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DetroitYES Forums http://www.detroityes.com/mb/ en Tue, 26 May 2015 01:00:00 GMT vBulletin 60 http://www.detroityes.com/mb/images/misc/rss.png DetroitYES Forums http://www.detroityes.com/mb/ <![CDATA[Detroit map in WIP in the game "OMSI - The Bus Simulator"]]> http://www.detroityes.com/mb/showthread.php?20250-Detroit-map-in-WIP-in-the-game-quot-OMSI-The-Bus-Simulator-quot&goto=newpost Mon, 25 May 2015 22:32:36 GMT
For those who don't know, OMSI is a bus simulator that was created in Germany and is probably the most realistic kind of it's genre. I currently have a Detroit map in WIP that so far includes only SMART route 160 Downriver. Right now, I only have a few miles of roads placed and will post more details here at a later date. I'm doing my best to make it look realistic with what's available so far, so don't worry.

Website for the game (in German): http://www.omnibussimulator.de
Discuss Detroit mtburb http://www.detroityes.com/mb/showthread.php?20250-Detroit-map-in-WIP-in-the-game-quot-OMSI-The-Bus-Simulator-quot
Things Perking in New Center Area? http://www.detroityes.com/mb/showthread.php?20249-Things-Perking-in-New-Center-Area&goto=newpost Mon, 25 May 2015 19:25:44 GMT
"Now Sue Mosey, one of the pioneers of that enclave's resurgence, is increasing her focus on the New Center area, which finally shows signs of coming into its own.

"Mosey said New Center's promise is becoming more apparent now that the M-1 Rail project, the 3.3-mile rail loop between Congress Street and Grand Boulevard in New Center, is under construction and investment will be pushed north along Woodward Avenue. "

Discuss Detroit emu steve http://www.detroityes.com/mb/showthread.php?20249-Things-Perking-in-New-Center-Area
Penske http://www.detroityes.com/mb/showthread.php?20248-Penske&goto=newpost Mon, 25 May 2015 13:42:31 GMT
Roger's one of the biggest Detroit boosters there is, and because of this, many have mused aloud that he should put his money where his mouth is and move the Penske operation from Bloomfield Hills to downtown. With that being said, hypothetically speaking, how many folks would that mean? Are we talking 200, or is there a way for him to further consolidate regional jobs and add to that total? I have no idea how many are in Bloomfield, so the 200 is a pure guess.

I also understand that the nameplate on a building means far more than the actual number of folks he'd bring down, I'm still curious bout what this impact could look like.
Discuss Detroit tkelly1986 http://www.detroityes.com/mb/showthread.php?20248-Penske
RIP Marcus Belgrave http://www.detroityes.com/mb/showthread.php?20247-RIP-Marcus-Belgrave&goto=newpost Mon, 25 May 2015 07:34:33 GMT *Detroit jazz trumpet legend Marcus Belgrave dies at 78* http://www.freep.com/story/entertainment/2015/05/24/trumpeter-marcus-belgrave/27878711/...
Detroit jazz trumpet legend Marcus Belgrave dies at 78


Jazz trumpeter Marcus Belgrave, veteran of Ray Charles' band and Motown classics...

Discuss Detroit Zacha341 http://www.detroityes.com/mb/showthread.php?20247-RIP-Marcus-Belgrave
Massive tanker explosion closes I-75, I-375 ramp http://www.detroityes.com/mb/showthread.php?20246-Massive-tanker-explosion-closes-I-75-I-375-ramp&goto=newpost Sun, 24 May 2015 14:30:16 GMT
Just spotted this. So if you are going to the game or electronic music festival....

"MDOT spokeswoman Diane Cross said the massive tanker explosion has shut down both sides of I-75 at I-375. Cross said M-10 to I-75 will also be shut down shortly.

Cross said traffic on I-75 has come to a halt as police and emergency crews attempt to put out the fire.

Michigan State Police First Lt. Michael Shaw said the driver was able to escape the explosion with no injuries."

Discuss Detroit Lowell http://www.detroityes.com/mb/showthread.php?20246-Massive-tanker-explosion-closes-I-75-I-375-ramp
Rand Paul fights against modern day slavery. http://www.detroityes.com/mb/showthread.php?20245-Rand-Paul-fights-against-modern-day-slavery&goto=newpost Sat, 23 May 2015 11:50:59 GMT
Good Samaritan Rand Paul tells it like it is; Universal Health Care is slavery. Love this shit. I couldn't even make this up in my deep sleep phase. lol. Love this shit!

Non Detroit Issues canuck http://www.detroityes.com/mb/showthread.php?20245-Rand-Paul-fights-against-modern-day-slavery
Canadian Broadcaster to Help Detroit http://www.detroityes.com/mb/showthread.php?20244-Canadian-Broadcaster-to-Help-Detroit&goto=newpost Fri, 22 May 2015 21:15:47 GMT
I don't know whether I would have the guts to do this, to come back to a city where I was robbed to help out the people...so have to give this Canadian radio host kudos for that. (received info on this via a share on Facebook). I think that I will donate $200 and help him out.
Discuss Detroit ThunderTrap http://www.detroityes.com/mb/showthread.php?20244-Canadian-Broadcaster-to-Help-Detroit
MacArthur bridge gets all new lights. (as does Scott Fountain) http://www.detroityes.com/mb/showthread.php?20243-MacArthur-bridge-gets-all-new-lights-(as-does-Scott-Fountain)&goto=newpost Fri, 22 May 2015 12:08:19 GMT http://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/detroit/2015/05/21/bridge-belle-isle-led-lights-grand-prix/27754933/ Attachment 26819...

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Discuss Detroit SpartanDawg http://www.detroityes.com/mb/showthread.php?20243-MacArthur-bridge-gets-all-new-lights-(as-does-Scott-Fountain)
Short Film (Maniac) Shot in Detroit http://www.detroityes.com/mb/showthread.php?20242-Short-Film-(Maniac)-Shot-in-Detroit&goto=newpost Thu, 21 May 2015 23:41:55 GMT
Interesting, but very violent so NSFW, and heads up if you're squeamish. This is a French film I came across through IMGUR, and I was surprised when after a few minutes I realized I recognized most of the locations.

From YouTube: A film crew follows two serial killers documenting their exploits.

Discuss Detroit SaintMe http://www.detroityes.com/mb/showthread.php?20242-Short-Film-(Maniac)-Shot-in-Detroit
The elephant in the room: CRIME http://www.detroityes.com/mb/showthread.php?20241-The-elephant-in-the-room-CRIME&goto=newpost Thu, 21 May 2015 22:39:20 GMT As a former Detroiter I have been looking at returning to the city of my heart for some time. Yesterday I found a recently renovated house relisted...
As a former Detroiter I have been looking at returning to the city of my heart for some time. Yesterday I found a recently renovated house relisted two doors from the river at Lakewood and Harbor Island. How wonderful to hear the horns of the freighters passing during the night. I had lived at the River Terrace for several years in the mid to late 70's and loved it. Somehow I clicked the crime statistics and found out that within one mile of this property 38 reported crimes were reported in the past two months including larceny, car theft, forced entry and two homicides! That is not within my comfort range. Detroit has got to get this problem under control, but with the overwhelming poverty rate solutions are elusive.
Discuss Detroit David L http://www.detroityes.com/mb/showthread.php?20241-The-elephant-in-the-room-CRIME
Is this the place for introductions? http://www.detroityes.com/mb/showthread.php?20240-Is-this-the-place-for-introductions&goto=newpost Thu, 21 May 2015 15:47:33 GMT

My name is Bill. I live in Northern Utah and haven't really spent more than a week outside the state, except for an extended trip to Alabama, where I didn't see much of anything either.

I found this board while searching for information on Detroit neighborhoods, and I hoping to be able to stick around and ask some questions.

I write detective stories. My main character is a sort of hard-boiled type that I based on the old radio programs of the late 40's and early 50's. As part of his back story, I had him grow up in Detroit before moving away. He talks about his time there now and then, and that's where I run into a problem. Everything I know about the city I've learned from the news and the TV shoe Detroit 1-8-7 which didn't last long.

If it wouldn't be causing trouble, I'd really like some help from those who know, and love, the city to give him a better past. It's a series, and I'm reaching the point where being vague isn't going to work for me.

Assuming it's cool, where is the best place to post the questions?
Detroit Connections Spiny http://www.detroityes.com/mb/showthread.php?20240-Is-this-the-place-for-introductions
The Population Thread http://www.detroityes.com/mb/showthread.php?20239-The-Population-Thread&goto=newpost Thu, 21 May 2015 14:07:07 GMT
It seems some population and demographics are changing. The state has a small population increase, while the city's population decline is slowing. Suburbs like South Lyon and Macomb Township are growing, as well as Grand Rapids, which not surprising.

Whites are also moving back into the city. In my opinion, "smaller but stronger" must be Detroit's new slogan. Stabilize the neighborhoods through more policing and blight busting and grow and invest the CBD (which would make a nice re-branding of the entire New Center, Midtown, and Downtown aka Woodward strip). I do believe that if we can create a better, cleaner, more urban, and well "stocked" (stores, people, transit, entertainment) area within the 7.2 sq. miles, that will spill into the neighborhoods.



This is opening a can of cynical worms I know, but it's important to talk about. Thoughts?
Discuss Detroit dtowncitylover http://www.detroityes.com/mb/showthread.php?20239-The-Population-Thread
10 Things to Do in the D this Weekend - May 22-25 http://www.detroityes.com/mb/showthread.php?20238-10-Things-to-Do-in-the-D-this-Weekend-May-22-25&goto=newpost Thu, 21 May 2015 04:37:06 GMT 1. Let loose at Movement (http://movement.us/)electronic music festival. 2. Attend a local Memorial Day parade...
  1. Let loose at Movement electronic music festival.
  2. Attend a local Memorial Day parade.
  3. Step back in time at The Henry Ford Civil War Remembrance.
  4. Have fun at the St. Mary’s Polish Country Fair.
  5. See the Elton John and Tim Rice production “Aida.”
  6. Go to the Electric Roots Micro Music Film Festival.
  7. Join a celebration of yoga, art and music to benefit COTS.
  8. Enjoy the Summer Sounds at Partridge Creek.
  9. Watch the 2015 USA Volleyball Open National Championships.
  10. Check out the Greater Rochester Heritage Days.

Kickoff list from Crain's Detroit Business. Add your suggestions below.
Discuss Detroit Lowell http://www.detroityes.com/mb/showthread.php?20238-10-Things-to-Do-in-the-D-this-Weekend-May-22-25
Mike Babcock is leaving the Red Wings for Toronto. http://www.detroityes.com/mb/showthread.php?20237-Mike-Babcock-is-leaving-the-Red-Wings-for-Toronto&goto=newpost Wed, 20 May 2015 18:12:40 GMT http://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/nhl/red-wings/2015/05/20/babcock-watch-bidding/27643321/ He had a good run with the Wings. Sorry to see...

He had a good run with the Wings. Sorry to see him go.
Discuss Detroit SyGolden48236 http://www.detroityes.com/mb/showthread.php?20237-Mike-Babcock-is-leaving-the-Red-Wings-for-Toronto
Man ticketed for driving 153 mph on I-75 in Woodhaven http://www.detroityes.com/mb/showthread.php?20236-Man-ticketed-for-driving-153-mph-on-I-75-in-Woodhaven&goto=newpost Wed, 20 May 2015 14:36:24 GMT
I guess this 21 year old thinks Michigan roads must be okay.

"A 21-year-old man from Lincoln Park was pulled over Tuesday morning after a Michigan State Police officer clocked him driving at 153 mph.

The man passed the officer about 3 a.m. on northbound Interstate 75 near West Road in Woodhaven.

Authorities say the man was driving an enhanced 2005 Dodge Magnum. He was pulled over in a business parking lot on Eureka Road, arrested and ticketed for reckless driving. He could face jail time."

What's the fastest you ever drove?
Discuss Detroit Lowell http://www.detroityes.com/mb/showthread.php?20236-Man-ticketed-for-driving-153-mph-on-I-75-in-Woodhaven