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    Default Plymouth Road Office Complex off the market? (Old JTE)

    I ran across the listing a while back, and checking it today it says "off market"

    Is this accurate? Not sure what could be done with it, but it is historic and impressive.

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    The asking price was $10,500,000 they may have just pulled it from the market and decided not to sell,the selling push was not the building but the 57 acres sans the building like the building had no value.Because of all of the things going on in lansing large sqft historic buildings have no value anymore.

    Excellent building though.
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    One my favs. A true palace of industry. What a gorgeous work of architectural art.

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    That place is GIGANTIC. Here's a coupe of screen shots from Bing's Bird's Eye View:

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    1.5 million sft or about 500,000 sqft smaller then Packard at its currant state.

    When I was looking at properties I found in another state a small arms manufacturing facility that is the sister to this building but they never completed the top few sections of the front tower looking section as was the original intent.

    I have not been inside this one but the other one was amazing as it has been vacant for over 25 years and with the exception of a few broken windows still intact with some equipment and small arms pieces laying about paper work still in cabinets etc. if the inside of this one is matching that one it is as beautiful inside as out.

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    I grew up nearby, father, brother, sister, nephew and friends all worked there from the days of Nash-Kelvinator in the 50's, Rambler-AMC in the 60's-70's-80's to Jeep Truck Engineering in the 90's-2000's. I hope gets another run as something else but dont know if that's likely to happen.

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    I wonder if Fiat or the UAW has plans to reopen? If it was listed as under contract but as it is listed as off the market maybe they are going to do something good.

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    I guess these chassis never made it to the end of the production line...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard View Post
    I wonder if Fiat or the UAW has plans to reopen? If it was listed as under contract but as it is listed as off the market maybe they are going to do something good.
    This property is part of Old Carco LLC, or the "bad assets" of the pre-bankruptcy Chrysler. To Lowell's "palace of industry" comment - agreed, and we could perhaps go further to "temple of industry" I recall about 10 years ago taking someone there who had not previously been there. He was quite impressed and told me that as we approached he thought it looked more like a church.

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    I used to work for a wine distributer who was located just behind there, on Strathmoor Street and used to enjoy the view of the Plymouth Road complex. When our office moved, around 1998, our building was sold to Chrysler, I'm curious if it is part of the sale?

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    My mom worked in that building for over 20 years in Industrial Engineering. My son got tours of the place as soon as he could walk and we have been all over in there. We are still an AMC family.

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    The wine distributor building is the Cooper building. When I worked there was used as a warehouse for engines, exhaust systems, etc., for vehicle builds. Some of the section toward the rear end of the original construction was at one time used by a poultry distributor. I was told that the H&J building at one time had a bar in it, although when I was there it was used by plant security and had a poorly ventilated conference room in it. The original building still had (has?) Kelvinator drinking fountains and some Kelvinator refrigerators. The whole property belongs to Old Carco LLC.

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    Too late: it's been scrapped.

    I drove by there this morning for the first time in many months. All the signs of scrapping were there; windows open (probably from stealing the lead counterweights) and general signs of abuse. It's sad, another beautiful building destroyed by leeches.

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    I hear Romney bought it. It was all part of his 'let Detroit go bankrupt' plan. Actually he wants to use it to bring back the Pacer and the Eagle to make his dad proud!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DetroitPlanner View Post
    I hear Romney bought it. It was all part of his 'let Detroit go bankrupt' plan. Actually he wants to use it to bring back the Pacer and the Eagle to make his dad proud!
    Bringing back the Pacer would make Roy D. Chapin Jr. happy and the Eagle would make Lee Iacocca happy. They were the head of AMC, and Jeep/Eagle division at the time of their debuts, you would have to go back to older vehicles like the Rambler to make his dad proud. But then his dad would be the "right" guy by today's standards with his move to small fuel efficient automobiles at a time when very large cars were the norm.
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    Drove past it 2 days ago... sad... graffitti at front door area.. many windows open...brass slowing being stripped....
    Edward Cushman, George Romney, Bernard Robertson and others walked through these doors......
    Detroiters have no respect and it shows.Name:  jte1.jpg
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    She has a sister in another state that I looked at. Was a Winchester or Colt arms manufacturing factory,it was closed going on over 40 years and had maybe 5 window panes broken out at best and still had lots of equipment in it like the last day the door was locked.Such a shame.

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