The Book Tower and the Cadillac Hotel

The Book Building & Tower stand to the left of the abandoned Cadillac Hotel. Both were designed by Louis Kamper.

Book Tower

Mighty icons of the power and wealth of Detroit in the twenties, the Book Tower and the grand Cadillac Hotel are still magnificent in spite of the fact that they are practically empty shells and rapidly decaying.

Update! June 2002
I am happy to report that since this classic tour was authored in 1997, the fortunes of the Book Building have greatly improved.

The current owner writes the following: "There have been over $7,000,000.00 put into the Book Building within the past two years: 9 new computerized ADA compliant elevators, restored decorative ceilings, storefronts, awnings, restaurants, florists, etc.  I was the first building to have a fiber optic backbone in downtown Detroit, the building is lit, has a redundant power grid, attached parking, a people mover stop, and is in a federally funded HUB zone.
 The building is currently 56% occupied- with no debt- pretty darn good for a female-owned building of 400,000 square feet subsequent to 9/11!"
Pretty damn good indeed! Congratulations and keep up the good work! If only you could also work your magic on the Book Cadillac too!










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