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    Default Free Art Friday Detroit!

    Not trying to spam anybody, but there is a fun art scavenger hunt going on every Friday in Detroit. The idea is that artists will leave a piece of art somewhere in the city and it's free to take home for anyone who finds it.
    I've participated for the last couple weeks and it's a lot of fun.

    Here's how it works:

    1. An artist creates a custom piece of art anything from a painting to a screenprint to a sculpture.

    2. They write their Twitter handle and the hashtag #FAFDET as well as "Free Art Friday Detroit" on the back of the piece.
    3. Then they hide their art somewhere in the city.

    4. The artist posts a photo clue of the drop spot to the FAFDET Facebook page and tweets with hashtag #FAFDET.

    5. Anyone who finds it is free to take the artwork home. We just ask that they tweet or post a photo to this page letting us know it has found a good home.

    Hope some DYESers can join in!

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    Agree this is a fun weekly event from the folks at Skidmore. My dog Otis found one a few weeks back lol!

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    let me know when Rodin's the Thinker or Van Gogh's self-portrait are going to be included. I will hunt for those.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DetroitPlanner View Post
    let me know when Rodin's the Thinker or Van Gogh's self-portrait are going to be included. I will hunt for those.
    I grabbed both of those this morning, you're too late!

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    Fun idea...I'll be sure to join in.

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    Glad to see this post show up here!

    I've been working to spread the word and encourage more artists to join. If anyone is interested head to www.facebook.com/fafdet to learn more.

    It's a great way to bring art to the city while also encouraging people to explore the city. Win Win!

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    So this will be a weekly thing? Maybe I can contribute some of my photographs....

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    We've been doing it every Friday since the beginning of this year.

    There have a been a couple other artists that have gotten involved so far - including the Detroit Artist's Market, but we feel like the more, the merrier. Would love to stumble upon your photographs around town

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    Just a reminder that today is a Free Art Friday!

    Head on over for clues about where to find free art hidden within the city!

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    What a cool&neat idea!!

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    Is there any way to do this without all the facebook/twitter crap?

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    Last Friday while walking home from the Boll Family Y, I noticed a young woman hanging a small object from a light pole on Farmer Street. I asked her what was happening and she explained Free Art Friday to me and gave me one of her pieces, a small collage in the shape of Michigan.
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    Today, while walking to the Y I spied this painted bowling pin fellow in the bushes in my neighborhood. My first thought was to leave it for someone else to discover, but then I quickly changed my mind and toted it right back to my home.
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    Later, when I was leaving the Y, I saw these guys across Broadway erecting a movable display. They were a part of Free Art Friday and the artist Evereman directed me to one of his small pieces attached to a nearby lamp pole.
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