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    Default The Detroit Festival of the Arts is now Midsummer Nights in Midtown!

    Midsummer Nights in Midtown

    The Detroit Festival of the Arts is now Midsummer Nights in Midtown!

    The Detroit Festival of the Arts is not being produced this year but the University Cultural Center Association (UCCA) and Wayne State University (WSU) are pleased to announce a new summer series for Midtown Detroit - Midsummer Nights in Midtown, which will take place every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in the month of June.
    This summer series provides a wide variety of arts and cultural programming for everyone to enjoy, ranging from family activities to an aerial dance performance to avant-garde jazz to international music to award winning poets and authors.
    Again, like the Detroit Festival of the Arts, which the UCCA and WSU have produced for the past 22 years, this new summer series presents an eclectic music mix, street painting, street theatre and children and family activities that will introduce the public to Midtown Detroit’s wide array of museums, galleries and entertainment venues. Admission is free throughout the summer series.
    Please check back, as we are frequently updating on a regular basis. We look forward to welcoming you to our neighborhood!

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    First the State Fair and now this??

    We always went to the Festival of the Arts every year and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Most of the time we went for two days just to take everything in: the main library, the museums, Scarab Club, International Institute. We'd spend hours down there and would make a point to always buy some artwork, doll, or jewelery from the young artists on the children's side. Those pieces I really treasure.

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