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    Default Map of Salt Mines

    I couldn't find the search option on the mobile site so sorry if there is an old thread on this...

    Anyway, on a resent exploration of Canada, I discovered that there is a salt mine on their bank of the river as well. Got me wondering if the two were connected.

    I asked a friend who is American/Canadian what he thought. He said he understood the network of tunnels run from Port Huron down to Detroit then along the north side of Lake Erie to Niagara.

    He then told me what I thought may be true, he believed the mines were owned by mafia money and are used to smuggle stuff between the two countries. If the tunnels connect between the two countries, this is totally possible, right? What type of national security is at the mine, anyone know?

    Finally I Google searched for some sort of map of the tunnels with no luck. If someone has one it would be neat to see.

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    So it looks like the US mines are much smaller than my neighbor thought. Can anyone find a map of the windsor salt mine??

    Some related stories about the windsor mine: the last comment mentions rumors of the mine reaching all the way to Sarnia

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