dyes goes and tries to label me a racist let me say this. I dislike everyone equally. Its unfortunate that young man was killed down in Florida but people are killed all the time. Sad but true. His killer is clearly a nut who should have been medicated and needs to be dealt with.

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    Zimmerman was unstable and couldn't mind his own business. Martin was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Stop playing the goddamn race card where it doesn't belong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rex View Post
    I dislike everyone equally.
    Hey, that's MY line!!

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    I see a few people decided to play the Asshole Card.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BitterAndCynical View Post
    Zimmerman was unstable and couldn't mind his own business. Martin was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Stop playing the goddamn race card where it doesn't belong.
    WOW. I cant believe its really people out here like you. Naaaw I take that back we are in America. "race card" seriously. NEWSFLASH: there would be no need for a "race card" if you assholes wasnt so damn racist. Everytime a Black man in victimized because of his race and we call it out YALL call it "pulling out the race card" well if yall didnt pull out the RACISM it wouldnt be a need for the "card". I like how YALL came up w/ that term to make yourselves feel better about being racist peckerwoods. So everytime yall pull some bullshit and we complain about it WE "pulling out the race card" WOW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kraig View Post
    I see a few people decided to play the Asshole Card.
    Amen- this site needs a "like" button

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    How come there is a wrong place for a teen to be in his father's home neighborhood? Can you see a 17 year old white boy walking home from 7-11 getting singled out and stalked like this, in his own neighborhood?

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    Apparently Martin wasn't in his own neighborhood or his fathers, but returning to the house belonging to his father's girlfriend. Honestly I can easily see a guy like Zimmerman calling the police and following "suspicious" white guys as well. Several media reports mentioned that he was well known for calling 911 about activity that would seem normal to most reasonable people.
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    Did anyone analyze the ratio of his calls? Many were about black males, including a 4 foot tall young boy.

    For my part, if someone is my guest, they have as much right to be walking down the street in my neighborhood as I do. Were you aware that a black resident of the same neighborhood went over the subjects of Zimmerman's calls, and saw one that could have been referring to him?

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